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Avoiding the Temptation to Spend

Posted on 07/19/2010

The temptation to spend can be fierce. There are lattes to drink, movies to see and restaurants to try. But if you’re looking to get out of debt, save more or complete any major financial goal, experts agree that the small stuff makes a big difference. Here are some tips for avoiding the temptation to spend.

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The Riskiest Ways to Save Money

Posted on 07/15/2010

Some money-saving strategies are no-brainers. Using coupons? Why not! Getting rid of those movie channels you never watch? Makes sense! Carpooling with co-workers? Sure! But sometimes cutting corners just to save a few bucks can get you into trouble. Here are some of the riskiest ways to save money.

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Ten of the Most Giving Celebrities

Posted on 07/14/2010

They’re actors, actresses, athletes and talk show hosts, but they’re also great givers. These ten celebrities may be best known for their contributions to the entertainment industry, but they should also be recognized for their massive contributions to various charities. Here are ten of the most giving celebrities… Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to give back to your community!

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: What was the Last Thing You Splurged On?

Posted on 07/13/2010

Sure, the economy may stink, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little something special. Splurging these days may mean buying a venti instead of a grande at Starbucks or buying the whole album on iTunes instead of just one song, but that’s not stopping you from treating yourself. We polled you on Twitter and Facebook to find out the last thing you splurged on.

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Insuring that Summer Vacation: When to Buy Trip Insurance

Posted on 07/12/2010

Travel insurance may seem like just another cost to tack on to your summer vacation, but it can be an extremely valuable investment. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, about one in three Americans purchase travel insurance. That’s a ten percent jump since before September 11th. If you’re wondering whether to insure your summer vacation, here are some tips for when to buy trip insurance.

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The Best Games for Teaching Kids about Money

Posted on 07/09/2010

According to a study by Visa, more than half of parents say their child thinks money grows on trees. Games can be a great way to teach your kids where money really comes from. They’ll have fun learning how to budget, spend wisely and respect money with these educational games.

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Summer Bargains: The Best Things to Buy Right Now

Posted on 07/08/2010

Summer is the season for BBQs, water parks and big glasses of iced tea. But it’s also a great time of year for bargain hunting. If you’re looking for a hot deal here’s a list of the best things to buy right now in the heat of the summer.

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When Buying Used Can Save You the Most Cash

Posted on 07/07/2010

There’s something nice about buying new—cracking open that pristine package, taking in that fresh smell and enjoying the perfection of a new product. But buying used has a quality that can trump all that—saving money. Here are circumstances where buying used can save you the most cash.

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A Summer Tan for Less: Getting Golden on a Budget

Posted on 07/06/2010

Pasty probably isn’t the shade of skin you’re looking for these days. Summer is a time for shedding some clothing and showing off a little skin. A golden tan can be the perfect accessory whether you’re hitting the beach or you want to look like you just did. But we all know that baking under the sun isn’t good for us. Thankfully we’ve got some great deals that will help you score a summer tan for less so you can get golden on a budget.

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Twilight Gear that Won't Suck Your Wallet Dry

Posted on 07/02/2010

Millions have already seen Eclipse. The latest Twilight film sold $68.5 million worth of tickets on opening night, breaking box office records for the biggest mid-week movie launch in history according to industry reports. Did the movie leave you yearning for more vampires and werewolves? For those looking for products that exhibit their enthusiasm for Team Edward or their jubilee for Team Jacob, here is some great Twilight gear that won’t suck your wallet dry.

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Five Ways to Drastically Cut Living Expenses

Posted on 06/30/2010

Looking to make a major change to your finances? Sometimes drastic changes require drastic measures. Whether your goal is to get out of debt or boost your income, hard work and shaking up your habits will get the job done. Here are five ways to significantly cut your living expenses.

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Peer Lending Websites and How They Work

Posted on 06/29/2010

If you need a loan or you’re interested in investing, peer-to-peer lending may be a good fit. Peer lending, also called social lending, is an online marketplace for borrowing and lending money that cuts out the need for big banks. For borrowers, it’s a great way to get smaller sized loans at lower interest rates. For lenders, peer lending can provide greater returns while helping someone in need. Statistics show that the peer-to-peer lending industry is expected to hit $5.8 billion in loans this year which shows it’s a popular option for consumers. Here are a few of the social lending websites in the marketplace.

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Beat the Heat: Ice Cream Deals

Posted on 06/28/2010

Nothing can bring out the positive side of a heat wave quite like ice cream can. That creamy cold treat makes sweating your butt off on a hot day worth it. Before your ice cream habit takes over your grocery budget, make sure you beat the heat with these ice cream deals.

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Red, White and Frugal: Cheap Ideas for the 4th of July

Posted on 06/24/2010

Want to mark this 4th of July with a bang, but don’t want to spend many bucks? Being patriotic doesn’t have to be pricey. We’ve got some cheap ideas so that you can be red, white and frugal this 4th of July.

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Summer School: Low Cost Ways to Learn

Posted on 06/23/2010

To some, the idea of summer school may seem torturous. It could conjure up memories of an algebra do-over that forced you to miss out on a legendary session of summer camp. But to others, summer school is a time to focus on the subjects and classes that you really enjoy. Think of this as your season to learn something new, harness a hidden talent or become a better you. Here are low cost ways to learn this summer.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: What Do you Hate Spending Money On?

Posted on 06/22/2010

Spending money can be fun, but our latest Twitter and Facebook poll proves there are just some things you hate using up your hard earned cash to pay for. We heard from lots of you who have a hard time plunking down money for everything from tuxedos to topsoil.

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Ideas for an Affordable 4th of July Road Trip

Posted on 06/21/2010

Feeling the need for some independence this 4th of July? Find it on the open road with a summer car trip. Here are some ideas for great destinations and easy tips that will make it an affordable and fun 4th of July road trip.

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How to Save Money When Attending an Out of Town Wedding

Posted on 06/17/2010

Wedding season has arrived. While celebrating the union of two people is a joyous occasion, sometimes attending the wedding can be a bit of a hassle. Between gifts, meals and outfits, out of town weddings can quickly add up to what you may have spent on week in the Bahamas. Here are some ways to save money when attending an out of town wedding.

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Ten Summer Freebies

Posted on 06/16/2010

School’s out, days are longer and ice cream becomes a regular ritual. What’s not to love about summer? If you need another reason to love this time of year just keep reading. Here are ten fabulous summer freebies.

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Separate or Joint Accounts? The Pros and Cons for Couples

Posted on 06/15/2010

When you get married, there are so many decisions to make. Who will be the one to take out the trash? How will closet space be divvied up? Who gets to hold the remote? And of course, a biggie, will you have separate or joint bank accounts? Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether separate or joint bank accounts are right for you.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: What's Dad's Best Money Advice?

Posted on 06/11/2010

Maybe your dad taught you how to hold a hammer, throw a curve ball or solve algebra equations. It was his sound advice, though, that likely helped you the most in life. Through Twitter and Facebook we asked you to share your dad’s best money advice in honor of Father’s Day. Looks like your pops knows a thing or two about finance.

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How to Make Extra Money on Etsy

Posted on 06/10/2010

Candle makers, necklace designers and hair bow creators all find a home on Etsy. It’s an online marketplace for handmade crafts and vintage finds launched in 2005 by a Brooklyn team. And in just a few short years it’s become an extremely popular way for people to make money. Last year $180.6 million worth of goods were sold on the site. Want a piece of that pie? We talked to successful Etsy sellers to get tips on how to make extra money on Etsy.

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Low Cost Ways to Prepare for Severe Summer Weather

Posted on 06/09/2010

Tornadoes, hurricanes and heat waves can all strike during summer. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for severe weather. Here are some low cost ways to keep you and your family safe from severe weather this summer.

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Free Games for Your Summer Road Trip

Posted on 06/08/2010

Families all across the country will jump in their cars this summer for memory-making trips. If you don’t want to hear “are we there yet?” for eight hours straight, plan ahead by organizing some free games that will make the expedition more enjoyable for both kids and adults-- because sometimes vacations are more about the journey than the destination.

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Live Like You're Rich: Eight Habits of Millionaires

Posted on 06/07/2010

Plenty of people live like they’re rich, when really they’re just in deep debt. Ever wondered how real millionaires live? Turns out living like you’re rich doesn’t mean driving a fancy car and jetting off to Europe. If you really want to live like you’re rich, follow these eight habits of millionaires.

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Affordable Ways to Help Clean up the Oil Spill

Posted on 06/04/2010

An offshore oil rig explosion created the largest oil leak and worst environmental disaster in US history. Dozens of dead dolphins and hundreds of dead sea turtles have already been collected within the area of the BP oil leak. As the Gulf coast’s eco-system is put at risk here are some affordable ways you can help clean up the oil spill.

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The Country's Best Summer Flea Markets

Posted on 06/03/2010

Flea markets can be a bargain hunter’s dream. With a few bucks and some basic haggling skills, you can score treasures and heirlooms you never knew you wanted. Most flea markets run in the spring, summer and fall months, making this prime flea market season. Here are some of the country’s best flea markets.

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Free Summer Learning Activities for Kids

Posted on 06/02/2010

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean learning should stop. Make sure your children put their summer vacation to good use. Take advantage of these free summer learning activities for kids.

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Money

Posted on 06/01/2010

Oprah just sat down with the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, in her first interview since the release of a secretly recorded video. Fergie is accused of taking money in exchange for access to her high-powered ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The Duchess told Oprah massive debt pushed her to take money from an undercover reporter. It’s no secret that finances can lead to frustrations and bad decisions. Here’s some advice from the former princess for avoiding the pitfalls of money.

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How to Get a Great Deal on a Used Car

Posted on 05/28/2010

In the market for a used car? You’re not alone. According to Edmunds, consumers bought 36.5 million used cars in 2008. That’s nearly three times the number of new cars purchased. Maybe you’re interested in finding a bargain or maybe you just want to avoid the huge hit in value that new cars take when you drive them off the lot. Either way, here are some tips for getting a great deal on a used car.

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