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Minimum Wage Hike: States with the Best Pay

Posted on 01/23/2013

So far in 2013, ten states increased their minimum wage requirements. Around a million people working minimum wage jobs in these states saw increases that ranged from ten cents to 35 cents an hour. In May, Congress enacted a minimum wage increase that pushed the figure up to $7.25 an hour over two years. But 17 states are going above and beyond the federal requirements.

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Restaurants with the Best Rewards Programs

Posted on 01/22/2013

Free dessert on your birthday is nice, but getting rewarded every time you dine out sounds much better. And that's exactly what lots of restaurants are doing in order to win your allegiance. According to Loyalogy, a loyalty program consulting service, loyalty programs increase visit rates by 35%. In other words, if the loyalty program is good, diners will return. Try visiting these restaurants with the best rewards programs.

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How to Use Up Expiring Airline Miles

Posted on 01/22/2013

An estimated 9.7 trillion rewards miles are sitting unused, according to InsideFlyer Magazine. Through flying and using a special rewards credit card, consumers know how to rack up those miles, but only a small percentage ever cash them in. The magazine reports that in 2011 only eight percent of plane tickets were bought with rewards. The worst thing you can do is let those miles expire. Here are six ways to use them up.

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Healthy Weight Week: Expensive Fad Diets to Avoid

Posted on 01/21/2013

The 20th annual Healthy Weight Week runs from January 20-26. An easy way to find your ideal weight is by calculating your Body Mass Index, which can be done for free through the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Whether you need to lose a few pounds or not, Healthy Weight Week is a time to celebrate healthy living, which means avoiding expensive fad diets like these.

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Free Ways to Track Spending with Your Smartphone

Posted on 01/21/2013

Get in tip top financial shape in 2013 with the help of your Smartphone. Using free apps with amazing capabilities, you'll never feel out of touch with your financial side again. Track your spending and do much more with these helpful tools.

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Streaming TV: Options for Ditching Cable

Posted on 01/16/2013

Are you ready to cut the cord? Plenty of people are ditching their cable service and switching to streaming TV. Cable operators lost an estimated 400,000 subscribers during the second quarter of 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal. If you're ready to save money check out these options for streaming TV.

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Scoring the Best Flea Market Finds

Posted on 01/15/2013

We've all heard about someone's brother's co-worker who bought a dusty lamp at a flea market that turned out to be worth thousands. Flea markets are full of hidden treasures and great value. But you've got to know what to look for and how to negotiate in order to score the best flea market finds.

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Free Ways to Help Kids Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted on 01/14/2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day falls on the third Monday of January each year, which is near Dr. King's January 15th birthday. This year Americans celebrate the holiday on January 21. Pay tribute to this spokesman for civil rights with free ways to help kids discover and honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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After School Specials: Cheap Cold Weather Entertainment for Kids

Posted on 01/10/2013

The holidays are over and your family is back to the daily grind. Now you need to find out how to keep the kids entertained after school, but with chilly winter weather they probably need to stay inside. That's when these ideas for cheap entertainment for kids during the cold weather season will come in handy.

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Weight Loss Resolution: The Cheapest Healthy Foods

Posted on 01/09/2013

Most people think that healthy foods cost more than junk food. But a study from the Agricultural Department says that's not true when you compare food costs based on weight or portion size. If you're trying to make healthier choices in 2013, but you don't want to spend more on food, check out these cheap healthy options.

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Free Resources for Organizing Your Life

Posted on 01/08/2013

Sick of how often you waste precious time hunting for lost car keys or TV remotes? Annoyed with the amount of money you spend in late fees and fines because that Redbox DVD or library book was covered up by clutter? Get your life organized in 2013 by using these free resources.

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Financial Peace: How to Get it in 2013

Posted on 01/08/2013

Tired of being stressed out by money? It seems a lot of people are starting off the year with hopes of finding financial peace. According to a Harris Interactive poll 14 percent of those who make resolutions are hoping to improve their finances in 2013. If that's your goal for the new year, consider these steps for finding financial peace.

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Affordable Winter Gear for Kids Heading Back to School

Posted on 01/03/2013

Winter break is over and it's time to send the kids back for another semester of school. Just make sure they're prepared for the possibility of snow and cooler temperatures with affordable winter gear.

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Seven Creative Ways to Give Cash

Posted on 12/28/2012

When you're running out of time before a birthday, anniversary or wedding and a trip to the mall sounds about as appetizing as Oreos and orange juice, you may decide to do your shopping at the ATM. But just because cash isn't the most creative gift doesn't mean you can't give it in a unique way. Here are eight creative ideas to give cash to your loved ones.

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Cheap eBooks for Your New eReader

Posted on 12/28/2012

There's a common thread underneath millions of Christmas trees this year. Wrapped up in small, rectangle packages are eReaders. And now that millions of people have a way to consume digital reading material, check out these sources for cheap eBooks.

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Fun Affordable Themes for Your New Year's Eve Party

Posted on 12/27/2012

If you used up your party budget on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas don't worry. You can still usher in the New Year with style. These affordable themes for your New Year's Eve party will help.

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DIY Kwanzaa Celebration Ideas

Posted on 12/26/2012

Celebrate Kwanzaa this year by adding your personal touch to a gathering with friends and family. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make it special. These DIY Kwanzaa ideas will make your party meaningful and memorable.

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Season of Giving: The Stuff Charities Need Most Now

Posted on 12/19/2012

Now is a great time to make a charitable donation. Give before the end of the year and you'll take advantage of the tax write-off, plus you'll feel good knowing you helped others during this season of giving. Wondering what to donate? These are the four things charities need most right now.

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Give Wisely: How to Check Out a Charity

Posted on 12/18/2012

Charities are working overtime during the holiday season, taking advantage of this critical fundraising month. Not only are people feeling generous this time of year, but it's also a good time to give for tax purposes. It's important to make sure you're giving to worthy causes that will put your donation to good use.

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Holiday Shopping Scams to Avoid

Posted on 12/18/2012

While many people are at their most generous this time of year, there are plenty of holiday season scams, too. If you know what to look for you can avoid encountering one of these Christmas grinches.

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Is Free Shipping Day Really a Good Deal?

Posted on 12/14/2012

Online shopping is pretty awesome - you can do it in your PJs, you don't have to wait in line and there are no perky sales clerks trying to get you to sign up for a store credit card. Many shoppers agree the biggest downside is paying for shipping. But on December 17, more than 1,000 online retailers will offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. It's called Free Shipping Day. But is it really a good deal?

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2012 Shipping Tips and Deadlines

Posted on 12/13/2012

UPS expects to deliver more than 500 million packages worldwide this holiday season. On December 20, their busiest day, UPS will deliver more than 28 million packages which means drivers will drop off more than 300 packages per second. Planning to mail some of your Christmas gifts? These tips will save you time, money and hopefully get your gifts to their destination before December 25.

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Fun Free Holiday Apps

Posted on 12/13/2012

You've hung the stockings, decorated the tree and baked some cookies, but is your mobile phone ready for Christmas? Bring some holiday cheer to your Smartphone with these fun, free holiday apps.

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The Friendliest Retailers for Returns

Posted on 12/11/2012

As much as we all want to be the best gift givers, sometimes we fall short. We buy the wrong size, choose the wrong color or just flat out fail to find something good. But if you shop from a retailer with a friendly return policy, even if your loved ones don't love their gift, they'll receive less of a hassle this holiday season when they go to return it.

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Oh Christmas Tree: Six Affordable Handmade Ornaments

Posted on 12/07/2012

Not in the mood to thread popcorn for your Christmas tree garland? Don't worry, there are lots of options for decorating your living room spruce this year. Jazz up the old Christmas tree with some handmade ornaments.

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The Cost of Tradition: How to Budget for Holiday Activities

Posted on 12/06/2012

A real Christmas tree: $46. Christmas dinner: $49.48. The cost of tradition: priceless. But while you may not be able to put a price tag on celebrating the holidays with loved ones, budgeting for those traditions makes sense. Here's a rundown of what you can expect to pay for the most popular Christmas traditions this year.

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Handmade Hanukkah: Decor and Food Ideas

Posted on 12/06/2012

Feel like getting your hands dirty this Hanukkah? Here are some simple yet fun food and decor ideas to make your Hanukkah more handmade this year.

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The Hottest Photo Christmas Card Deals

Posted on 12/04/2012

Put some cheer in your loved ones' mailboxes this holiday season with a beautiful photo Christmas or Hanukkah card. The price of stamps may be going up, but the cost of cards is dropping with these hot Christmas card deals.

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Easy Holiday Crafts to Keep Kids Entertained

Posted on 12/03/2012

Need to keep your kids entertained? Whether it's a snow day or simply a December Saturday, keep little hands busy with these easy holiday craft projects. Most require items you probably already have around your home and we promise they're cute enough to display without creating clutter.

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Five Homemade Gifts You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Posted on 11/30/2012

Homemade gifts are a great option for several reasons. First, they're unique and that makes them more special than something you can find at 15,000 shopping malls across the country. Secondly, handmade gifts can be more inexpensive than store bought versions. And finally, when you choose one of these homemade gifts you'll have them done and wrapped long before you could make it through the checkout line at Walmart.

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