Money-saving tips from The Bargainist

Tips for Surviving Wedding and Graduation Season

Posted on 06/09/2008

This time of year opening the mailbox can be a little scary. Will there be another wedding invitation lurking? Is there a graduation announcement ready to pounce? Making it through the season of weddings and graduations without whipping out your credit cards can seem as complicated as expert-level Sudoku. Before you blow your budget, consider these tricks.

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Money-Saving Tips for Brown-Bagging Your Lunch

Posted on 06/02/2008

Bringing your lunch as opposed to buying it can save you big bucks. Even conservative estimates show a yearly savings of hundreds of dollars. Assuming packing a lunch saves you just $3 a day, that equals out to $750 over the course of a year. Follow these tips and you'll be a pro-brown bagger in no time.

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10 Steps for Cutting Your Grocery Bill

Posted on 05/27/2008

There are some necessities you have no control over. You need electricity. You need water. You need food. Often what you pay for those necessities is out of your hands. But that's not the case with groceries. Slashing your grocery bill takes a little time and a little work, but it can definitely pay off. Here are 10 steps for cutting your grocery bill.

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How to Sell Your Junk Now

Posted on 05/21/2008

As budgets tighten and wallets empty, you start to ask yourself the tough questions like, do I really need that remote control Ferrari that's been sitting in my attic since 1999? The answer is, probably not. But you could use the cash it might bring in if you sold it. Here are some answers to the questions you may have about how to sell your crap right now.

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Six Easy Steps for Creating a Budget

Posted on 05/15/2008

For many of us, budgeting ranks right up there with filing income taxes and going to the dentist. But the process doesn't have to be difficult or painful. Here are six easy steps to follow that will make creating a budget simple.

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How to Lower Your Prescription Costs

Posted on 05/13/2008

Are prescription costs making you feel a little ill? Prescription drugs can be pricey, especially if your insurance doesn't cover them. According to the American Medical Association, one in seven Americans is uninsured. But there are ways to get better without going broke. Here's a prescription for cutting costs at the pharmacy.

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Plan a Summer Getaway for Less

Posted on 05/09/2008

Gas prices are soaring. So are airline ticket prices. But don't let your dreams of a summer vacation fly away. Let's face it — you need a little time to forget about the stress of high gas prices and rising food costs. Here are some ways to cut back and still afford to kick back.

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Cool and Under $40 Gifts for Mom

Posted on 05/05/2008

She put up with you for that year you whined non-stop for a Castle Grayskull. She endured your wetting-the-bed phase. She never made fun of your mullet. The woman deserves a treat. This Mother's Day, if you find yourself short on cash, but full on love, keep reading for some great, budget-friendly gifts.

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Get More with your Economic Stimulus Check

Posted on 04/29/2008

This week, the first round of rebate checks are heading to homes across the country. Under the economic stimulus package, individual taxpayers can expect to receive up to $600, while married couples can receive up to $1,200. The hope is that you'll spend that money in order to pump about $5 billion into the US economy. Since Uncle Sam is twisting your arm to go on a shopping spree, here are some stores that will give you a little more bang for your rebate check.

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Where to Find Cheap or Free Trees

Posted on 04/25/2008

In honor of Earth Day this week, The Bargainist wanted to help you green up the earth a bit by planting some trees and saving the ones we already have. We uncovered several places that offer cheap and even free trees. There are also options for those of you who don't want to get your hands dirty.

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10 Ways You're Wasting Money with Your Car

Posted on 04/17/2008

Car owners usually fall into two categories. There are those who treat cars like children, always polishing, waxing and adding accessories. Then there are those who know nothing about their car other than how to drive it. Both groups risk throwing away lots of cash on their cars. Here are 10 ways you may be wasting money with your car.

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Five ways to save $50 right now

Posted on 04/10/2008

At a time when price tags seem scarier and bills a bit bigger, saving money is a good thing. A very good thing. Here are five ways you can save $50 right now.

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Gardening Tips to Save You Some Green

Posted on 04/03/2008

You know it's time to get back out in the garden when flowers start to bloom and Sears puts lawnmowers on sale. If the thought of investing big bucks into making your lawn magazine-worthy makes you feel a little blue, here are some gardening tips to help save you some green.

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Items You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store

Posted on 03/27/2008

Just about every city in America has one — a store boasting matching price tags on every item. Everything costs just $1, but these businesses can be storehouses of — how can we put this nicely — crap. But a survey of the inventory at your local dollar store can actually uncover some great deals. Here are some items you may want to look for.

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How to Experience Indulgence at a Discount

Posted on 03/14/2008

Watsu-trained therapists, Sonoran mud wraps and Jojoba body butter massages a little out of your price range? Relax. No need to stress — there are ways to experience indulgence at a discount. Here are four.

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Yummy Homemade Family Meals for Under $10

Posted on 03/06/2008

Feeling like Mexican? Italian? Maybe Greek? No need to head to a restaurant to feed the fam, we've got you covered. All you need are (around) $10 worth of groceries, a little prep time and a big appetite.

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7 Money-Saving Investments

Posted on 02/28/2008

You know the saying, sometimes you have to spend money to make money? That pretty much sums up this list of seven money-saving investments. Sure, some of them require a small chunk of change, but the idea is that if you spend money now, it will save you money later.

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How to Stretch Your Tax Refund

Posted on 02/20/2008

Decided how to spend that tax refund check yet? Before you go picking out a new flat screen or ordering up an iPhone, consider these seven ways to stretch your tax refund.

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How to Make Big Bucks at a Yard Sale

Posted on 02/13/2008

Turning junk into cash sounds ideal. Yard sales can be a great way to empty out your attic while filling up your bank account. Applying some business sense to your yard sale may mean bigger sales. Here are a few tips to help you get more bang for your junk.  

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How to be Frugal without Being Cheap

Posted on 02/07/2008

It's good to be frugal, thrifty and un-wasteful. But there's a fine line between being sparing and being stingy. No one wants to wear the title of cheap tightwad. So here are seven ways to become a more generous penny-pincher.

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10 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

Posted on 11/28/2007

Ah, Christmas — the most expensive time of the year. It's a time of love and joy and giving. And racking up huge credit card debt. This Christmas, in addition to the money-saving deals from The Bargainist, use the ideas below to ensure that you're doing everything you can to save money.

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10 Tips for Shopping at Thrift Stores

Posted on 11/09/2007

For some, thrift shops are grungy places never to be entered — if it's not in the mall, it's not worth shopping at. But for those who are willing to take the time to look, some of the most incredible bargains can be found at thrift shops. Not only that, but if you're into vintage stuff, you can find the coolest stuff at thrift shops, for cheap. Thrift shops can be great fun, but the experience is most definitely heightened if you're armed with the right information. The following tips should make thrift shopping a blast and a steal.

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What to bring with you on a shopping trip

Posted on 11/02/2007

It may seem a little shopping-obsessed to prep for a big shopping day, to pack for it even. But with the proper preparation, even the most casual shopper can have a better time, save money, and stick to a budget. Bring the right things on shopping day, and things will go much more smoothly. Here's how to prepare.

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How To Find Cheap Books

Posted on 10/18/2007

If you're like me, you love to read, and you're always looking for good books. And if you're like me, you're also a cheapskate who doesn't care if they're new or used books... just as long as they're cheap. For bargain-hunting bookworms, there's a world of free or cheap books, if you're willing to look. And sometimes for the price of gas to go somewhere, or the cost of postage, you can get some wonderful books. Here's how to save a bundle on books.

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How to choose a good budget digital camera

Posted on 10/12/2007

These days, everyone's gotta have a digital camera. But with such a wide array of models, options, features, and prices, the task of shopping for and choosing the right camera (and one that fits within your budget) can be a bewildering one. As with any major purchase, you'll do better if you do your research before making a decision. You have to consider your needs and your budget, and then find out as much as you can about the key features you need and which brands and models will meet those needs. Here's a guide to choosing the right camera for your needs while sticking to your budget.

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Learn how to haggle for a bargain

Posted on 10/04/2007

While many countries have a rich culture and history of haggling, it's not as common in the U.S. or many parts of Europe. For those of us who aren't natural hagglers, it can be an uncomfortable thing to attempt. And yet, we can save thousands of dollars a year if we just learn to haggle. And yes, you can haggle on nearly everything, from smaller stores to big ones, from houses and cars to clothes and shoes. Here's how to do it.

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How to Buy an iPod for Cheap

Posted on 09/28/2007

iPods are all the rage these days, and just recently Apple announced its new line of iPods, just in time for the holiday season. Unfortunately, iPods aren't exactly cheap, especially if you want the latest model. To get an iPod at rock-bottom prices, you have to make some sacrifices. Here's where to look.

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How to Find Cheap Clothes

Posted on 09/20/2007

For the budget-conscious, clothing is a necessity that can often cost too much. We need decent clothes, but we don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get them. It's possible to find cheap clothing, but be warned: you aren't going to get the top of the line fashions. If you're willing to sacrifice a little in terms of fashion, you can get some good, simple stuff for cheap. Here's how.

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How to Use Craigslist to Find Great Bargains

Posted on 09/12/2007

If you're looking for a bargain, there are certain must-go places on the Internet where you'll almost always find great deals. Craigslist is one of them. For those who haven't given this popular classified-listing site a look-see, Craigslist was started in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has now spread across nearly every major city in the United States and most countries and major cities around the world. Thousands and thousands of people list used (and even new) stuff on the site, some free, some cheap. For those who are a bit overwhelmed by the site, here's a guide to finding some great bargains.

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12 Cheap Alternatives to Fast Food

Posted on 09/07/2007

Fast food — just about everyone eats it, even knowing that it's not healthy for them. Three reasons why is speed, convenience and price. However, fast food has many hidden costs, including the high price of bad health. Not to mention the fact that for such cheap food, you're actually being overcharged by a big amount. So the real reason isn't price, but convenience. You can get much cheaper food by cooking for yourself, but you're not always home to do the cooking, or you don't always feel like cooking. Instead, try some of these alternatives to fast food — convenience at a lower cost.

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