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Free Printables to Help You Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 01/10/2014

We are officially one week into 2014. How are you progressing with your New Year's resolutions? Whether your goal involves shedding pounds, saving money or getting organized there are free printables that can help keep you on track.

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Affordable Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Posted on 01/09/2014

Subscription boxes are a great way to keep kids entertained and inspired. Each month fresh toys, books and more are automatically shipped to your doorstep. Check out these affordable subscription boxes for kids.

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The Best Free Weight Loss Apps for 2014

Posted on 01/09/2014

Accountability is key to helping those resolutions stick. And sometimes just having to answer to your Smartphone can be enough motivation to keep your weight loss goals in check. Here are five of the best free weight loss apps for your 2014 resolutions.

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Christmas Clearance: Where to Find the Biggest Markdowns

Posted on 01/07/2014

You've probably kicked your Christmas tree to the curb, pulled the stockings off the mantle and hidden away your Elf on the Shelf until next year. But if you're already eager for the return of Christmas 2014 you may want to prepare by hitting up some amazing holiday markdowns. Check out these stores for the biggest Christmas clearance savings. Next December you'll be so glad you did.

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Attention Target Shoppers: How to Protect Yourself From Another Hack

Posted on 01/06/2014

More than 40 million Target customers found out last month that their credit and debit cards might have been compromised when hackers orchestrated a massive data breach between November 27 and December 15. Names, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates were all stolen. Loyal Target shoppers probably won't let this snafu stop them from shopping at the big box store, but there are ways you can protect yourself from another attack.

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No-Spend January: How to Take a Money Diet

Posted on 01/03/2014

Plenty of people make New Year's resolutions to eat less and lose weight. But if you'd like to focus more on the size of your bank account rather than the size of your waistband in 2014 you may want to consider going on a money diet. Give your financial goals a fighting chance by taking part in one of these no-spend challenges.

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Free and Low-Cost Resources to Be Your Best in 2014

Posted on 01/02/2014

The new year is the time to focus on creating a new you. Becoming your personal best doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. These free and low-cost resources will help set you on your way to becoming your best in 2014.

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Five Tips for Tackling Holiday Debt

Posted on 12/31/2013

Did you wake up Christmas morning with a big pile of debt under the tree? A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 57 percent of adults with children were prepared to take on debt in order to make their kids happy over the holidays. Those with an income less than $35,000 were willing to rack up an average of $700 in debt while those with an income of $75,000 or more said they were likely to accrue about $300 in debt for the same purpose. So if this sounds familiar, try following these tips for tackling holiday debt.

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Stuck With It: The Hardest Gifts to Return

Posted on 12/30/2013

According to reports , one in seven adults return a gift after Christmas. Merchandise totaling more than $46 billion will be going back to the stores. Some retailers have been tightening down on their return policies making it tougher to give anything back-- especially if you'd rather have cash. But if you want to return one of these items it may be especially difficult.

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Going for Gold: Affordable Ways to Add More Sparkle to Your New Year's Bash

Posted on 12/26/2013

New Year's Eve was made for glitter. If you can't wear something shiny on December 31, then when the heck can you? Go for the gold by adding more sparkle to your New Year's bash with these affordable accessories and outfits.

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Christmas 2013: What Stores, Restaurants and Businesses are Open?

Posted on 12/24/2013

If there's one day a year most business shut down it's December 25. But some stores and restaurants do open their doors. If you need somewhere to go for Christmas 2013 these retailers' open signs will be lit up.

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Gifts for Good: Six Last Minute Presents that Help Others

Posted on 12/23/2013

Procrastinating doesn't make you a bad person. And just in case you want to do something extra to prove it why not give a gift that does good? These ten last minute presents help others while spreading cheer.

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Company's Coming: Quick Fixes to Get Ready for Holiday Guests

Posted on 12/19/2013

Some say that houseguests are like fish. They both begin to smell after three days. Entertaining around the holidays can be stressful, but these quick fixes will give guests a warm welcome and start the visit off on the right foot.

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Where to Find Free Holiday Music

Posted on 12/18/2013

Few things can get you in the holiday spirit more than eating a bag of red and green M&Ms and sipping egg nog. But if you're looking for something that's easier on your waistline and completely free, why not just listen to Christmas music? Here are some places to find free holiday music.

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Free Shipping Day 2013: What You Need to Know to Save

Posted on 12/17/2013

If Black Friday is for the planners, Free Shipping Day is for the procrastinators. And apparently there are lots of them. In 2011, Free Shipping Day enjoyed more than $1 billion in online sales becoming the highest earning Friday in online retail history, according to This year the holiday falls on December 18 and if you still have some gifts to buy here's what you need to know to save big money.

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Unforgettable Christmas: Five Impressive Experience Gifts

Posted on 12/16/2013

Socks get holes. Gadgets become outdated. And gift cards are forgotten. How about making this Christmas unforgettable with one of these five impressive experience gifts?

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The Top Ten Christmas Movies at the Best Prices

Posted on 12/16/2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year for lots of reasons, including the awesome Christmas movies playing on cable channels at all hours of the day. But if you missed A Charlie Brown Christmas when it aired on CBS or you'd like to watch Elf a few dozen more times you may want to add these top ten Christmas movies to your own collection. And at these prices, why not?

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The Art of the Glitch: How to Cash In When Retailers Mess Up

Posted on 12/13/2013

Treadmills for $33 and $300 speakers for just $30? No, this isn't a clearance rack deal or a Craigslist score. These are actual prices reported last month when a technical error caused to offer absurd discounts on hundreds of items. The glitch caused a buying frenzy and some customers were actually able to pick up their purchases in store before Walmart canceled the orders and issued a free $10 gift card as an apology. Glitches like this happen fairly often and it's possible to cash in when retailers mess up.

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Counteracting Christmas Calories: Quick, Free Home Workouts

Posted on 12/12/2013

Holidays hams, sugar cookies and those big glasses of egg nog you've been gulping down could lead to some weight gain. While you may not have a little round belly that shakes when you laugh like a bowl full of jelly you probably don't want to add on those two pounds the average American gains in December. Counteract Christmas calories with one of these quick, free home workouts.

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Smartphone Savings: The Best Free Apps for In-App Shopping

Posted on 12/11/2013

Don't feel like going to the mall? Who could blame you. Trolling for parking spaces, battling crowds and waiting in slow checkout lines isn't exactly the definition of bliss. With these five free apps you can skip the store and shop with ease on your Smartphone.

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Five Apps to Help Make You a Smarter Shopper

Posted on 12/10/2013

For avid shoppers, December is the Super Bowl. It's game time and whoever pays the least wins. Get the best prices on every gift you buy this holiday season with the help of these five apps and your trusty Smartphone.

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Trimming the Tree: Deals on Ornaments and Decorations

christmas ornaments.jpg
Posted on 12/06/2013

Would you spend $2,500 on your Christmas tree? A gardening business in Ohio is hoping someone will. Fox 8 Cleveland reports that the 18-foot tall tree hand-picked from the North Carolina woods carries a very hefty price tag, especially in contrast to the $41.50 the average American spends on a live Christmas tree. ( The Christmas tree business brings in about $3.4 billion a year and if you've got one up in your home this holiday season here are some deals on ornaments and decorations.

Shatterproof Christmas Balls
If you're looking to add a lot of color without spending much money and you've got little ones in your home shatterproof ornaments are the way to go. A pack of 60 turquoise blue Christmas ball ornaments come in four finishes and sell for just $19.99 at

Beaded Dove Ornament Set
Add some culture to your tree with this set of Beaded Dove Ornaments, $15 for three. Made in India, they are constructed of hand-embellished fabric with decorative stitching and beadwork. Your purchase supports UNICEF's efforts to reduce child labor throughout the world.

Personalized Lenox Ornament
Personalize a beautiful white porcelain ornament from American company Lenox. Normally $66 this ornament depicting two snowmen is now just $10.95, more than 80 percent off the regular price. Plus shipping is free on all orders.

Buy Three Get One Free
Choose from more than 2,000 ornaments at Right now when you buy three regularly priced ornaments you'll get one free, no coupon code required. Many ornaments cost just $1.99.

Printable Photo Wreath
If "free" sounds like an even better way to decorate your Christmas tree head to They're offering a free printable to create a photo wreath featuring your child's precious face. You'll need some ribbon, a glue stick and scissors to get the job done, but in the end you'll have a one of a kind ornament to treasure for many Christmases to come.

By Alison Storm

Festive Frugal Fashion: Budget-Friendly Holiday Party Looks

Posted on 12/05/2013

Holiday parties are one of the best things about this time of year. The food is yummy, the conversations are entertaining and it's a great excuse to buy a new outfit. But just because you're spending all of your money these days on gifts doesn't mean you need to recycle last year's holiday party outfit. Check out these affordable frocks.

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Don't Buy Stamps: The Best Digital Christmas Cards

Posted on 12/04/2013

Stamps now cost $.46 each. That means mailing your Christmas cards this year will cost you more than pocket change. Avoid the expense (and the time it takes to address those envelopes) and send digital cards this year.

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Five Affordable Props to Make Your Holiday Family Photos Amazing

Posted on 12/03/2013

Make your holiday family photos stand out from the rest with some fun and festive props. There's no need to search tirelessly for matching Santa sweaters for the entire family. Instead try one of these five affordable props to add creativity to your 2013 family Christmas card photo.

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Grown-up Fun: How to Find Cheap Child Care During the Holidays

Posted on 11/27/2013

There are presents to buy, cookies to bake and parties to attend. Wondering how in the heck you're supposed to get all of that done while simultaneously caring for your children this holiday season? And childcare is not cheap. A new report from ChildCare Aware says that in the last year the cost of child care increased up to eight times the rate of increases in family income. There are still ways to have some grown-up fun while not forking over tons of cash for a babysitter. Check out these sources for affordable childcare during the holidays.

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Organized Christmas: Five Free Gift Giving Apps

Posted on 11/26/2013

With fewer days than normal between Thanksgiving and Christmas being organized will be especially helpful this holiday season. These five free apps will help you get your list in order, check it twice and even buy gifts instantly.

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Pulling an All-Nighter: A Sample Black Friday Shopping Schedule

Posted on 11/25/2013

As you've probably heard by now Black Friday seems to be starting early this year with many stores opening up on Thanksgiving Day. But let's say that you've decided to continue your tradition of avoiding stores on Thanksgiving and spend the day instead eating, socializing and making memories with loved ones. Here's a fool-proof plan to score plenty of deals on Black Friday, but we warn you-- it still requires shoppers to trade some sleep for savings.

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Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Posted on 11/21/2013

Almost as important as the food you serve on Thanksgiving is the table at which it's eaten. Just like those who gathered for the first Thanksgiving feast, the table is the common ground that brings families and friends together for a meal that celebrates gratitude. Now let us stuff you full of some ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving table on a budget.

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Mail Order Thanksgiving: Deals on Pre-Made Food

Posted on 11/18/2013

Americans will spend over $2.3 billion on Thanksgiving dinner. That includes 46 million turkeys, 40 million green bean casseroles and 50 million pumpkin pies according to If you'd rather tune into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade than spend time prepping all that food take a look at these deals on pre-made Thanksgiving food.

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