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Five Reasons to Stay Home on Black Friday

Posted on 11/15/2013

Every year, almost 135 million shoppers brave the cold and chaos of Black Friday to snatch up the best deals. While it can be a fun tradition, Black Friday has its downfalls. If you're looking for a reason to sit this year out here are five of them.

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Are You Ready for Some Football? Taking in a Pro Game on a Budget

Posted on 11/14/2013

Are you read for some football? The season is in full swing and if you're sick of being an armchair quarterback check out these tips for getting in on the action while sticking to your budget.

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Five Ways to Trim the Cost of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on 11/12/2013

Last year the American Farm Bureau Federation estimated the cost of a good old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner for ten to ring up at $49.48. This year that turkey dinner is likely to break the $50 mark so if you're looking for ways to trim your holiday food budget while still stuffing yourself consider these five tips.

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Apps to Help You Earn Extra Cash for Christmas

Posted on 11/11/2013

Wondering how you're going to pay for all of those Christmas presents this year? The answer could be within reach-- literally. Your Smartphone holds the key to extra cash for Christmas. Just check out one of these easy to use apps.

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How to Avoid Being "Hijacked" by Scammers

Posted on 11/08/2013

Plenty of people are hit by scammers, but it can also happen to businesses. According to the Better Business Bureau some crooks are hijacking a business's name as a way to convince customers to make purchases. Want to know how to avoid being a victim of this growing trend? Follow these five tips.

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Five Essential Black Friday Smartphone Apps

Posted on 11/08/2013

Besides your credit card and shopping list there are a few other things you should put in your Black Friday arsenal. These five Smartphone apps will ensure you're getting the best deal on the best product possible.

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Movember: How Having a Beard Can Save (And Make) You Money

Posted on 11/06/2013

Have you noticed a lot more fuzzy faces walking around? It could be because of a craze caused by those Duck Dynasty guys. Or it could be because it's Movember, the month when men grow out their mustaches to raise money to combat prostate and testicular cancer. Globally, 3 million participants have raised more than $446 million since the movement started ten years ago. While the charity aspect of growing facial hair is great, having a beard can actually save-- and make-- you money.

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Online Only Banks: The Perks of Going Virtual

Posted on 11/06/2013

When was the last time you walked into the branch of a bank? Or even talked to a teller at the drive-thru? People are becoming more and more comfortable with virtual banking. Research firm Novantas reports that online-only banks saw deposits increase to $364 billion in 2012, up 32 percent from 2010. That's an increase of more than 400 percent from 2004. Wondering if you should go virtual with your money? Here are some perks of online-only banking.

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Keeping Up with the Joneses: How to Be Richer Than Your Friends

Posted on 11/04/2013

A new survey finds that whether or not you're doing well financially depends on your friends. According to the American Institute of CPAs and the Ad Council three-fourths of young adults use their friends' financial habits to determine their own. But what if you want to be richer than your friends? Besides getting new pals, here are some tips to help you zoom to the front of the pack.

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Easy Giving: Filling a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

Posted on 10/29/2013

As the Christmas season approaches opportunities to give seem to pop up everywhere. Sometimes the pull at your pocketbook (and your heartstrings) can be overwhelming. But for an easy, and low cost way to impact the life of a child in need check out Operation Christmas Child. Since 1993 more than 100 million shoe boxes full of gifts have been distributed to needy children around the world. Follow these simple steps to be a part of this worthwhile effort.

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Places that Offer Free College Education

Posted on 10/28/2013

No matter how old your kids are, you've probably thought about the high cost of college. Despite the fact that the average college senior graduated with $26,600 of debt in 2011, a free education is possible. Check out these schools and states where earning a degree doesn't have to cost a thing.

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Kids and Candy: Picking the Best Neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating

Posted on 10/25/2013

Looking for the best neighborhood for candy collection this October 31? Not all neighborhoods are created equal. Consider these five factors for finding the most generous, festive and safe trick or treating destinations this Halloween.

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Cell Phone Insurance: Scam or Smart?

Posted on 10/24/2013

Bad things can happen to good phones. They fall in toilets. Toddlers smash them against tile floors. They're left behind in taxi cabs. Experts say as many as 80 million phones are lost, stolen or damaged each year. And when you need a new one that phone you got such a great deal on suddenly becomes extremely expensive to fix or replace. But is paying for phone insurance a good idea? Or is it just a waste of your hard earned money?

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Scoring Free Candy: Trick or Treating Alternatives

Posted on 10/24/2013

The mission for Halloween night usually involves collecting as much free candy as possible. But this doesn't have to be done by going door-to-door, begging your neighbors for the sweet stuff. You can still score free candy with these trick or treating alternatives.

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Manicures and Massages: Small Luxuries Making You Go Broke

Posted on 10/23/2013

New data from Accenture finds that shoppers are opening their pocketbooks for luxury goods and small splurges. Of those polled more than half say they'll make a small luxury purchase in the next six months. But these small luxuries could be what's making you go broke.

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Craigslist Freebies: What You Can Get Completely Free in Your Community

Posted on 10/21/2013

Craigslist users post more than 100 million classified ads each month according to While the site is a great place to find cheap furniture or even a job there are also lots of freebies on Craigslist. Tucked under the "for sale" heading, in between "computer" and "furniture" you'll see the word "free." Here's a list of what you can likely get completely free in your community.

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Hollywood Halloween: The Best TV and Movie Characters for Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/18/2013

The National Retail Federation reports that we Americans will be spending a whopping $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes this year. Children's costumes get $1 billion of the cut, $1.2 billion is spent on adults and another $330 million is spent outfitting our pets. Still wondering what to dress up as this year? Be a celebrity for a night by going as one of these hot TV and movie characters.

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Scary Cheap: Halloween Costumes Under $5

Posted on 10/17/2013

For those who want to celebrate Halloween but are spooked by the idea of spending much money on a costume, never fear. We've got five Halloween costume ideas that will cost you less than a bag of candy corn.

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Trading Fame: Former Celebs Working Normal Jobs

Posted on 10/16/2013

Most of us look at celebrities and think they must have it all: fame, fortune and an endless supply of free beauty supplies. But being a celebrity is tough. Fame can be fickle so sometimes household names turn to other industries for an income just like these five former celebs working normal jobs.

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Free and Low Cost Ways to Back Up Your Smartphone

Posted on 10/15/2013

Anyone who has lost videos of their baby's first laugh or photos from their Disney vacation knows it can be a heart wrenching experience. Smartphones hold our lives, but backing up those precious photos, videos and information can be expensive. Check out these free and low cost ways to back up your Smartphone and never feel the heartache of lost data again.

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Never Too Old: Affordable Ways to Learn a New Skill

Posted on 10/14/2013

College debt is becoming the norm. In 2011 two-thirds of college seniors left school with an average of $26,600 in debt. Think you need college to gain a marketable skill? Think again. Whether your goal is to get a new job or just expand your horizons these are great, affordable ways to learn a new skill.

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Stocking Up on Sweets: The Best Halloween Candy Deals

Posted on 10/11/2013

Americans are expected to spend $6.9 billion this year on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations. Roughly $2.8 billion will be spent on candy alone according to the National Retail Federation. Save money on those sweets with these Halloween candy deals.

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Fall Break: Affordable Ways to Unwind

Posted on 10/10/2013

For a few days each fall schools offer students a chance to forget about homework and tests. Fall break is also a great time for adults to unwind before the hustle of the holidays. Since national parks are closed due to the government shut down you may want to consider these affordable fall break excursions.

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Free Online Computer Classes

Posted on 10/10/2013

Computers have drastically changed the way we communicate and educate. (Remember when entire schools shared one giant computer that was wheeled into each classroom on a cart? I do!) This October is the 14th annual Computer Learning Month during which The Computer Learning Foundation promotes the ways technology impacts lives. Check out these free online computer classes to help expand your mind without shrinking your pile of cash.

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Affordable Care Act Confusion: How to Avoid Being Scammed

Posted on 10/09/2013

Obamacare isn't just creating conflict in Congress. It's stirring up new scams according to the Better Business Bureau. According to a report from NBC News, a survey from The Kaiser Family Foundation found just over half of Americans are worried about the Affordable Care Act. Twenty-nine percent polled say they were angry about it. All of that confusion and emotion is creating a great opportunity for scammers. Check out these tips to avoid becoming a victim.

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Cheap Halloween Costume Puns

Posted on 10/07/2013

Witches, ghosts and mummies are pretty standard when it comes to Halloween costumes. But if you're looking for an easy, affordable costume with a hint of cleverness, check out these costume puns.

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Budgeting for a Pet: How Much Does a Dog Cost?

Posted on 10/04/2013

Eight million dogs and cats enter shelters each year and according to statistics, more than half won't make it out alive. If you've ever thought about adopting a dog from an animal shelter or humane society now may be the time. Throughout the month of October shelters across the country will be offering discounts on adoption fees in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. But before you take the plunge and bring Fido home make sure you know how much that pet will cost.

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Financial Planning Days: What to Ask a Certified Financial Planner

Posted on 10/03/2013

Retirement planning, paying for college and getting out of debt are a few of the financial tasks that a Certified Financial Planner can help you accomplish. During Financial Planning Days, which run from now until November 2 hundreds of financial planners will offer free financial counseling in 20 cities around the country. Wondering what to talk about during your free one-on-one consultation? Here are six questions to ask a Certified Financial Planner.

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How to Get Better Customer Service Without Paying More

Posted on 10/02/2013

Poor customer service seems to be running rampant these days, which is strange considering the value of making a customer happy. According to CEO Colin Shaw, 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Defaqto Research reports that more than half of customers would pay extra if it would guarantee better service. In honor of Customer Service Week, a nationally recognized event happening from October 7-11, here are ways to get better customer service without paying more.

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How to Start Collecting Cash for Christmas

Posted on 09/30/2013

Retailers are hoping this Christmas season will be merry and bright since holiday traffic accounts for 20 percent of their sales. ShopperTrak anticipates a 2.4 percent increase in retail sales during November and December. If you're already wondering how you're going to pay for all those presents consider these five ways to start collecting cash for Christmas.

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