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How to Advance Your Career at the Office Holiday Party

Posted on 11/29/2012

Holiday office parties may have been shelved for a couple of years due to the economy, but they're making a comeback. Don't get too excited-- it's not an excuse to relive your college days. Instead use the office holiday party to advance your career with these rock star moves.

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How to Get People Off Your Holiday Gift List Without Hurting Feelings

Posted on 11/28/2012

Even with Black Friday bargains and Cyber Monday specials, gift giving is expensive! According to the National Foundation of Credit Counseling, millions of Americans avoid shopping because they're afraid they'll go into debt. One way to cut costs is by trimming down your holiday gift list. Here are some tips for taking people off your list without coming across like a Grinch.

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How to Use Twitter to Score Special Holiday Deals

Posted on 11/27/2012

Hoping to click your way through your holiday shopping list this Cyber Monday? With so many deals on virtually every retailer's website, it can be hard to keep up with the best bargains and sales. Enter Twitter-- a great tool for scoring special Cyber Christmastime deals.

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The Best Cyber Monday Shopping Stops

Posted on 11/21/2012

Online retail shopping is expected to jump by 15 percent compared to last year, according to Forester Research Inc. Shoppers will spend more than 68 billion, making a large portion of purchases on Cyber Monday. Wondering where you can go to spend as little of your hard earned money as possible? Check out these Cyber Monday shopping stops.

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Transforming Thanksgiving Leftovers for Less Food Waste

Posted on 11/20/2012

Each year a whopping 40 percent of all the food in the US is wasted, according to a recent article in the Washington Post. That's an estimated waste of $165 billion worth of food annually. Farms, grocery stores and especially households are responsible for a huge portion of the waste. American families toss out between 14 and 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. Make a commitment to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers for less food waste this year.

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Black Friday Leaks: An Early Look at the Best Deals

Posted on 11/19/2012

Gone are the days when finding out about Black Friday sales meant waiting for a newspaper stuffed with ads. Now stores leak their specials days, or even weeks, before the big day. And lucky for us that means we can identify the best deals well in advance of Black Friday.

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Bargainist Gift Guide: Thanksgiving Foodies

Posted on 11/16/2012

Thanksgiving is mostly known for two things: eating and being thankful. According to a new survey, 55 percent of guests bring the Thanksgiving host a gift, with nearly eight in ten choosing to bring food. Show your appreciation for the Thanksgiving foodies in your life with one of these culinary-inspired presents.

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How to Safeguard Yourself on Cyber Monday

Posted on 11/16/2012

Cyber Monday may be a great day to score deals, but it's also a popular time for scammers to steal identities. Plenty of shoppers already feel leery about their online security. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, within the past year one in four Americans has received notification that a portion of their personal information was compromised by a data breach. So if you plan on deal hunting this Cyber Monday consider these tips for warding off online predators.

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How to Promote Your Business on Small Business Saturday

Posted on 11/16/2012

While big box retailers have Black Friday, Saturday is all about small business. According to American Express, last year more than 100 million people supported small businesses in their communities on Small Business Saturday. Get in on the action with these tips for promoting your business on Small Business Saturday.

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Affordable Make-Ahead Dishes for Thanksgiving

Posted on 11/14/2012

With guests to entertain and a turkey to baby-sit, pulling together an entire Thanksgiving feast in one morning may seem impossible. Thankfully there are lots of dishes you can prep ahead of time. With these affordable make-ahead recipes for Thanksgiving you may actually get to watch a little of that parade everyone always talks about.

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Helpful Apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Posted on 11/13/2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most beloved shopping days for scoring deals. A new survey found that 71 percent of shoppers believe they'll find the best holiday bargains during Thanksgiving weekend. Newspaper ads are no longer the only tool available to help you uncover the best deals. Check out these helpful apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

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Five Free Workouts to Incorporate into a Busy Holiday Schedule

Posted on 11/12/2012

Holiday weight gain may seem like an annual tradition, right up there with eggnog and Christmas lights. One of the first things many of us eliminate to make room in the schedule for wrapping presents and attending parties is our workout regime. Here's some great news-- you don't have to go to the gym. Check out these five free workouts you can easily incorporate into a busy holiday schedule without leaving home.

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Thanksgiving Budget: What You Can Expect to Pay for Holiday Staples

Posted on 11/09/2012

Not only is preparing a Thanksgiving meal a whole lot of work, but it can be expensive dinner. In fact, a new survey found that one in ten have said no to hosting the annual turkey dinner because of the cost, which for half of Americans tallies to somewhere between $101-$300. There's no doubt, food costs have increased this year. But according to the experts, it can still be an economical feast.

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Living Social and Groupon Gifts: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Posted on 11/08/2012

Budget-friendly massages, half-price meals and discounted salon services are all popular daily deal offerings. Scoring these bargains for yourself is easy, but what if you want to give a Living Social or Groupon as a gift this holiday season? Here's what you need to know before you buy.

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Black Friday Price Matching: A Money-Saving Secret Revealed

Posted on 11/07/2012

Coupons, door busters and free gifts with purchase are all great ways to save money on Black Friday. But there's another money-saving tool you may not have used before-- price matching. It can be a tricky tactic, especially when crazed cashiers are dealing with impatient shoppers, but if you know how to work it, price matching can save you even more cash on Black Friday.

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Christmas Cash: Avoiding Scams and Crime Using Craigslist

Posted on 11/06/2012

Selling stuff on Craigslist is a great way to generate some Christmas cash. But there are plenty of grinches prepared to scam you or steal from you. Avoid scams and crime while using Craigslist by being aware of what crooks are doing.

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Joy to the Mall: How to Keep the Fun in Black Friday

Posted on 11/05/2012

Forty-six percent of consumers will hit brick and mortar stores this holiday season with millions of bargain hunters heading out for some Black Friday shopping. While Black Friday is mostly known for its incredible deals, it's also known for creating quite the frenzy. If you plan to venture out for some post-Thanksgiving gift buying, here are a few tips for keeping the fun in Black Friday.

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Ways to Help Victims of Superstorm Sandy

Posted on 11/02/2012

Millions of people are victims of Hurricane Sandy. Some lost their homes, others lost their lives. In the wake of this unprecedented weather event, do your part to help those caught in Sandy's path.

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Homeowners Insurance: How to Prepare for a Future Storm Like Sandy

Posted on 11/01/2012

Initial damage estimates from Superstorm Sandy add up to $60 billion, according to TIME. Roughly a third of the tally is in property damage. For those spared by Sandy, now is a great time to revisit your homeowners insurance and prepare for a future storm that may strike.

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How to Make Sure the Hottest Holiday Toys are Under Your Tree

Posted on 10/19/2012

Do you dread the idea of joining the herd of parents hunting down this holiday season’s hottest toys? Do you fear being forced to visit store after store only to find empty shelves instead of what’s on your child’s wish list? Here’s a new way to make sure the hottest holiday toys are under your Christmas tree.

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Holiday Layaway Programs You Can Use Now

Posted on 10/18/2012

Worried about how you’re going to pay for all of those Christmas gifts? More than half of consumers plan to spend $500 or more on gifts this holiday season, according to PriceGrabber’s first winter holiday shopping survey. One way to keep yourself from piling up debt is to try out layaway. Shop now for your holiday gifts and pay for them over the next couple of months. Then when Christmas comes along you’ll have all of the gifts and none of the debt. Check out these popular holiday layaway programs that you can use now.

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Five Tips for Making Your Pumpkin Last Longer

Posted on 10/17/2012

Pumpkins are a hot commodity this time of year. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center the value of the pumpkins harvested from the top six pumpkin producing states was $113 million. You may only pay $5-$10 for yours, but after you invest all of that time carving it into a masterpiece you want it to last as long as possible. Here are five tips for making your pumpkin last longer.

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Free Tools to Stop Bullying

Posted on 10/16/2012

Stomp Out Bullying reports that one in four teens are bullied and as many as 160,000 students stay home on any given day because they’re afraid of being bullied. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and a great time to do your part to stand up against bullies. Use these free tools to put a stop to bullying.

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Low Cost Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted on 10/15/2012

Just because babies may not be ready to ingest all of the sugar-filled loot they collect on October 31 doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to participate in Halloween festivities. If spending a small fortune on a pint-sized costume seems silly to you consider these ideas for low cost baby Halloween costumes.

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How to Save with Facebook Deals and Offers

Posted on 10/11/2012

Facebook may cause you to waste a bunch of time, but it can also save you some cash. Wondering how to turn this social networking site into a money saving portal? Check out these frugal Facebook tips.

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Pink Deals: Products Supporting Breast Cancer Research

Posted on 10/09/2012

There’s no shortage of pink on any store shelves this month. But buyers need to watch out for products that may look like they’re supporting the cause when in reality they’re only faking it. We found great products that actually do support breast cancer research and awareness.

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Cheap Halloween Costumes for Couples

Posted on 10/08/2012

Seven in ten Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, a record number according to the National Retail Federation. On average folks will spend about $80 on decorations, costumes and candy with 45-percent saying they plan to wear a costume for the occasion. Double your fun by dressing up in a coordinating costume with your significant other. Check out these cheap Halloween costumes for couples.

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Free Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted on 10/05/2012

Seeing pink? That’s because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the US. In 2008, the most recent year numbers that are available, more than 40,000 women died from breast cancer. While donating to the cause is important, there are also free ways to support breast cancer awareness.

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iPhone 5: Buy Now or Wait?

Posted on 10/04/2012

In just two days Apple managed to unload five million units of the iPhone 5, beating the opening weekend of the iPhone 4s by a million phones. Wait times for this sought after gadget are currently about a month. With a base price of $199 with a new phone contract, the iPhone 5 may seem like a good deal, but should you buy now or wait?

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Fall Foliage Travel Deals

Posted on 10/03/2012

Moisture, temperature and sunlight exposure all impact the brilliance of fall foliage. And According to CBS News, the drought that gripped much of the country could be to blame for less brilliant colors. But none of these things change the fact that you can find great travel deals across the country during this colorful time of year.

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