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Kids' digital cameras are designed to be durable, easy and fun for kids to use. Kids' digital cameras, especially those designed for children under six, often have thick, protective plastic cases. They have large bumpers that are easy for kids to hold on to. Many kids' digital cameras have double viewfinders so that kids can look through the camera with both eyes. Some have fun features that allow kids to give their subjects mustaches, funny hats and animal noses. However, kids' digital cameras don't provide the same picture quality that standard digital cameras do, and many don't provide a lot of memory. When buying a kids' digital camera, make sure it has an expandable memory. Kids' digital cameras are often sold in the toy department of your favorite retail shops and in toy stores. Manufacturers of kids' digital cameras include V-Tech, Fisher Price and Disney. If your kids are older, you might want to consider buying them a beginner's model adult camera. can help you save money on kids' digital cameras.