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Some of the Most Charitable Companies

Posted on 04/21/2011

Although in many cases cash and product donations have dropped in recent years, American companies are still quite generous. In fact, some of the largest businesses hand out billions to charity each year. Wondering who is the most likely to share their wealth? Here are some of the most charitable companies according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy and

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How to Avoid the High Cost of Replacements and Refills

Posted on 04/20/2011

Companies love to get consumers committed to a particular product by forcing you to buy refills in order to keep using it. They do it with cleaning supplies, razors, water filters and more. The original product may not have even cost you much, but the refills are often overpriced. Here are some tips for avoiding the high cost of replacements and refills.

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Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and Save Money

Posted on 04/19/2011

They say we should celebrate Earth Day every day, but the actual holiday falls on April 22. The neat thing about going green is that often it can also save you green. From free activities to free trees, here are easy ways to celebrate Earth Day.

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How to Cut Costs at the Ballpark

Posted on 04/18/2011

Kids begging you to take them out to the ball game? America’s pastime may be fun, but it also can be expensive. Before you pay an arm and a leg for those peanuts and cracker jacks, check out these tips for cutting costs at the ballpark.

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Low Cost Ways to Commemorate the Royal Wedding

Posted on 04/15/2011

Invitation to the Royal Wedding never arrive? Don’t worry—you can still celebrate the wedding of the century and you won’t even have to spend the queen’s fortune to do it.

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Tax Day Freebies and Sales

Posted on 04/14/2011

Even for those getting a tax refund, the effort of filing your W-2s and 1040s can be stressful. Celebrate the conclusion of another tax season with some deductions and freebies available at various restaurants and businesses around the country. (P.S. We've got even more awesome tax day freebies & coupons listed here... You could, conceivably, go all day 4/18 without buying any food and just nibbling on free samples.)

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: Who is Your Money Mentor and Why?

Posted on 04/13/2011

Most of us have mentors in our lives—people who have shaped and guided us into the human beings we are today. We wanted to know whose financial footsteps you were trying to follow so through Twitter and Facebook we asked you to tell us about your money mentors. (P.S. Don't forget to follow @Bargainist on Twitter and "like" us on Facebook for instant updates on the latest & greatest deals & tips!)

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Good Friday Travel Tips

Posted on 04/12/2011

Lots of people are looking forward to a day off on Good Friday, which falls on April 22 this year. It’s the Friday before Easter Sunday—financial markets are typically shut down and that means the weekend starts early for many people. If you plan to hit the road on Good Friday for some Easter weekend travel plans, here are some tips for getting there under budget and on time.

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Go Green: Free Earth Day Resources

Posted on 04/11/2011

The first Earth Day, held in 1970, was marked by 20 million Americans hitting the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy planet. This grassroots fight against deterioration of the environment has sprouted into a worldwide movement. This year’s theme, A Billion Acts of Green, highlights the organization’s efforts to mobilize one billion acts of environmental service around the world. Need help making your green mark? Here are some free Earth Day resources to help you get involved.

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Affordable Accessories for Your Easter Party

Posted on 04/07/2011

Easter is hopping right up. This year it’s on the calendar for April 24. If you’re planning a pastel-infused, egg-filled bash you’ll definitely need some help with décor. Here are some great and affordable accessories for your Easter Party.

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Why Spring Cleaning Can Lead to Savings

Posted on 04/06/2011

Obviously spring cleaning gives your space a flash of freshness, but did you know it can give you a financial boost too? Clearing the clutter will not only clean out your closets, but it will lead to some savings.

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How to Celebrate Money Smart Week

Posted on 04/05/2011

Money Smart Week started with a meeting in Chicago a decade ago. It’s expanded to many other states as a way to provide resources that will help consumers better manage their personal finances. Take this time to get more educated about money by celebrating Money Smart Week.

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Free Resources at Your Local Library

Posted on 04/04/2011

This year National Library Week runs from April 10-16. National Library Week began in 1958 as a way to celebrate our country’s libraries and librarians and to promote their use. The theme for 2011 is “Create your own story @ your library.” If it’s been a while since you’ve explored your local library, here are some free resources you can find there—besides books, of course.

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The Age to Save: Awesome Discounts for Seniors

Posted on 03/30/2011

Want to save some green in your golden years? When it comes to discounts for senior citizens, most experts agree—you don’t know until you ask. Retail shops, movie theaters and grocery stores are all known to give discounts to those with a few more years under their belt. But often the key to scoring that savings is to ask. Here are some examples of the awesome discounts available for seniors.

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Easter Candy Deals

Posted on 03/29/2011

Indulging this Easter is going to be a whole lot more expensive. According to the Daily Mail, Easter chocolate will cost as much as 140% more than last year. It’s all because cocoa prices have hopped by as much as $800 a ton in the past few months. That means chocolatiers are forced to pay higher prices for ingredients and that will be passed on to the consumer. Avoid turning your Easter basket into a pot of gold by filling it with some of these Easter candy deals.

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Free Gardening Resources to Help You Grow Food

Posted on 03/28/2011

You won’t need the supermarket this summer if you get started with your backyard vegetable garden. Once the threat of frost is over, it’s time to get planting! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can grow food with the help of these free gardening resources.

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Starting a Blog: Promoting and Monetizing Your Site

Posted on 03/28/2011

Blogs. Vlogs. Hyperlinking. SEO content. If you're not blog-savvy, those terms might just make your head spin, but you can't deny the social, career, and monetary rewards that a blog can bring. Where to start? Our tips guru, Alison Storm, is here to help with a three part series on starting your own blog. Take it away, Alison!

Investing the effort into creating a blog and filling it with great content isn’t truly satisfying unless people are reading it. And if people are reading it then you may be able to turn it in to a money-making endeavor. This is the third installment of a three-part series helping you to set up your blog, generate quality content, and finally, promote and monetize it.

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Free Pranks to Pull Off for April Fool’s Day

Posted on 03/25/2011

Pull out your Whoopee cushions and disappearing ink, April Fool’s Day is on the way. April 1 is your ticket to play childish pranks, to tap into your silly side and become the jokester you long to be. Just in case you weren’t named class clown, here are some fun and free ideas for pranks you can pull off this April Fool’s Day.

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Facebook and Twitter Poll: What’s Worth the Splurge

Posted on 03/24/2011

We’re always telling you how to save money, get the best deals and score freebies. But the truth is some things are worth spending a little extra on. We asked you on Twitter and Facebook what’s worth the splurge. Although we got a wide variety of answers, it looks like you’re willing to fork over more cash when it’s something you really love.

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Cute Kids' Easter Clothes for Less

Posted on 03/23/2011

Easter Sunday falls on April 24 this year. If ever there was a day to dress the kids up in something cute this would be the day—and not just because you’ve got Easter candy to bribe them with. There’s no need to spend a fortune on these spring frocks because we found cute kids’ Easter clothes for less.

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Free Ways to Learn the Art of Couponing

Posted on 03/21/2011

Not sure what a catalina is or how to stack an IP with an MIR to reduce your OOP? Couponing has definitely gone extreme, but learning the lingo can line your pockets with extra cash. No need to spend money hiring a coupon coach—instead use free lessons and materials like these to master the art of couponing.

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Starting a Blog: Creating Great Content

Posted on 03/21/2011

Blogs. Vlogs. Hyperlinking. SEO content. If you're not blog-savvy, those terms might just make your head spin, but you can't deny the social, career, and monetary rewards that a blog can bring. Where to start? Our tips guru, Alison Storm, is here to help with a three part series on starting your own blog. Take it away, Alison!

A blog can be a great way to express yourself, promote yourself and share yourself. It can also be a nice source of income. But getting to that point requires lots of traffic and nothing will drive people to your blog quite like having great content. This is the second part of a three-part series on starting a blog. I’m going to help you understand why quality content is important as well as how to stay inspired to create and share it.

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Affordable Ways to Make Your Easter Basket More Green

Posted on 03/18/2011

According to the National Confectioners Associations Easter comes on the tail of Halloween as far as the amount of money we spend on candy. It’s a multi-billion dollar holiday for retailers, but if you’re looking to eliminate some of the plastic from your Easter basket and make it more earth-friendly while still keeping costs low, here are some ideas.

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Low Cost Tools for Spring Cleaning

Posted on 03/17/2011

We can all take a cue from Mother Nature this time of year and freshen up our surroundings. Thankfully spring cleaning doesn’t have to require stocking up on pricey products. Instead use these low cost tools for getting rid of grit and grime.

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Simple and Affordable Spring Wardrobe Updates

Posted on 03/16/2011

Just as Charlie Sheen’s number of Twitter followers is on the rise, so are the temperatures. Spring is in the air which is a great time to freshen up your wardrobe. Here are five simple and affordable spring wardrobe updates.

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Commonly Questioned Tax Deductions

Posted on 03/15/2011

Tax day is quickly approaching. And you probably deserve a break—lots of them, in fact. Tax breaks, or write-offs, are a way to reduce your tax obligation and possibly boost your refund. But plenty of people are confused about them. Here are some commonly questioned tax deductions.

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Affordable Ways to Have a Fun Spring Break at Home

Posted on 03/14/2011

If the closest you plan to get to a spring break getaway is watching it on MTV, you’re not alone. Gas prices have surged to an average of $3.55 a gallon, turning the idea of spring break into spring broke for many Americans. Oil has been trading above $100 a barrel for the last two weeks pushing airfares up as well. Jet fuel costs jumped by nearly 20 percent in January and according to a report by NPR, ticket prices have increased as much as 30 percent in recent weeks. If resting on the couch is more likely than resting on the beach this spring break, here are some affordable ways to have fun at home.

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Starting a Blog: Nailing Down the Basics

Posted on 03/14/2011

Blogs. Vlogs. Hyperlinking. SEO content. If you're not blog-savvy, those terms might just make your head spin, but you can't deny the social, career, and monetary rewards that a blog can bring. Where to start? Our tips guru, Alison Storm, is here to help with a three part series on starting your own blog. Take it away, Alison!

According to, there are more than 157 million blogs with nearly 80,000 popping up in the last 24 hours. Wow. That’s practically one new blog for every resident of my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa! But if you’re thinking about starting a new blog don’t let those numbers intimidate you. In this three-part series I’ll help you nail down the basics of starting a blog, figure out how to create great content, and explain how to promote and monetize your new site.

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Carpooling Programs to Help Cut Gasoline Costs

Posted on 03/11/2011

With eye-popping prices at the pump more commuters are looking for ways to save money. With recent gains in gas prices popularity in carpooling programs is also revving up. Consider using one of these tools to share a ride and to help share the cost of fuel.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Do You Stay Motivated to Stick to Your Budget?

Posted on 03/10/2011

We all need extra motivation at times… especially when it comes to sticking to the budget. And who can blame us? Temptation is constantly pulling at our pocketbooks. So we decided to find out how you stay motivated to stick to your budget by and here are the answers you gave us on Twitter and Facebook.

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