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How to Get Your Hands on Extra Grocery Coupon Inserts

Posted on 02/12/2010

Coupons are a key ingredient for saving money on groceries and household products. But every Sunday paper only comes with one set of coupon inserts, which can limit the amount of deals you’re able to score. Looking for ways to stock up on Sunday coupons without having to pay for multiple subscriptions to the newspaper? Here’s how to get your hands on extra grocery coupon inserts.

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Hidden Talent: How Your Special Skills Could Mean Extra Income

Posted on 02/11/2010

Extra income probably sounds pretty nice, but not if it means delivering pizzas or flipping burgers. Who knows-- you may have a hidden talent with earning potential that is just waiting to be tapped. Your special skills could mean extra income.

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How to Bring Mardi Gras to Your House on a Budget

Posted on 02/10/2010

Mardi Gras is all about splurging. After all, it’s traditionally the last chance for those participating in Lent to enjoy whatever they plan to give up for the next 40 days. Go ahead—eat, drink and party your little heart out because with these tips you can bring Mardi Gras, to your house on a budget. Plus, don't forget to check out the deals over at the UltimateCoupons' Mardi Gras Coupons page!

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Scoring Free Samples: Getting the Best Freebies Available

Posted on 02/09/2010

Are you a big fan of paying nothing for stuff? Scoring free samples is a great way to satisfy your craving for freebies. Here are some tips and resources for snagging the best products for free.

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Ten Low-Cost Mardi Gras Party Favors

Posted on 02/08/2010

Closely following the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day is Mardi Gras. Always falling on the day before Ash Wednesday, this year Mardi Gras is February 16. Don’t let this chance to throw a party slip by. With these ten low-cost Mardi Gras party favors, you’ll be ready to bring New Orleans to your home! Plus, check out the UltimateCoupons' Mardi Gras Sale page for more deals!

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Having a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner on a Budget

Posted on 02/05/2010

Filet mignon? Lobster tails? Fresh oysters? These romantic meals can come with a high price tag—especially on Valentine’s Day when restaurant owners know people are more willing to pay a premium to impress their dates. Whether you want to go out on the town or stay in, here are some ways to have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner on a budget.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: What Are Some Free and Cheap Valentine's Gifts?

Posted on 02/04/2010

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day will be here soon. While jewelry stores, florists and gourmet chocolatiers would like you to believe that proving your love requires spending lots and lots of money that’s just not true. Your Valentine doesn’t need extravagant gifts to feel loved. Our Twitter and Facebook poll proves that there are plenty of free and cheap Valentine’s gifts - but don't forget the deals on offer at the UltimateCoupons Valentine's Day Coupons page!

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Tax Scams to Watch Out For

Posted on 02/03/2010

It’s not quite as fun as swimsuit season, but some may dread it just as much. Tax season is here and whether that means refunds or writing big, fat checks to Uncle Sam, there are some tax scams you need to watch out for. But, we can vouch for the great deals over at the UltimateCoupons Tax Coupons page!

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The Ten Tackiest Ways to Save Money

Posted on 02/02/2010

We’re all about saving cash, but some money saving methods are just downright tacky. There’s no need to forego class and style when you’re trying to save a buck. But if you have a go at any of the ten tackiest ways to save money, you’ll start giving frugal a bad reputation.

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Cheap Ways to Feel Like an Olympic Athlete

Posted on 02/01/2010

If you’ve always harbored a dream to earn a gold medal at the Olympics the approaching games in Vancouver probably have you thinking about what it would be like to represent your country in your favorite sport. You may not be strapping on skis or skates to compete in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but you can still feel like a star athlete with these tips.

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Frugal Romance: Free Ways to Love Your Valentine

Posted on 01/29/2010

if you think Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by greeting card companies you can still shower your sweetie with love. Just approach it like you would anything else-- with thriftiness. Your sweetheart probably thinks your frugality is sexy, just don’t be stingy with your love. Give them a reason to fall for you all over again with these free ways to love your Valentine. If you have a little money to spare, though, check out the great romantic deals at the UltimateCoupons' Valentine's Day Coupons page!

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Super Bowl Sales: The Best Buys for TVs and More

Posted on 01/28/2010

When the New Orleans Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts in the 44th Super Bowl, millions of Americans will be glued to their televisions. Some may be more interested in the commercials than the quarterbacks, but either way it’s a great excuse to upgrade your gadgets and improve your entertainment system. If you’re hoping for a TV makeover in time for the big game, make sure you check out these Super Bowl sales and the touchdown-dance-worthy ones over at the UltimateCoupons' Super Bowl Sunday Coupons page!

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Valentine’s Day Getaways: Cut Costs on Winter Ski Trips

Posted on 01/27/2010

What’s more romantic than cozy fires at night and fresh powder during the day? Since February 14 falls on a Sunday this year, treat your Valentine to a romantic winter weekend getaway. Not only will your sweetie love that you planned a special vacation, but they’ll appreciate that you were able to cut costs on this winter ski trip using these deals and tips.

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Cheap Super Bowl Snacks and Side Dishes

Posted on 01/25/2010

Ready to enjoy some football, food and great commercials for Super Bowl XLIV? (That’s Super Bowl 44 for those of you who don’t remember your Roman numerals.) The big game will be here soon which means it’s time to prepare the game day menu. Don’t worry about being fancy, but you will want some tasty treats in case the half-time show leaves something to be desired. Here are some cheap Super Bowl snacks and side dishes that will help you score big points with guests, plus deals on everything from team jerseys to game tickets can be scored over at the UltimateCoupons' Super Bowl Sunday Coupons page!

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Learn Something New This Year: Fun and Free Classes

Posted on 01/22/2010

Did you make a resolution to learn something new in 2010? Now is your chance to expand your horizons and do it for free. Whether you want to improve your marriage or learn how to repair drywall, there are free opportunities to learn something new.

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Tax Prep Deals and Discounts

Posted on 01/21/2010

April 15 has a habit of sneaking up like a sneeze. You can try to push it off, but sooner or later it’s going to blast by and you won’t be able to stop it. Be prepared for tax day by getting your taxes done sooner rather than later. We’ve found some great tax prep deals and discounts so you won’t have any excuse to delay, plus you can find even more deals over at the Ultimate Coupons' Tax Coupons page!

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Retailers Accepting Competitor Coupons and How to Use Them

Posted on 01/20/2010

Have you ever gotten your hands on a great coupon for a store you don’t frequent? Before you toss it in the recycle bin, consider taking it to a competitor. Lots of retailers accept their competitor’s coupons. Wondering which ones? Here’s a rundown of grocery stores, home improvement retailers and lots of other companies that will gladly accept competitor coupons. Have a store to add to our list? Just leave a comment with the information.

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Beat the Chill: Low Cost Ways to Warm Up This Winter

Posted on 01/19/2010

Heating bills are starting to show up in mailboxes all over the country and many homeowners are probably cringing at the cost of keeping warm. Most of us still have a long way to go before we can turn off the heat and pack away the wool sweaters. But you can beat the chill without taking out a second mortgage. Here are some low cost ways to warm up this winter.

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The High Cost of Convenience: Saving Money by Not Taking the Easy Way

Posted on 01/18/2010

Running into the corner market to buy a gallon of milk that costs as much as a bottle of wine, that’s the easy way. Planning ahead to pick up enough milk for the week when you’re at the grocery store, that’s the hard way. But convenience comes with a cost—a price that can do damage to your budget. Here are ways to save money by not taking the easy way.

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How Being Organized Can Save You Money

Posted on 01/15/2010

Is clutter costing you? It certainly could be. And you don’t have to live in a home that looks like it should be featured on Clean House. You may think you don’t have time to get organized, but you may not be able to afford not to. Here are ways being organized can save you money.

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Help Haiti: How? Where? What? How much?

Posted on 01/14/2010

The tragedy of the Haitian earthquake has dominated the news this week, with potentially hundreds of thousands dead or missing and the capital of Port-au-Prince essentially demolished. Unless you work for a relief organization, you probably have no way to go in person to help with disaster relief - but you can donate money to help. Here are a few organizations with pages that allow you to donate directly to Haitian earthquake relief:

Direct Relief International - DRI is partnering with FedEx to airlift $2 million in medical supplies to Haiti, including water purification products, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and supplies for trauma and wound care.

Heifer International - Click on the link provided to go directly to Heifer's Haiti Earthquake Relief page. They already had projects set up to aid Haitians in creating sustainable farmland with crop diversity, plus gifts of livestock, seeds, trees, and grain, but all funds donated through this page will go towards immediate recovery and rebuilding.

Red Cross - Through this page, you can select where your donation will go - they have a box for "Haiti Relief and Development." Monies will go towards mobilizing relief workers and supplies.

World Concern - Funds donated to World Concern will be used initially for blankets, emergency shelters, and supplies of clean drinking water, as existing water systems are likely contaminated with sewage due to damage.

World Vision - World Vision will use all donations for food, clean water, blankets, and tents for displaced earthquake victims. They are already on the ground delivering supplies.

Tips for Lowering Your Healthcare Costs

Posted on 01/14/2010

Have health care costs got you feeling a little sick? If there’s one thing you can count on in life it’s that the cost of health insurance will go up. Between prescription costs, insurance premiums and doctor visits, health care can take up a big part of your budget. There are ways to reduce spending on health care so that you’ll have more money to allocate towards other things (like checking out the deals at the Ultimate Coupons' Fitness Sales page for deals on vitamins, gym equipment, and more so you don't need as many doctor's visits!).

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Special Guest Post by Everybody Loves Coupons: Wii Console Conquers Fitness Video World

Posted on 01/13/2010

Guest post time, again, folks! This time we're pleased to announce that Everybody Loves Coupons, the blog, is here to give us the blow by blow on the surprising success of the Wii Fit.

Ever since Nintendo's Wii video game console debuted in 2006, it's been the talk of the gaming world. The motion-capture technology controllers opened a whole new venue for interactive gaming, and it's been the best-selling console on the market ever since, with sales of more than 20 million units. Two years after the debut of Wii came Wii Fit, an exercise video game that avid gamers dismissed out of hand at its' release in May 2008. But by January 2009, Wii Fit had nabbed the top spot as the best-selling game of 2008 with 2.4 million titles sold (according to The NPD Group) and that game and its sequel Wii Fit Plus have now sold more than 8 million copies combined. And, according to NPD Group industry analyst Anita Frazier, it's opened the category to a whole new demographic. [Read more...]

How to Find the Right Tax Preparer

Posted on 01/13/2010

More important than who you choose to be your hairstylist, personal trainer, or even your mechanic, is the person you hire to help you file your taxes. As the taxpayer, you’re still legally responsible for what’s on your tax return even if it’s prepared by someone else. That’s why you want to hire the most professional, honest and knowledgeable you can find. Here are some tips straight from the IRS, plus, extra coupons & deals on tax prep software & services can be found at the Ultimate Coupons Tax Coupons page.

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New Year New You: Easy and Low-Cost Ways to Look Better and Younger in 2010

Posted on 01/12/2010

We’re all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we have to look like it. Make it your goal to look better and younger in 2010. After all, it’s a new year so why not kick of this decade by creating a new you using these easy and low-cost tips? Be sure to check out the discounts on everything healthy over at the Ultimate Coupons Fitness Sales page, too!

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Cheap Ways and Free Tools to Help You Stop Smoking

Posted on 01/11/2010

Hoping to kick the habit in 2010? Make this the year where you give up that dirty smoking habit. You’ll improve your health and have extra money to put towards something besides cancer sticks. (How does a cruise to the Bahamas sound?) To help you turn this resolution into a reality we’ve got cheap ways and free tools to help you stop smoking.

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Ten for 2010: Ten Ways to Make 2010 a Stellar Financial Year

Posted on 01/08/2010

Most of us can admit that 2009 was not the best year for our finances. Lots of us lost jobs, lost homes and lost money in the stock market. But it’s a new year which means new possibilities. Here are ten ways to make 2010 a stellar financial year.

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Free Workout Tools for your Fitness New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 01/06/2010

It’s at the top of the government’s list of popular New Year’s resolutions: losing weight. Lots of Americans will pull out their tennis shoes, flood into gyms, and attempt to shed a few pounds because they made a vow to get fit. If you don’t have extra cash to throw at this New Year’s resolution don’t worry—there are plenty of free workout tools that will help you find a new you for the New Year.

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How to Pay Down Your Christmas Credit Card Debt Faster

Posted on 01/05/2010

Along with a new sweater, knife sharpener and remote control car, have the holidays left you some Christmas credit card debt? It’s not quite as easy to get rid of as all that colorful wrapping paper on the living room floor, but with these tips your holiday debt will be long gone before bikini season rolls around.

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Twitter/Facebook Poll: What are Your Financial New Year's Resolutions?

Posted on 12/30/2009

Want to pay cash for a new flat screen? Or perhaps save up for a trip to Alaska? Whatever your money aspirations are for 2010 we want to know! They say if you tell others about your goals you’re more likely to achieve them-- so go ahead and spill it by leaving a comment. Need some inspiration? We conducted a poll on Facebook and Twitter to find out about your financial New Year’s resolutions.

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