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Low Cost Thanksgiving & Holiday Hostess Gifts

Posted on 11/19/2009

Chances are your social calendar is already filling up for the holiday season. There are cookie swaps, cocktail parties and lovely dinners. Don’t show up to these parties empty handed. Be a gracious guest by bringing along a gift for the host. Because this time of year can be so swamped with events and obligations, it’s a good idea to have some low cost Thanksgiving or holiday hostess gifts ready to go, and to check out the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sale page for discounts!

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Ten Black Friday Must-Haves for Serious Shoppers

Posted on 11/18/2009

Black Friday isn’t for wimps. Waking up before dawn, navigating the crowds and competing with other bargain-hungry shoppers takes perseverance, endurance and maybe a dash of insanity. Here are ten Black Friday must-haves for serious shoppers who want to walk away with victory - plus check out the deals at the Ultimate Coupons' Black Friday Sales page: they'll be updated the second their team gets them from the stores!

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What Not to Buy on Black Friday

Posted on 11/17/2009

Black Friday is a day for snagging steals on all sorts of goodies to give as gifts—whether it’s to others or yourself. Besides tackling the Black Friday crowds without having caffeine in your system, are there any other no-no’s when it comes to shopping the day after Thanksgiving? We say yes. Here are some suggestions on what not to buy on Black Friday, and there will be more tips on good Black Friday deals up as soon as they get 'em in at the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Coupons page.

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Five Affordable Holiday Travel Destinations

Posted on 11/16/2009

Feel like hitting the road this holiday? Whether you’re looking for sun or snow there are lots of great deals that make winter travel darn right cheap. Check out these five affordable holiday travel destinations, and don't forget to check in at the Ultimate Coupons' Holiday Travel Deals page before you book your trip!

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: Where are you Headed on Black Friday?

Posted on 11/11/2009

Black Friday has become an American institution. Nowhere else in the world do shoppers get up in the middle of the night, pull on their sweatpants and head out to big box stores in order to fight crowds of sleep-deprived bargain hunters looking for deals. We decided to poll you on Facebook and Twitter to find out where you’re headed on Black Friday. It seems that many of you plan to stay in bed rather than participate in Black Friday shopping. And that’s fine with serious shoppers because that just means more deals for them. Don't forget to check up on the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Deals page before you head out, too!

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Seasonal Work: Who's Hiring Over the Holidays

Posted on 11/10/2009

Seasonal work may be hard to come by this year. According to, an online search portal engine for hourly jobs, hiring levels will be 40% below where they were over the holidays just two years ago. On top of that competition is expected to be even tougher— with 54% of managers surveyed anticipating more applications to come in than last year. But sometimes finding a job is about where you look. We found thousands of seasonal openings at a wide variety of businesses. Here are some companies hiring over the holidays. PS - Once you've got paycheck in hand, check out the Ultimate Coupons Christmas Sale page for great deals on gifts, decor, and more!

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How to Spend Less Time Waiting in Black Friday Checkout Lines

Posted on 11/10/2009

Checkout lines on Black Friday can be as long as the Rolling Stones’ career. Avoid waiting in line for two hours just to save $3 on a couple of DVDs you didn’t really want in the first place. Here are some tips for spending less time waiting in Black Friday checkout lines. And as the magical Black Friday day draws closer, keep an eye out for the deals you've been waiting for at the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Deals page!

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Get Extra Cash in Time for Black Friday Shopping

Posted on 11/06/2009

Black Friday will be here before you know it. You may be ready, but is your wallet? If you’re feeling like you could use an injection of cash before the biggest shopping day of the year, here are some options for getting extra spending money in time for Black Friday shopping. And before you go out shopping, check out the lists of deals over at the UltimateCoupons' Black Friday Sales page!

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Six Easy Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Posted on 11/05/2009

Planning on road tripping it this Thanksgiving? Whether you’re driving to Grandma Betty’s in Butte or to the theme parks in Orlando it’s a good idea to make sure your car is ready for Turkey Day travel. It’s one of the busiest times to be on America’s highways. So before you and the fam pile in the minivan make sure you follow these six steps to get your car ready for Thanksgiving travel. And if you're in need of deals on hotels or flights (if you just can't face the thought of a car trip!), grab some deals at the Ben's Bargains Thanksgiving Travel Deals page!

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Surviving When Your Income Takes a Hit

Posted on 11/04/2009

Layoffs, downsizing, and furloughs, oh my! Millions of Americans have seen their incomes cut, slashed and even eliminated. In fact, the median income fell from $52,163 to $50,303 last year, which shows that plenty of people must learn to live on less. So how do you survive when your income takes a hit? (Hint: don’t pull out the plastic.)

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Making Thanksgiving Dinner for Less

Posted on 11/03/2009

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner for your entire family isn’t just a time consuming task—it can be an expensive one, too. Serving up turkey with all of the fixings, plus something sweet to finish it off can end up costing as much as a week’s worth of groceries or more. Here are a few tips for making Thanksgiving dinner for less, plus a whole host of coupons on everything from decor to travel to food can be found at the UltimateCoupons' Thanksgiving Sale page!

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Ten Things to Wait Until Black Friday to Buy

Posted on 11/02/2009

Black Friday is coming up quick. It’s the day serious shoppers wait all year for. Even if you’re itching to get started on your holiday shopping there are some deals worth waiting for. Here are ten things you should wait until Black Friday to buy.

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Scary Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/29/2009

Looking for a freakishly cheap least minute Halloween costume? Even though Halloween is coming up quick you can still score a great (and scary!) last minute costume. Whether it’s a closeout deal at a local clothing store or getting creative with what you have in your closet, you can still be the hit of the Halloween bash. PS - Don't forget to stock up on costumes & decorations for next year, since there are still mountains of spookily great deals available at the UltimateCoupons' Halloween Sale page!

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Easy and Affordable Airplane-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Posted on 10/27/2009

In order to keep you and your family safe when traveling by air this holiday season, the Transportation Security Administration has some important rules about what you can and can’t bring on the plane. While it’s a great way to keep air travel safer, it creates some extra challenges when trying to find airplane-friendly holiday gifts to bring with you. Not to mention many airlines are charging more for checked bags this holiday season so keeping presents lightweight and portable is especially important. Here are some easy and affordable airplane-friendly holiday gifts - and be sure to click over to the Ben's Bargains Travel Deals page for some deals & coupons to save on your flight or car trip!

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Low Cost Candy Alternatives

Posted on 10/22/2009

In a few days trick-or-treaters will be pounding on your door, looking for a sugary stockpile of treats to lug home. Supplying your neighborhood’s munchkins with Halloween chocolate can be a costly order to fill. Not to mention the guilt of knowing you’re filling them up with empty calories and possibly contributing to their poor dental health. This Halloween, be known as the crazy one on the block by handing out one of these low cost candy alternatives. And if you're still looking for Halloween decorations or costumes, the Ben's Bargains Halloween Coupons page still has plenty of fangtastic savings!

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: How did you Accumulate Debt?

Posted on 10/21/2009

Americans racked up $972.73 billion in credit card debt by the end of last year, according to The average credit card debt per household reached $8,329. So if you’re sitting on a pile of debt—you’re not alone. We wondered where all that debt came from. Using Twitter and Facebook, we asked how you accumulated debt. While there are many culprits, it looks like school loans are often to blame for creating debt. Here are the answers we received.

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Free and Cheap Holiday Travel Necessities

Posted on 10/20/2009

Whether you’re heading down the road or across the country for the holidays, there are travel necessities that will make your holiday journey much more enjoyable. Pick up many of the important holiday travel necessities without spending much money. And of course, there are always great deals to be had on the travel itself at the Ultimate Coupons' Holiday Travel Deals page!

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Budgeting for Baby: How to Save Money on Kids' Items

Posted on 10/14/2009

Don’t let your bundle of joy become a bundle of debt! Babies can cost big money for being so little. And the story doesn’t change much the older they get. According to the Department of Agriculture, you’ll spend about a quarter of a million dollars on them from birth to age 18. It’s important to work on budgeting for baby and find ways to save money on kids’ items. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

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How To Do Halloween Cheaply

Posted on 10/13/2009

Halloween is kind of like a kick-off to the holiday season—three solid months devoted to eating, being with loved ones and, of course, spending way too much money. But thankfully Halloween is one holiday that doesn’t necessarily require deep pockets. Here are ways to do Halloween cheaply.

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Think Pink: Pink Merchandise that Supports Breast Cancer Research

Posted on 10/12/2009

Just in case you wondered what was up with all of the pink stuff filling store shelves and shop windows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means it’s time to think pink and support this worthy cause. Plenty of companies are making it easy for you to get behind the search for a cure with merchandise that supports breast cancer research.

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Holiday Accommodations for Less

Posted on 10/08/2009

With Christmas presents to buy, plane tickets to book and holiday treats to prepare chances are your budget is about to take a hit. But there are ways to keep your holiday spending in check. One way to accomplish that? Book cheaper holiday accommodations. (Tip: Be sure to check out the very latest sales & deals at the Ben's Bargains Holiday Travel Page, too!)

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Five Subscriptions You Should Consider Canceling and Five You Should Keep

Posted on 10/07/2009

Subscriptions can be convenient because they require little effort, but they can also be damaging to your bank account since often the money disappears before you realize it. You may be able to uncover some more wiggle room in your budget by canceling some unnecessary subscriptions, but there are other subscriptions you should keep. Here are five of each.

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Freakishly Cheap Decorations for Your Halloween Bash

Posted on 10/06/2009

Planning a Halloween party? Hoping to scare the pants off some trick-or-treaters? Turn your home into a spooky dungeon chamber or an abandoned morgue and make it an October 31st to remember. Doing up your home for Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening to your budget. Here are some freakishly cheap decorations for your Halloween bash. And if you're looking for straight-up mega deals, check out's Halloween Sale page.

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Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings Rebate Program

Posted on 10/06/2009

Few places offer the incredible deals that can be uncovered every week at Rite Aid. From food to first aid there are great ways to save money simply by spending a few minutes studying the weekly circular. And now they’ve got a new way to help cut costs called the Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings Program. Here’s how it works and how it can save you plenty of money.

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Free Resources for Finding Cheap Holiday Flights

Posted on 09/30/2009

It may seem inevitable that you’ll have to pay more for airline tickets over the holidays compared with flights throughout the rest of the year. But thankfully there are free resources for finding cheap holiday flights. Just think-- if you can score a cheaper flight, then you’ll have more money for buying presents! (PS - For up-to-the-minute flight deals & coupons, we recommend checking the UltimateCoupons' Holiday Travel Deals page regularly!)

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How Facebook Can Save you Money

Posted on 09/29/2009

Facebook is great for connecting with old friends, cyber-stalking exes and wasting time. But it’s also great for saving money. There are freebies and exclusive deals all over this social networking site. Here are ways Facebook can be a frugal person’s dream.

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Twitter/Facebook Poll: How Do you Stay Fabulous on a Budget?

Posted on 09/28/2009

It’s official. Turns out you don’t need big bucks to live life with style and flare. You can be completely fabulous on a budget. How do we know? Because we asked! Through the power of Twitter (and Facebook, too) we polled you to find out how you stay fabulous on a budget and here’s what we found out.

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How to Keep Money from Ruining Relationships

Posted on 09/23/2009

They say money talks, but simply talking about money can cause problems in a lot of relationships. In fact, experts say money is the number one cause of divorce. But more than marriages, money can damage friendships and other relationships too. Don’t let cash cause you to split. Here are some ways to keep money from ruining relationships.

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Saving Big with Rebates

Posted on 09/22/2009

Rebates can be a great way to save money. But they can also be, how shall we say, a bit of a hassle. Here are a few tips for being a rebate success story and saving big money on just about all types of products.

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Five Affordable and Thoughtful Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Posted on 09/17/2009

They mold the minds of future generations. They educate society’s most precious resource. They put up with whiney kids for eight hours a day. Let’s face it, teachers deal with a lot. An affordable and thoughtful back-to-school gift may not make up for all of it, but at least it will let them know you care. Here are five ideas (and for extra savings on your gift for teacher, check out the deals at the Ben's Bargains Back to School Coupons page!).

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