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Make Your Summer Road Trip Cheaper and More Fun

Posted on 07/14/2009

So you’ve decided to head out on the open road this summer. There’s nothing quite like the freedom from flight departure schedules and baggage weight limits. Before hitting the highway, check out these ways to make your summer road trip cheaper and more fun.

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Let Your Craftiness Pay Off: Where to Sell Handmade Items

Posted on 07/08/2009

Wondering how you can turn a pet project into a cash cow? Your hobby may have hidden earning potential. In order to find out, try selling your crafts to the public. Here are some suggestions for where to sell your handmade items.

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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: How to Reduce the Cost of Being in the Wedding Party

Posted on 07/06/2009

Sure, your best friend’s been planning her wedding since second grade, but doesn’t she know there’s a recession going on? Simply attending a wedding can cost big bucks, but if you’re a bridesmaid or groomsman the financial obligation starts to feel like a second mortgage payment. Take some of the burden off with these tips for reducing the cost of being in the wedding party.

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Find Free Job Training

Posted on 07/01/2009

Are you one of the millions of Americans looking for a job? Make yourself stand out from the competition by learning new skills or freshening up the ones you already have. There are plenty of programs and organizations offering free job training in a variety of fields. Here’s where you can find free job training.

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Keeping Your Kids Cheaply Entertained This Summer

Posted on 06/29/2009

Are the kids driving you crazy this summer? Here are some fresh ideas for frugal summer fun. Keeping your kids cheaply entertained will help parents stay sane and give kids something to tell their friends about next fall.

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Celebrate a Frugal Fourth of July

Posted on 06/26/2009

This fourth of July, celebrate freedom frugally! With a few bargains, some freebies and a little old fashioned fun, you can have a 4th of July that will be full of memories without having to spend much money.

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Give It Up: Bad Habits Sucking Your Wallet Dry

Posted on 06/24/2009

We’ve all got bad habits. You know the one I’m talking about—it’s appeared on the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions nine years running. It’s probably been the focus of a spousal disagreement or two. And it may be what’s keeping you from being a perfect ten. That bad habit may also be what’s sucking your wallet dry. Here are seven bad habits that could be busting up your budget plans.

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How to Be a Shopaholic on a Budget + Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD giveaway!

Posted on 06/22/2009

In Confessions of a Shopaholic, lead character Rebecca Bloomwood is painfully addicted to high fashion. Isla Fisher, the actress that played her in the movie, admits she’s not into designer labels, but she does make her fair share of shopping mistakes. Bestselling author of Confessions of a Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella says she’s also made some poor purchasing decisions over the years. Taking cues from Fisher’s faux-pas and Sophie’s snafus, here are four ways to be a shopaholic on a budget.

Plus! We're giving away a copy of the Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD on Twitter! Just become a follower of @Bargainist (if you aren't already!) and retweet to enter. We'll choose the winner at 3:00pm PST on Tuesday, 06/23/2009. Good luck!

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Free Admission: Museums, Stadiums, Parks and More

Posted on 06/18/2009

Admission prices can be steep. But what if you could get into museums, stadiums, parks and more for free? Besides having more money to spend on $5 hot dogs and foam fingers, you may be able to experience more this summer.

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Five Ways to Save Money at Home While You're on Vacation

Posted on 06/12/2009

It’s summer and you know what that means– time to get out of town. Most of us are planning our vacations on a budget, but you may not even realize that you can actually save money at home while you’re relaxing on the beach.

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Money Advice For Graduates

Posted on 06/05/2009

You’ve got the degree, but do you have financial sense? Setting off into the real world after graduation can be exhilarating and scary mixed with a whole lot of temptation. Before you celebrate landing that grown up job by heading to the car lot, soak up some free money advice from those who’ve been there.

Read on for our sage words of wisdom!

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Easy Summer Income for Kids

Posted on 06/03/2009

Three months of study-free sun bathing, sleep overs and staying up late may be your child’s ideal summer vacation. But it can also be a good time to throw in some real life learning about earning income, building wealth and being responsible. Here are some ideas for easy summer income for kids.

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How to Score Free Groceries Every Week

Posted on 05/26/2009

It’s probably one of your favorite four letter words: free. If you’re a fan of paying nothing– you’re in luck. More and more, retailers are offering freebies in order to get customers in the door. Their hope is that you’ll be lured in by the free stuff, then shop around to spend more. But if you stick to your guns, you can get free groceries every week without paying more for stuff you don’t need. Here’s how.

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Theme Parks on a Budget: It Can Be Done!

Posted on 05/20/2009

You don’t have to be a millionaire to hang with Mickey. And you don’t need to pick up a part-time job to afford a trip to the theme parks this summer. You and your family can visit a theme park on a budget. Here are some tips for saving money and getting the most fun out of your funds.

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Five Free Ways To Live Well

Posted on 05/13/2009

Remember the good old days? Back when your mom was your hair stylist and before $5 lattes were a daily necessity? Returning to the basics can be a great way to live life more frugally and, if done right, with more enjoyment. It may be hard to imagine, but you can live well for free. Here are five examples.

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Don't Be Embarrassed: Using Coupons with Pride

Posted on 05/11/2009

In case you haven’t heard, coupon clipping is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite hobbies. But not everyone feels comfortable handing a cashier a thick stack of snippets from the Sunday paper. If you’re imagining dirty looks from those in line behind you or the voice in your head is telling you you’re cheap, get over it. Follow these simple steps for using coupons with pride.

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Earn Extra Money with a Part-Time Job

Posted on 05/06/2009

Between wage cuts, forced furloughs and reduced hours your paycheck may be looking a little thin these days. Fatten it up with a part-time job. We’re not talking about managing the fryer at a local fast food joint either. Read on for some fun ways to supplement your salary.

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Twitter Tips on Saving Money

Posted on 05/01/2009

If I need a tech question answered, I go to Twitter. If I have a blog I’m excited to promote, I go to Twitter. And if I need someone to write my blog for me, I go to Twitter– well at least I did this time. I posed a question to hundreds of Twitter followers: what is your best money saving tip? And these are the most brilliant Tweets of the bunch.

Read on!

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How To Score Tweet Deals Through Twitter

Posted on 04/29/2009

It’s not just for telling the world what you ate for lunch. Twitter is a tool for saving money, too. Don’t believe me? Here are some bargain hunters, deal hounds, and freebie fanatics you should be following.

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Maximizing Your Twittering

Posted on 04/27/2009

We’re all aTwitter at the Bargainist! Microblogging is the next big thing online (Maybe the next NEXT big thing will be directly beamed thoughts from person to person?) and it’s a great way to share everything with your friends, from coupons to what you ate for lunch last Tuesday. Read on for some tips – or should we say, twips! – on maximizing your Tweeting experience!

Follow the Bargainist - Don’t forget, our Twitter Giveaway week! From 04/27/2009 to 05/01/2009, we’ll be giving away one prize per day to one of our Twitter followers @Bargainist). We’ll post the prize o’ the day and you’ll be automatically entered if you’re one of our followers. Prizes will include a digital camera, GPS, pearl necklace, Mp3 player, and a gift card for Dell Home. The winner will be sent a DM via Twitter at 4:00pm PST; they’ll have 3 hours to claim their prize, otherwise it will be given to someone else. Winners’ Twitter names will be used in subsequent Bargainist and Twitter posts. Have fun, and Tweet carefully!

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Cheap or Free Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Posted on 04/20/2009

Did you know you can be both frugal and Earth friendly? Retailers are offering tons of free or super cheap ways to go green. This year celebrate Earth Day in a big way even if your budget is rather small.

Go green and save green with the Bargainist Best Bets below!

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Fill your Easter basket for a few bucks!

Posted on 04/07/2009

Store shelves are stocked with chocolate bunnies, sugar-filled eggs and rainbow colored jelly beans. Wondering how you can fill your little bunnies’ Easter baskets without breaking the bank? We know how to stuff your Easter basket full of sugar without leaving your wallet empty.

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How to Sell Your Car Fast

Posted on 04/01/2009

Got some wheels to unload? Whether you’re trying to sell your car to save money or to make some so you can buy a new one, it can be a tough task. Here are five ways to sell your car fast.

Pop a wheelie with the Bargainist Best Bets below!

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Five Ways Scaling Back Can Save You Money

Posted on 03/30/2009

Mega corporations are doing it. Small businesses are doing it. So maybe you should be scaling back, too. Of course there are things you should never scale back on—healthcare, insurance, and charitable giving to name a few. But here are five ways scaling back can save you money.

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Awesome Contests Worth Entering

Posted on 03/25/2009

I cleaned up the coloring contest circuit when I was little. I took home a giant bag of popcorn, savings bonds and a Casio keyboard that made me the envy of all third graders. Contests are great because many times they don’t require much to enter and if you win you get free trips, cars or cash. I’ve scoured the Internet and found a few awesome contests worth entering. If you win you better give me a cut of your winnings.

You can be a big winner with the Bargainist Best Bets below!

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Ten Completely Insane Ways to Save Money

Posted on 03/18/2009

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to save money? If your answer is trying to use an expired coupon at the grocery store then you’re in for a shock. Want to take bargain hunting to the extreme or become more fanatical about being frugal? Then here are ten completely insane ways to save money. And we mean insane.

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Simple and Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Posted on 03/16/2009

The good news is it’s almost time to pack up the turtlenecks and corduroys to make room for the sassy sun dresses and lightweight leggings. The bad news is, while flowers and plants may be flourishing this spring your fashion budget probably isn’t growing. If you’re a little worried this year’s spring wardrobe is going to look an awful lot like last year’s spring wardrobe because of a lack of funds– don’t worry. We’ve got some simple and affordable ways to spice up your spring wardrobe.

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Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Stores With the Best Rewards Programs

Posted on 03/11/2009

It feels good to be rewarded. Especially when you’ve handed over your hard earned money in exchange for food, beverages or products at the same store over and over and over. Since carrying around a wallet full of punch cards can be annoying, we’ve compiled a list of the best rewards programs at restaurants, coffee shops and stores.

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Get Dumped Like Bachelorette Melissa? Cheap Ways to Cheer Up

Posted on 03/04/2009

Millions watched Melissa get dumped by Bachelor Jason Mesnick on Monday. Weeks after Jason proposed in the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Jason called it quits, saying simply “things changed.” Don’t worry Melissa, we’ve all been there– except for the part about it happening on national television in front of millions of people. We all experience heart break, but thankfully there are cheap ways to cheer up after getting dumped.

If you're happily ensconced in a relationship, be sure to check out tips for romancing your honey in Affordable Ways to Be More Romantic Than Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

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Affordable Ways to Be More Romantic Than Bachelor Jason Mesnick

Posted on 03/04/2009

Still reeling from this season’s Bachelor? In case you missed the post-show or the post-post show, Bachelor Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa only to dump her on national television during “After the Final Rose: Part 1.” A few minutes after smashing her little heart in front of millions, Jason was making out with Molly the runner-up on the same couch. (Can you sense I’m just a teeny disgusted?) In an attempt to release some of my own anger and bring some romance back to America, I’ve compiled a list of affordable ways you can be more romantic than Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

Not in a made-for-TV romance... Or maybe you were, but Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. No-Way-In-Heck? Then check out our post Get Dumped Like Bachelorette Melissa? Cheap Ways to Cheer Up!

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