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How to Find the Best Deals on Diapers

Posted on 07/23/2011

According to, during baby’s first year new parents bring home an average of 2,788 diapers for a cost of $557.60. That’s based on the idea that each disposable diaper costs about 20 cents. Want to shave off some of that expense? Then consider these ways to lighten the load diapers place on your household budget.

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Are Prepaid Cards Right for You?

Posted on 07/22/2011

The prepaid debit card industry is booming. Americans spent $140 billion with prepaid cards back in 2009, which is the most recent data available from the Federal Reserve. According to research firm Mercator Advisory Group, the amount of money loaded on to prepaid debit cards is expected to reach $552 billion in 2012, which is a huge jump from the $330 million on these cards just three years ago. But is this type of plastic right for you? It depends on your needs and financial situation.

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Saving Money at a NASCAR Race

Posted on 07/21/2011

NASCAR races are like no other sporting event… hearts pound, seats shake, and vision blurs as cars speed around the track. The season is speeding along and many races are still on the calendar for NASCAR 2011. If you want to attend, but don’t want your budget to crash and burn, review these ideas for saving money at NASCAR races.

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How to Make Money Buying Abandoned Storage Units

Posted on 07/20/2011

If you’ve ever caught Storage Wars or Auction Hunters, then you know a lot of money can be made buying abandoned storage units. The stars of those reality shows on A & E and Spike don’t know much about what they’re buying, but often they end up with valuable treasures that they can resell. If you like the idea of taking a risk that may pay off big time then check out these tips on how to make money buying abandoned storage units.

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Magazines With the Most Coupons

Posted on 07/19/2011

Magazines offer tips, recipes and information. But many of them also offer valuable coupons. You may think of the Sunday newspaper as the primary source for money-saving coupons, but your magazine subscriptions can also offer hidden discounts. Here’s a list of the magazines with the most coupons.

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Backyard Entertainment: Free Summer Fun At Home

Posted on 07/18/2011

Whether you’re taking a summer vacation or not you can still make unforgettable memories. From a movie theater experience to a backyard water park—you can do it all without leaving home or spending a dime. Before summer sneaks away make sure to plan some free backyard entertainment.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: Should Fast Food Joints Be Allowed To Accept Food Stamps?

Posted on 07/15/2011

Right now just three states, Michigan, Arizona and California, allow for the use of food stamps in fast food restaurants and according to reports lobbyists are working to add Kentucky to the list. Supporters say it gives homeless people who may not be located near a grocery store access to food. But those against the move say it will just prevent people from choosing healthier options, leading to more obesity and health problems. Talk about a hot button issue—when we asked whether or not fast food joints should be allowed to accept food stamps you passionately told us your thoughts through Facebook and Twitter.

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Time is Money: How to Reduce Wasted Time

Posted on 07/14/2011

Writer and educator Peter F. Drucker once said, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it’s managed nothing else can be managed.” While it can feel like we never have enough of it, we all waste time. So here are some tips and resources for protecting one of your most valuable assets.

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The Best Websites Offering International Shipping

Posted on 07/13/2011

Since my husband is from Northern Ireland I’m regularly mailing gifts to family members overseas. Sometimes I shop at websites that don’t offer international shipping so I have to get the gifts sent to me before I can mail them across the pond. Thankfully there are some great online retailers offering international shipping at affordable rates so I can save myself a step and make sure my gifts arrive to their destination on time.

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Hotels Giving Free Perks for Kids

Posted on 07/12/2011

Parents may feel like they don’t have the money to take the entire family on a summer trip. But if you shop smart, children may not cost you much at all. There are lots of hotels and resorts offering free perks for families with kids. Some family-friendly places offer free accommodations or free food for your little ones.

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Summer Reading: Free eBooks for Your Digital Reader

Posted on 07/07/2011

Few summertime activities are more relaxing than curling up with a good book. Whether you’re in a hammock, at the beach or spread out on the sofa, it’s a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Before you head to the bookstore or pay for eBooks, check out these free summer page-turners for your digital reader.

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Free Advertising for Your Summer Yard Sale

Posted on 07/06/2011

Yard sales can be a fun summer activity for the whole family. It’s a great way to turn junk into cash. The more you are able to advertise your sale the more money you’ll earn. But don’t waste resources on a pricey ad—instead use these free resources for advertising your summer yard sale.

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Tour de France Style on a Budget

Posted on 07/05/2011

The 98th run of the Tour de France began July 2nd and races on until July 24. It’s made up of 21 stages, covering a total distance of more than 2,131 miles. Feeling inspired by Andy Schleck or Alberto Contador? They may be outfitted with thousands of dollars worth of gear, but here are sources offering Tour de France Style on a Budget.

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Free Songs for Your Summer Soundtrack

Posted on 07/01/2011

Every summer needs a soundtrack. That way no matter when you hear those songs you’ll always be transported back to the summer of 2011. And what better way to build up the perfect playlist on your MP3 player than by scoring some free downloads for your summer soundtrack?

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The Five Best Group Buying Sites

Posted on 06/28/2011

There are dozens of group buying sites that offer shoppers different daily deals featuring deep discounts on everything from kids’ clothes to hotel stays. We researched available group buying sites to find the best ones depending on the type of deals you’re hungry for.

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Free Fourth of July Activities

Posted on 06/27/2011

Few holidays offer more free, fun activities than the Fourth of July. Just about every community schedules some sort of free entertainment. Not sure where to start? Check out this snapshot of free Independence Day activities around the country. These events will definitely put some sparkle in your summer celebration.

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Use This, Not That: Simple Money-Saving Switches

Posted on 06/24/2011

If someone asked you to give up your car, cable TV or coffee completely just to save money you may not be willing to do it. But simpler switches can have a major economic impact on households.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: Is a College Degree Worth the Cost?

Posted on 06/23/2011

According to the College Board’s annual Trends in College Pricing report the average degree from a four-year public college for in-state students costs $20,339. For out-of-state students that price jumps to $32,329 and for four-year private colleges the cost of an education is $40,476. That begs the question—is a college degree worth the cost? Here’s what you told us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Steals and Deals on Sandals for the Whole Family

Posted on 06/22/2011

Strappy, simple, tall, short—sandals of all sizes and styles are the shoe of choice for summer. Get your family outfitted in fresh footwear for the season without overspending. These steals and deals on sandals for the whole family will leave you with plenty of money for other important clothing and accessories.

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Fourth of July: Throwing a Festive and Frugal Party

Posted on 06/21/2011

According to, 76 million Americans took part in a barbecue last year, and many of them probably happened on the same day: July 4th. It would be silly to celebrate Independence Day by getting more shackled in debt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mark the Fourth of July with a festive and frugal party.

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Money-Making Hobbies

Posted on 06/20/2011

There are some extremely expensive hobbies, but what if rather than costing you money your hobby actually made you some money? You could do something in your free time that you genuinely enjoy while earning extra cash.

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Frugal Updates to Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted on 06/17/2011

Lots of us love to live outside during the summer months. Expand your home’s square footage with the addition of an outdoor living space. If you’re wondering how to transform a pathetic patio or dingy deck into a place you actually enjoy spending time, check out these ideas for making frugal updates to outdoor living spaces.

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How to Feed Your Kids for Free at Restaurants

Posted on 06/16/2011

Dining out can be a budget-buster—especially if you’ve got kids. But there are ways to enjoy a meal out on the town without having to pay top dollar just for your little ones to eat.

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Easy Ways to Keep Food From Going to Waste

Posted on 06/15/2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that Americans waste nearly one-third of all edible food. And according to an article from, researchers from the National Institute of Health estimate Americans waste 1,400 calories of food every day. That’s the equivalent of about two full meals! Food waste is a big problem, but it’s one we can tackle with these easy steps.

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Cheap Summer Side Dishes to Take to the BBQ

Posted on 06/14/2011

Don’t go to your next BBQ empty handed. Instead bring along food that’s both big on taste and short on cost with these cheap summer side dishes. (And no, a can of baked beans is not on the list!)

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Save Money at Theme Parks and Water Parks

Posted on 06/13/2011

A heat wave is rolling through much of the country’s mid-section. In Chicago last week, weather experts say temperatures reached a 34-year high with the mercury hitting 95 degrees. When temperatures soar there are few things that bring relief better than getting wet. Find respite from the heat and from the expense of a summer trip to the theme park or water park with these tips.

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DIY Pedicure: Save Money and Look Good in Sandals

Posted on 06/10/2011

Throw in a tip and the average pedicure can cost more than $30 depending on whether you’re going to a strip mall nail salon or a high end spa. Save yourself some cash and still get those little piggies polished up for sandal season with these guidelines for creating the perfect DIY pedicure experience.

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Twitter and Facebook Poll: What's the Best Free Advice Your Dad Gave You?

Posted on 06/09/2011

In honor of Father’s Day we decided to put a fatherly spin on our latest Twitter and Facebook poll. We wanted to know about the best advice your dad gave you. Turns out some of you have some pretty wise papas.

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How to Buy Dad Something He Really Wants this Father's Day

Posted on 06/08/2011

If money was no object, the majority of dads would probably want a fancy car, front row tickets to a sports game or a designer watch for Father’s day. But most of us struggle to find dad something that he’ll definitely love that also fits the family budget. Consider these tips when trying to find dear old dad something he really wants this Father’s Day.

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Gas Perks for Summer Travel

Posted on 06/07/2011

The travel industry knows high gas prices may be putting the brakes on your summer vacation. But before you decide to stay home and sulk, check out the creative fuel incentives many hotels, resorts and vacation destinations are offering. They’ll help you fill your tank so you can focus on fun.

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