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Affordable Summer Slow Cooker Meals

Posted on 05/27/2014

The grill may be the star of the summer, but your slow cooker can be a close second. Keep your kitchen cool and your evenings free by using your slow cooker to make these easy, affordable meals during the summer months.

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Hurricane Insurance: Is It Worth the Money?

Posted on 05/26/2014

Even though the National Weather Service is anticipating a "below normal" hurricane season this year, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take time to prepare. Hurricane Preparedness Week runs May 25-31 and while stocking up on bottled water and batteries is a no-brainer, should you invest in hurricane insurance?

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Saving Money at Summer Music Festivals

Posted on 05/23/2014

Summer and music go so well together. Music festivals are often once in a lifetime experiences that offer unforgettable memories and unmatched entertainment. Summer music festivals are a great way to get away from the daily grind and unwind. And thankfully they don't have to be expensive either.

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Water Park Discounts: Frugal Memorial Weekend Fun

Posted on 05/21/2014

It's the unofficial start of summer and what better way to kick off the season of flip flops and swimsuits than with some serious water fun? Unfortunately water parks can be like movie theaters with overpriced snack food and ever-rising ticket prices. But with these discounts you can save some money and have some frugal Memorial Day weekend fun.

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Online Swimsuit Shopping: Tips to Save You Time and Money

Posted on 05/20/2014

Does the thought of trying on swimsuits in a poorly-lit fitting room put you in a panic? Online swimsuit shopping has some benefits, but it can also be tricky. Find the perfect suit virtually while saving time and money.

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Solving Common Pool Problems

angry egg.jpg
Posted on 05/20/2014

Pools are fun, as they offer a means of escape from the hot weather. However, they’re not always easy to keep clean. Dirty water and algae can plague a pool, making swimming not so fun. Fortunately, PoolSupplyWorld has the supplies you need to get your pool in fabulous working order so you can spend more time swimming in it, not cleaning it. Here are some common pool problems and what you can do to combat them.

Nobody wants to swim in green water. Keep green, black and mustard-colored algae out of your pool with PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CHY100 Black Algaecide ZAPPER 1 qt. It also works hard to prevent algae from recurring.

Clogged filter:
A clogged filter can cause your pool’s water to become dirtier than usual. Invest in the Filter Flosser 60-1000 Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool to keep your pool spic and span. This tool acts as a water pick to remove debris from your filter’s pleats.

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How to Save Money on Gluten Free Products

Posted on 05/19/2014

May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. An estimated one in 133 Americans has the disease and the only treatment is to maintain a gluten-free diet. Up to 6% of the American population lives with a gluten sensitivity. With so many people interested in going gluten free, check out these tips for saving money on gluten-free products.

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Free and Cheap Job Search Apps to Help Grads

Posted on 05/16/2014

You've got the diploma, now it's time to land the job. Forget old fashioned job search tools. These free and cheap apps ensure that job opportunities are never out of reach.

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The Best Ways to Track Recalls

Posted on 05/15/2014

When McDonald's sells cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses or toddlers choke on Fisher Price "Little People" recalls are issued. But with thousands of recalls happening each year, how can consumers possibly stay informed about it all? Keep you and your family safe by staying on top of recalls with these tracking tools.

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Five Free No-Sweat Workouts for Your Lunch Hour

Posted on 05/14/2014

In our busy, jam-packed lives it's often the daily workout that gets pushed to the back of the line. After all, who has time to drive to the gym, work out and get cleaned up all over again? In honor of National Women's Health Week, an observance led by the US Department of Health and Human Services, here are five free no-sweat workouts that fit into your lunch hour.

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Five Apps that are Killing Coupons

Posted on 05/13/2014

In 2013 fewer than 1% of coupons issued were actually redeemed, according to NCH Marketing. While nine out of ten consumers say they use coupons these five apps are changing the way shoppers save money on groceries and household items. And it may just lead to the death of the coupon.

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How to Prep for the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party

Posted on 05/13/2014

Don’t let your Memorial Day pool party be a bust. Make it a memorable event with some proper planning. Not sure where to start? PoolSupplyWorld has tips to make sure your guests have fun. Be sure to check these items off your list.

Pool toys & décor:
Liven up the party with some fun pool toys. The Swimline 90804 108in. Habitat Maze Play System with Ware Park Slide offers tons of fun for children and adventurous adults alike.
The Swimline 9087 Two Headed Curly Serpent Inflatable also offers kid-friendly fun. Lounge out in the middle of the pool with the Swimline 9088 60in. Cube Habitat with Inflatable Bottom. The Luminous Envy LE001 Tanning Bed Swimming Pool Lounger also offers an opportunity to relax in the pool. It comes with its own air pump for added convenience.

Guest list:
How many people are coming to your party? Get an estimate in advance so you’re well-stocked with food and beverages.

Make sure to a variety of drinks to meet your guests’ specific tastes. Some like diet sodas, while some may prefer lemonade or just plain water. If you decide to serve alcohol, use caution. Tipsy guests falling into the pool can cause a liability nightmare.

It wouldn’t be a true pool party without some barbecued goodies. If you’re looking for something simple, hamburgers and hot dogs are classic mainstays. For something a little more adventurous, try shish kabobs or spicy sausage links. Be sure to have a lot of appetizers on hand as well, such as chips and dip.

Don’t forget to clean up the grill. Get off all the gristly residue from your last BBQ session and make sure you have all your supplies on hand. Whether you need charcoal, lighter fluid, propane or new utensils, you’ll want to get these before the party starts.

Swim suit/apparel:
Make sure you have a fashionable new swim suit to show off at the party. Don’t forget to stock up on beach towels and sunscreen as well.

Don't forget, you still have a chance to get into their #MyPool giveaway! Upload a picture of your swimming pool to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a GAME Underwater Light Show! Be sure to include the hashtag #MyPool and make your post public (so they can find it and tally your entries).

You may enter as many times as you like - so get out your cameras, log in to your favorite social media network, and show the world your swimming pool!

Winners will be selected on May 16th, and notified on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If a winner fails to respond with mailing address within three (3) days, PoolSupplyWorld reserves the right to pick a different winner in their place.

Expert Tips on Motivating Kids with Money

Posted on 05/09/2014

Rewarding children with extra TV time, ice cream or cold hard cash can backfire, say experts. But at the same time kids need to learn key lessons about the value of hard work and managing money. The National Foundation of Credit Counseling found that 64% of Americans couldn't pay for a $1,000 emergency with cash. Another study found that one in four Americans have nothing in savings. Teaching your children about finances at a young age will serve them well for years to come so consider these expert tips for motivating kids with money.

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Affordable Ideas for Overhauling Your Blog

Posted on 05/08/2014

There are more than 181 million blogs around the world. According to Nielsen data that's up from 36 million in 2006. The majority of bloggers are women, well-educated and parents. If you're one of the millions vying for attention online why not try freshening up your piece of the world wide web? Overhaul your blog without spending a fortune using these tips and tricks.

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Easy and Thoughtful Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Posted on 05/07/2014

Money can't buy love, and that's especially true when it comes to mothers. Instead of spending a wad of cash, get busy showing mom how much you love and appreciate her with a handmade gift. Here are six easy and thoughtful gift ideas.

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How to Get Your Pool Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on 05/06/2014

Memorial Day is quickly approaching – where does the time go? Celebrate by having friends, neighbors and family over for an awesome pool party. But if you kept your pool under wraps all winter long, you might need a good cleaning before hosting a poolside bash. Fortunately, PoolSupplyWorld has cleaning supplies and chemicals to get your water sparkling clean.

Plus, they're offering a chance for you to win big! Upload a picture of your swimming pool to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a GAME Underwater Light Show! Be sure to include the hashtag #MyPool and make your post public (so they can find it and tally your entries).

You may enter as many times as you like - so get out your cameras, log in to your favorite social media network, and show the world your swimming pool!

Winners will be selected on May 16th, and notified on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If a winner fails to respond with mailing address within three (3) days, PoolSupplyWorld reserves the right to pick a different winner in their place.

Cleaning Supplies:
Geared toward above-ground pools, the Splash 010072 Premium Pool Maintenance Kit includes all the essentials for a clean pool. It includes a skimmer, brush, 6 lb. flex vac, thermometer and test strips. Keep pool water healthy with the TFTestkits TF-100 TFTestkit FAS-DPD Test Kit. This comprehensive kit allows you to test chemical levels of cholrine, pH, calcium and alkaline, among others. If you want to skip the test strips and go high-tech, check out the Solaxx SafeDip Digital Chemistry Tester. This digital tester takes the guesswork out of keeping your pool clean. It has easy to press buttons and a large display. Finally, get all the gunk out of your pool filter with the Filter Flosser 60-1000 Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool. It acts like a water pick to get dirt and mold out of the filter while preserving its life.

Your guests don’t want to swim in bacteria-filled water, so stock up on the chlorine. The PoolSupplyWorld 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets 50 lb Bucket (Tri-Chlor) should last you all summer long. The bucket includes 100 EPA-approved chlorine tablets. If Memorial Day weekend will be your first time using the pool for the season, get it ready with a powerful blend of chlorine. PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CSY399-1 Cal-Hypo Super Strength Pool Shock 1 lb Bag will quickly zap away bacteria and algae to make your pool safe for use. If you’re looking to go chlorine-free, check out PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CSY439-1 Chlorine-Free Shock 1 lb Bag.

Robotic Pool Cleaner:
Forget those flimsy skimmers. Clean out your pool the 21st century way with the Polaris 9450 Sport 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner. It works for pools up to 50 feet long and effectively cleans all surfaces. The Aquabot Turbo T2 In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner is another good choice. It circulates the water as it cleans to promote energy efficiency. Suitable for pools up to 20 ft. x 44 ft. in size, the best-selling Dolphin Dynamic DX5 Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner is easy to use and it’s quiet, too! It’s also available with a remote so you can steer it yourself – check out the Dolphin Dynamic DX5 Plus Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner.

The Best Drugstore Products for Preventing Skin Cancer

Posted on 05/06/2014

One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer during the course of their lifetime. Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, kills one person every hour. Hopefully those statistics are enough to get you to think about protecting yourself from this dangerous disease. May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and keeping yourself safe doesn't have to be expensive with these drugstore products.

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Throwing a Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Party on a Budget

Posted on 05/05/2014

Arriba Arriba! It's Cinco de Mayo! Feeling the urge to throw a spontaneous fiesta for your family and friends? No need to spend a fortune with these easy ways to put together a last minute Cinco de Mayo party on a budget.

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How to Save Money on Scrapbooking Supplies

Posted on 05/02/2014

Believe it or not scrapbooking is more popular than golf. According to the Craft and Hobby Association more than one-third of US households honor their memories through scrapbooking, rubber stamping or creating paper crafts. It's a multi-billion dollar industry and anyone who has participated knows it can get expensive. Since National Scrapbooking Day falls on May 3rd we're offering up some ideas for how to save money on scrapbooking supplies.

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Apps and Tools to Help You Share Expenses on a Group Vacation

Posted on 04/28/2014

Traveling with friends or family can be a great way to make memories and experience new places. But if anything has the ability to zap the fun out of your vacation it's money. Remove the confusion out of shared hotel bills and divvied car rentals with these apps and tools.

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How to Tour Celebrity Homes for Free

Posted on 04/25/2014

A-list celebrities may live in mansions that sit behind big iron gates with security cameras and 24-hour guards keeping crazed fans away, but that doesn't mean you can't tour their estates for free. Check out every room of these celeb homes with the help of real estate websites.

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Taking in the Kentucky Derby on a Budget

Posted on 04/24/2014

California Chrome, Wicked Strong and Hoppertunity are all Kentucky Derby contenders this year. Feel like watching them race in person rather than on TV? Horse racing may seem like a fancy sport, but there are ways to take in the Kentucky Derby on a budget.

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Cashback Vs. Coupon Codes: Which Saves You More?

Posted on 04/23/2014

Are you more likely to use a cashback reward website or a coupon code when you shop online? Both seem like a great way to save money, but when you do a little digging into the numbers one seems to offer more legitimate savings for consumers.

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Last Minute Traveler: Why it Pays to Procrastinate on Spring Break Getaway Plans

Posted on 04/22/2014

Itching to take a travel break? Even if you haven't planned ahead you may be in luck. Sometimes being a procrastinator can pay off when it comes to traveling. Here are some reasons why waiting until the last minute may be best for spring break getaways.

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Affordable and Cute Work Clothes for Administrative Professionals

Posted on 04/21/2014

There's an entire week devoted to hard working, talented, multi-tasking business leaders. It's called Administrative Professionals Week. And part of being an integral part of the office team means presenting yourself as a professional. Check out these affordable and cute work clothes to take your office look to the next level.

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Free Ways to Get Your Pet in Shape

Posted on 04/18/2014

Nearly three in four Americans are overweight so it shouldn't be that surprising that our pets are carrying some extra pounds as well. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention more than half of US dogs are overweight or obese and 57% of US cats are in the same boat. ( Need to get your pet in shape? Check out these free resources.

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The Best Apps for Tracking Travel Deals

Posted on 04/17/2014

Already dreaming of your summer vacation? Save time and money by using the best resources available for hunting down travel bargains. Put your Smartphone on the job of tracking travel deals with these helpful apps.

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National Stress Awareness Day: Free Ways to Relax

Posted on 04/16/2014

Tax Day is over, summer vacation is still months away and stress levels may be soaring. Stress can result in physical aches and pains, lost productivity and a bunch of other side effects. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day here are some free ways to relax.

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Tax Day Freebies and Deals 2014

Posted on 04/15/2014

Whether you're getting a refund from Uncle Sam or not Tax Day can be, well, taxing. But to ease the sting of a tax bill, plenty of businesses are taking the opportunity to give their customers a gift. Maybe this list of Tax Day freebies and deals will help make April 15 a little more enjoyable for everyone.

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Organize Your Files Week: Apps to Help You Reduce Paper Clutter

Posted on 04/14/2014

Don't get too excited but it's National Organize Your Files Week. Before you go out and buy a bunch of new office organizational supplies check out these free and low cost apps to help you reduce paper clutter.

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