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The Best Post-Christmas Bargains: What to Buy and Where to Find it

Posted on 12/29/2009

Retailers may be eager to unload lots of extra stock after Christmas, making it a great time to snag bargains. Since stores know many shoppers are still off of work until after New Year’s Day the biggest mark-downs may not come until after January 4. But either way, you’ll be able to stretch those gift cards even further. here are some tips for finding the best post-Christmas bargains.

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After-Christmas Tips for Turning Bad Gifts into What You Really Want

Posted on 12/28/2009

It’s hard to remember that Christmas is more about giving than receiving when you’re stuck with a really bad gift. Perhaps you got saddled with the world’s ugliest socks, a new bathroom scale or a tacky snow globe. Here are some after-Christmas tips for turning those bad gifts into what you really want.

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New Year’s Eve Must-Haves Under $20

Posted on 12/23/2009

Many people will agree 2009 was a tough year. Say farewell to the year of financial problems, job losses and Tiger Woods’ drama. Usher in a new year—and a new decade with a whole lot of glitz for your buck! Here are some New Year’s Eve must-haves under $20.

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Store Return Policy Rundown: Requirements from the Hottest Retailers

Posted on 12/22/2009

It’s time for your favorite Christmas traditions: getting the whole family in matching pajamas, overdosing on sugar cookies and returning your Christmas gifts for the stuff you really want. Wondering which retailers will give you cash-in-hand and which ones will stick you with a gift card? Here are store return policies from some of the hottest retailers, plus deals on last-minute gifts over at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page for those of you still shopping.

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Gifts that Help with New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 12/21/2009

Want to lose twenty pounds? Learn Spanish? Drink six glasses of water a day? Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, but few actually succeed in achieving them. But don’t let the fact that a small number of people are actually successful with their New Year’s resolutions sentence you to defeat. These gifts will help turn New Year’s resolutions into life-changing commitments.

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Ten Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Posted on 12/18/2009

It doesn’t really matter if the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care if there’s nothing in them. Stuff those stockings without emptying your wallet. Here are ten fabulous last-minute stocking stuffers for under $10, plus find more gifts-in-a-hurry at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sale page!

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Twitter/Facebook Poll: What do you Really Hope Santa Brings You This Year?

Posted on 12/17/2009

Remember how fun it was to visit Santa in his red velvety suit, pull on his beard and tell him what you wanted for Christmas? That’s why we conducted a Facebook and Twitter poll to ask what you really hope Santa brings you this year. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s still fun to dream.

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How to Increase Your eBay Earnings

Posted on 12/17/2009

There’s no doubt about it—eBay is a great place for drumming up extra income. But if you’ve ever taken the time to list a product on the site only to have it sell for pennies then you know eBay isn’t without its frustrations. Make auctioning off your items online worth your time by using these tips for increasing your eBay earnings.

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Pretty Packages for Less: Save on Gift Wrapping Supplies

Posted on 12/16/2009

Wrapping a present can drive up the cost of the gift. Slash your spending on wrapping supplies with these coupons and ideas that will produce pretty packages for less. While presentation is important, so is saving money... So be sure to check out deals on the gifts themselves at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page!

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Low Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Holiday Guests

Posted on 12/14/2009

Whether it’s just grandma coming to visit, or the whole gang, it’s nice to have your home in tip top shape for Christmas. But with all the other expenses of the holiday season it may be tough to find extra room in the budget for projects around the house. We’ve got low cost ways to spruce up your home for holiday guests, plus tons of great deals on gifts, cards, and more at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page.

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Quick and Easy Hanukkah and Christmas Gifts: No Shipping or Wrapping Required

Posted on 12/11/2009

Hanukkah begins tonight, and Christmas isn’t far behind. The Bargainist is here to prevent you from plummeting into panic-mode with these quick and easy Hanukkah and Christmas gifts. The best part? No shipping or wrapping is required.

Don't forget, check out more great gift ideas for the eight nights of Hannukah at the Ultimate Coupons' Hanukkah Sales page!

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The Eight Nights of Hanukkah Roundup

Posted on 12/11/2009

Faithful reader Mia pointed out that Hanukkah doesn’t get much gift roundup love this time of year, and we wanted to amend that. Without further ado, we present eight gifts for the eight nights of Hanukkah!

LUSH Bathtime Favorites Bath Bomb Set ($43) - We were going to included LUSH’s Better Than A Blintz Hanukkah Bath Bomb Set in this roundup, but it’s sold out online – you may still be able to find it in stores. So we figured that this set of nine yummy-scented classic Bath Bombs would be a fab Hanukkah gift, too – use one for every night of Hanukkah, then save an extra one for a rain y day!

Ahava "Love" Pendant - Sweet and simple, the Hebrew letters for the word “love” are crafted in 14k gold and dangle from a 16” pendant. It’s modeled after the famous 1976 sculpture by Robert Indiana featuring the same word in 13 foot high steel letters.

No Limit Texas Dreidel Game ($19) – What do you get when you cross Yahtzee, poker, and dreidels? This. As the item description so aptly says, “Let my people go… all in!” We guarantee it will bring a whole new dimension to poker night.

Flexus Menorah ($125) – Designed by a father & daughter, this cut glass set can be used as a menorah or broken apart into individual candleholders to be used throughout the year as a sparkling tableside accent.

David's Cookies Assorted Mini Cheesecakes ($35) – Who doesn’t like a nice mini cheesecake? This gift set includes six 5oz cheesecakes made from fresh ingredients and includes two of each flavor: classic New York cheesecake, black forest, and cappuccino.

The Body Shop Black Velvet Apricot Celebrations Gift Set ($11 on sale) - Yes, blue is one of the traditional Hanukkah colors, but what really attracted us to this gift set is the dreamy scent of black velvet apricot: fruity, sweet, and densely dark. The set includes body lotion, bath & shower nectar, and soap.

Hebrew Tikkun Ring ($40) - Tikkun is the Hebrew idea of healing and transforming the world through your own generous & good actions. This sterling silver ring has the Hebrew for Tikkun engraved on the outside, and the English alphabet translation on the inside.

A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking ($18) – We’re having serious cravings for the recipes in this book, like Pomegranate and Sour Cherry Mandelbrot, Mock Chestnut Torte, and Caramel Matzoh Crunch. A must-gift for any foodie on your list.

Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Shopping - Men vs. Women

Posted on 12/09/2009

Guest post time, again, folks! This time we're pleased to announce that Everybody Loves Coupons, the blog, is here to give us the blow by blow on men and women's shopping habits.

Shopping behavior differences between men and women have long been a subject of research. Women are tactile, browsing, touching, and smelling products. In contrast, a man is more likely to enter a store on a mission, grab the item and go – without exhibiting any pleasure in the experience. In the brick-and-mortar shops, the retail world has traditionally catered to women. Why? Because even though men may earn more money, women spend more. [Read more...]

Give and Receive: Retailers Offering Free Gifts with Purchase

Posted on 12/09/2009

‘Tis the season of giving—but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s nice to treat yourself to something once in a while. That’s why getting rewarded with a free gift with purchase can be a lovely treat. Not only can you feel good about giving, but you can also get a little something for yourself. Here are some retailers offering free gifts with a purchase, plus lots of other fabulous coupons for everything from cards to eggnog at the UltimateCoupons' Christmas Sales page!

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From Software to Soda Bottles: How to Make Extra Money by Recycling

Posted on 12/08/2009

Got some extra stuff lying around? Whether it’s soda bottles, software or an old cell phone cluttering up your space, there are ways to turn that junk into cash. Not only will you be saving it from going to the landfill, but you’ll be making extra money by recycling.

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Hannukah Freebies and Deals

Posted on 12/07/2009

Get ready to light up the menorah-- Hannukah begins at sundown on December 11. If you’re looking for the perfect Hannukah gift, or you want to treat yourself to something special, here are some Hannukah freebies and deals, plus more over at the Ultimate Coupons' Hannukah Sale page!

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Ten of the Hottest Holiday Toys & Where to Buy Them for the Best Price

Posted on 12/04/2009

Just like the Cabbage Patch Doll and Tickle Me Elmo of years gone by, every Christmas is marked by hot toys—or ten of them. They are the toys that parents are willing to barter, beg and splurge on just so they can see Junior’s ecstatic face on Christmas morning. Here are ten of the hottest holiday toys and where to buy them for the best price - plus, check the Christmas Sales page at UltimateCoupons for deals on decking the halls!

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Throwing a Recession-Friendly Holiday Bash

Posted on 12/03/2009

So you want to throw a holiday party, but you don’t have money to throw at it? It is possible to host a recession-friendly holiday bash. You’ll end the night feeling full of holiday spirit and your bank account won’t be wiped out, especially if you snag some of the deals over at the UltimateCoupons' Christmas Sale page!

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'Tis the Season to Help: The Gifts That Give Back

Posted on 12/03/2009

Budgets are tight this year, we know, we know. Unfortunately, that also means charitable giving is down, a lot. And the recipients of said charity need the basics in life a lot more than your Dad needs another novelty tie. With that in mind, we encourage you to give to some (or all!) of the following charities this holiday season – and, if you don’t have the money for any gifts, why not give some of your time? Be a mentor. Serve up chicken noodle at a soup kitchen. Help sort gifts at Toys For Tots. We guarantee that the experience will be one of the best gifts you ever get.

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How to Keep Your Identity Safe During the Holidays

Posted on 12/02/2009

Retailers aren’t the only ones with booming business this time of year—identity thieves are cashing in too. Chances are you’ll be shopping online more this month and whipping out that credit card to make lots of purchases. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure your private information is kept private. Here are some tips for keeping your identity safe during the holidays, and if you're going away from home this year to visit family, be sure to check out the travel deals at the Ben's Bargains Holiday Travel Sales page.

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Free Resources to Stay Organized this Holiday Season

Posted on 12/01/2009

Worried about getting so tangled in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that you’ll forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of the season? Lucky for you we’ve got time-and-money-saving resources so you’ll spend less time running around and more time soaking in the holiday’s best moments. Enjoy these freebies that will help you stay organized this Christmas so these precious moments don’t pass in a blur, plus deals for all those presents, decorations, and entertaining supplies can be found at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page!

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How to Avoid Shipping Charges on Cyber Monday Purchases

Posted on 11/30/2009

No crowds, no cranky cashiers, and no dress code—isn’t Cyber Monday the best? If it weren’t for those pesky shipping charges, Cyber Monday could be perfect, right? There are plenty of ways to avoid paying for shipping on Cyber Monday purchases. Here are some hints - plus, fabulous coupons to save even more on your online orders can be found over at the UltimateCoupons' Cyber Monday Deals page!

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How to Score the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Posted on 11/26/2009

Whether you’re worried about contracting the swine flu or you just want to sleep in on the day after Thanksgiving, shopping from the comfort of your own home on Cyber Monday does have its perks. Interested in taking advantage of some of these online-only offers? Here are some tips for scoring the best Cyber Monday deals, and a whole host of fantastic coupons & sales can also be found at the UltimateCoupons' Cyber Monday Deals page!

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Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons

Posted on 11/25/2009

Guest post time, again, folks! This time we're pleased to announce that Everybody Loves Coupons, the blog, is here to give us the skinny on whether Cyber Monday is the bounce-back shopping season trampoline we think it is, or whether it's a big, fat, flop.

Ok, so we all know that flat holiday sales predictions are on everyone's lips this season, but let's not give up on Cyber Monday entirely. A majority of CMOs (55 percent) are focusing heavily on email promotions this year to reach online and in-store shoppers, and another 16 percent will offer free shipping for online orders. But on the flip side, 65 percent of CMOs expect flat Cyber Monday sales; only 32 percent expect sales will increase and 3 percent forecast a drop in sales. [Read more...]

Tax Tasks to Wrap Up Before the End of 2009

Posted on 11/25/2009

While your mind may be on turkey, this is actually a good time to think about taxes. With only a handful of weeks remaining in 2009 there are a few tax tasks to wrap up before the end of the year. Making some key year-end money moves will ensure tax season is much less stressful. And that’s something you can really be thankful for.

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Black Friday Freebies: Stores with Perks

Posted on 11/24/2009

As if the deals themselves weren’t good enough, some stores are throwing in freebies and extra incentives to get you to their stores for a Black Friday buying session. Think of it as a reward for giving up sleep, enduring the crowds and showing the world you’re a true Black Friday die-hard. Here’s your guide to what’s free on Black Friday, but you can find tons of other doorbuster savings over at the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Sales page!

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Give Thanks: How to Give More to the Less Fortunate this Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/23/2009

Thanksgiving isn’t about eating, watching balloons float over Manhattan or preparing for the next day’s big sales. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have. And if you’re feeling thankful, try sharing some of your blessings with others this year. Here are some suggestions for giving more to the less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

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Twenty Great Gifts Under $20 to Score on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Posted on 11/20/2009

Planning on shopping during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If you’re looking for great gift deals for those on your holiday shopping list, check out these 20 great gifts under $20 that you can score in-store on Black Friday. Many of these deals may also be available online for Cyber Monday or Black Friday. And, be sure to check out the amazing giveaways you can enter over at the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Giveaways page!

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Shop Online or In-Store?

Posted on 11/20/2009

Boxers or briefs? Star Trek or Star Wars? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? Among the great debates in American pop culture stands the ultimate question: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Would you rather shop in the stores or online? We’re taking a look at both sides of this dispute to find out the good, the bad and the ugly of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As the day moves closer, check the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Coupons page for the very latest deals as they come in from merchants.

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How to Control Your Debt this Holiday Season

Posted on 11/19/2009

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of the holidays. But sometimes giving gifts turns from being a blessing to others to becoming a curse on your finances. Don’t let over-spending steal any happy from your holidays. Give yourself a gift this Christmas season by following a few rules for controlling your debt.

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