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Spring Break Swimwear: Swimsuits for Under $50

Posted on 03/21/2013

Finding the perfect swimsuit for spring break ranks up there with choosing what to wear on a first date or to a job interview. But the last thing you want to do is spend big bucks, depleting your spring break spending money. These trendy swimsuits are all under $50 and perfect for spring break.

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The Best Jobs if You Want to Work at Home

Posted on 03/20/2013

In the past many of Yahoo's 14,500 employees enjoyed working from home-- no commuting, no cubicles, and no packed lunches. But starting in June, all employees on Yahoo's payroll will have to come to the office every day, or face being fired. While Yahoo is axing telecommuting, it's still a very desirable way of life for many people. If your dream is to commute to another room rather than another zip code, here are the best work-at-home jobs.

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New Ways Facebook is Trying to Profit Off of You

Posted on 03/19/2013

Take the entire population of America and multiply it times three-- that will get you close to the number of monthly active Facebook users: 1.06 billion. But despite the social media giant's popularity, they're still looking for ways to turn all those users into cash. Here are some new ways Facebook is trying to profit off of you.

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Decorating for Easter Using What You Already Have

Posted on 03/18/2013

The arrival of spring means many of us will be swapping out our sweaters and snow boots for sundresses and sandals. In addition to rejuvenating your closet, give your home a springtime makeover in time for Easter. Instead of hopping to the store, try decorating for the holiday using what you already have with these creative ideas.

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Enjoying Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

Posted on 03/18/2013

Does summer fun still seem too far away? Don't worry-- spring break is around the corner. Even if you don't have any money saved up for a big trip you can still enjoy spring break without breaking the bank.

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Budget-Friendly DIY Easter Baskets

Posted on 03/11/2013

Retailers are hoping for a bounce in Easter spending this year. Last year shoppers spent about 11 percent more on candy, flowers and trinkets according to the National Retail Federation. That means the average person will spend about $145. Hoping to save some money this year? Check out these budget-friendly DIY Easter baskets.

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Meaningful Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Posted on 03/11/2013

The IRS says it will issue more than 110 million tax refunds this year, totaling nearly $310 billion. The average refund is down about 4 percent to $2,803. But that's still a nice chunk of change. Rather than blowing it at the Black Jack table or a few trips to Wal-Mart, here are five meaningful ways to spend that tax refund.

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Where to Sell Your Crafts for Extra Cash

Posted on 03/07/2013

Drawing, scrapbooking, crocheting-- Americans do it all. The U.S. craft and hobby industry is at $29 billion with more than half of U.S. households crafting at least once a year according to The Craft and Hobby Association. Since March is National Craft Month you may be feeling motivated to take that hobby to the next level. Check out these ideas for where to turn your crafts into extra cash.

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National Nutrition Month: Free Nutrition Resources

Posted on 03/05/2013

You may be on your best nutritional behavior in January, but March is actually National Nutrition Month. Find out if you're making the best food choices with the help of these free nutrition resources.

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How to Save Money on a Mattress

Posted on 03/04/2013

We know we need eight hours of sleep a night, but actually getting that rest can be difficult. This is National Sleep Awareness Week, a time the National Sleep Foundation uses to remind us all about the importance of sleep. It could be the stress or caffeine keeping you awake-- but it may also be your old, lumpy mattress. Experts say quality mattresses should be replaced every eight to ten years. If it's time for your mattress to retire, consider these money saving tips for buying a new one.

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How Unplugging Can Save You Money

Posted on 03/01/2013

From sunset on March 1 to sunset on March 2 smartphones, laptops and other gadgets will go dark. It's been declared the National Day of Unplugging. For the fourth year in a row, people will attempt to avoid technology for 24 hours and if the respite from cultural noise isn't enough motivation, here are ways unplugging can actually save you money.

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Home's Value

Posted on 02/27/2013

More homes sell in the spring and early summer than any other time of year, according to the Washington Post. One-fifth of home sales happen during the first three months of the year, while more than one-third happen during the months of May, June and July. If you're getting ready to put your property on the market this spring you may want to complete these five tasks to boost your home's value.

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How to Buy Lost Luggage

Posted on 02/26/2013

Amazingly 99.5% of domestic airlines’ checked bags are reunited with their owners at the baggage carousel. And within five days of a flight, 95% of those delayed bags eventually find their way home. But the rest often go up for sale creating great deals for savvy shoppers like you interested in buying lost luggage.

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Cash for Miles: How to Sell Your Airline Miles

Posted on 02/25/2013

Are you sitting on unclaimed frequent flyer reward miles? You may not have enough to cash them in for a free trip to Europe. And even if you do you may not be able to fit a trip into your vacation schedule. But that doesn't mean those miles aren't worth something. Check out these ways to sell your airline miles for cash.

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The Risks and Rewards of Paperless Receipts

Posted on 02/25/2013

You've probably heard the question "paper or plastic?" at the checkout. And if you haven't been asked "printed or email?" yet, you will soon. More retailers are offering shoppers the option of paperless receipts that are emailed to them rather than printed at the register. But just like with most innovation there are risks and rewards that come with digital receipts.

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Oscar Style: Look Like a Celebrity without Spending a Fortune

Posted on 02/20/2013

The red carpet at the Academy Awards is one of the most fashionable spots in the world come Oscar night. Celebrity Oscar looks can easily cost thousands of dollars with jewelry alone topping the million dollar mark. There are ways you can look like a celebrity without hiring a stylist or spending a fortune.

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Bait and Switch: How to Avoid New Coupon Scams

Posted on 02/19/2013

An increasing number of us are heading to the internet to find and print coupons. While it's an opportunity for shoppers to save money, scammers are seeing it as an opportunity to prey on the vulnerable. The Better Business Bureau calls this a bait and switch coupon scam that promises savings, but delivers spam.

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How to Sell Old Designer Purses and Accessories

Posted on 02/19/2013

Trends change, styles shift, but we always need cash. If you can use some extra money in your pocket check out these companies ready to help you swap old designer purses and accessories for cash.

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Affordable Ways to Teach Kids About US Presidents

Posted on 02/15/2013

One of George Washington's favorite foods was ice cream and before Jimmy Carter became President he was a peanut farmer. With Washington's birthday and President's Day falling on February 18, it's a great time to teach kids about the US Presidents and these affordable tips should help.

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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week without Spending Money

Posted on 02/14/2013

Hopefully you don't need a holiday to tell you to be kind, but we could all use the reminder that comes along with celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week. From February 11 through the 17 try to do something nice for complete strangers-- just because. And if you're worried that being kind comes with a price tag, we've got ideas that don't cost any money.

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Romantic Low Cost Recipes You Can Make at Home

Posted on 02/13/2013

If you're opting to skip the crowds and over-priced food for a romantic Valentine's Day meal at home, consider putting one of these low cost meals on the menu. They're still special enough for a holiday, but won't lead to any fights about money.

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Affordable Ways to Get Kids to Brush

Posted on 02/12/2013

The average American spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime. Since February is National Children's Dental Health Month it's a good time to ensure your kids are starting positive oral health habits. From an interesting decay demonstration to a dentist-designed app, these are affordable ways to get kids to brush.

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DIY Kids' Valentines

Posted on 02/11/2013

Little kids love to show some love when Valentine's Day rolls around. This year instead of buying a box of perforated mass produced Valentines, help your child get creative with one of these DIY ideas.

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Valentine's Day Sweets: Online Candy Deals

Posted on 02/06/2013

Buttering up your Valentine with some chocolaty treats will cost you more this year. According to the Cost of Loving Index, an annual price analysis of popular Valentine's Day gifts, fancy Godiva chocolates in a heart-shaped box will cost 5.26 percent more than last year. But don't get too heartbroken-- we found some great online candy deals.

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At Home Tax Prep Deals

Posted on 02/05/2013

You've probably received your W-2 by now which you can consider your invitation to tax season. Although you have until Monday, April 15 to file, these great deals on tax preparation software may make you want to put off procrastinating.

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Mardi Gras Kids Crafts

Posted on 02/04/2013

Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 12 this year. And while celebrations in New Orleans may seem very adult-oriented, kids can still take part in the party. One way to get them involved in the festivities is through Mardi Gras kids crafts.

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Last Minute Super Bowl TV Sales

Posted on 01/29/2013

Companies pay about $3.5 million for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl says the LA Times. Drinkers spend $10.8 billion on beer for the game, according to And the most diehard fans will spend more than $53,000 for a single seat at the big game, reports While plenty of people are throwing around a lot of cash before the February 3 game you can spend much less on a new TV and watch the Ravens and the 49ers face off from the comfort of your home.

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Long Distance Love: Celebrating Valentine's Day Across the Miles

Posted on 01/28/2013

Long distance relationships are tough-- especially on Valentine's Day. But just because you don't share the same zip code doesn't mean you can't share something special. These tips and gifts are perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day across the miles.

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The Best Affordable Super Bowl Party Ideas on Pinterest

Posted on 01/28/2013

Pinterest is a great place to get inspired by winning ideas. Score points at your Super Bowl party by getting creative with these awesome affordable recipes and crafts from Pinterest, perfect for the big game.

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Heath Care Costs: How to Save Money Using Walk-in Clinics

Posted on 01/24/2013

You no longer have to go to the doctor's office when you have a sore throat, sinus infection or other common illness. Limited Service walk-in clinics are exploding in popularity. NPR reports that CVS has the most with 588 MinuteClinics nationwide. Walgreens operates 356 clinics and Wal-Mart runs another 143. According to, using facilities like CVS Pharmacy's MinuteClinic can save you long waits and lots of money.

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