Bargainist Gift Guide: Flag Day

Posted 06/13/14

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the United States flag on June 14, 1777. Celebrate the stars and stripes with the perfect red, white and blue gift.

Bargainist Gift Guide: John F. Kennedy Fans

Posted 05/29/13

John F. Kennedy would have turned 96 on May 29. It's been 50 years since his historic term in office as the President of the United States. Mark both of these important dates in history with a special gift to commemorate JFK.

Sperry Top Sider coupon - 25% off United by Blue apparel

Posted 10/17/12

Looking for a way to make a difference in the world? Purchasing any United by Blue item from Sperry Top Sider will do it. For each UBB item purchased, 1 lb of trash will be removed from our world's oceans and waterways. Use coupon code UNITEDBB and you'll save 25% off everything found in the collection that includes a really nice lap top bag and some pretty cool tees. Sale ends 10/31/2012.

Bargainist Gift Guide: Native American Day

Posted 09/21/11

Native American Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of September in several states. Millions of people make up dozens of tribes from the Algonquins to the Zunis. Here are a few gift ideas for celebrating and honoring the indigenous population of the United States.

Bargainist Gift Guide: Cinco de Mayo

Posted 04/27/11

You may already know that Cinco de Mayo means “fifth of May” but did you know it’s not widely celebrated in Mexico? It’s a holiday created to mark the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla 149 years ago and is observed mostly in the United States as a way to share Mexican heritage. And you can share your love of Cinco de Mayo with a festive gift.