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High definition camcorders allow you to make home movies with images that are clearer and brighter than the images produced by standard definition camcorders. If you're shopping for a camcorder at the moment, a high definition camcorder is the recommended option as HD technology is sure to outlast standard definition technology by many years. Hi definition camcorder, HD camcorder, and hi def camcorder are some other names used for this product. Many high definition camcorders record to MiniDV tapes. Others record to hard disk drives, miniDVDs, and flash memory cards. High definition camcorders record in several different formats so be sure the one you choose meets your needs. High definition camcorders are available in a wide range of prices for all budgets. High definition camcorders often come with video editing software. Some manufacturers of high definition camcorders include Sony and Panasonic. You can buy high definition camcorders at retail outlets like Best Buy and Walmart. Customers who buy high definition camcorders often buy carrying cases. Bargainist.com can help you find deals on high definition camcorders.