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The Canon SD600 is a great camera for taking snapshots; it's small enough for your pocket and has all the features that make Canon such a popular manufacturer of digital cameras, camcorders and accessories. Its ergonomic design makes the Canon SD600 easy to use. The Canon SD600 has 3x optical zoom and 6.0 megapixels for bright, clear pictures on vacation, at parties and at home. The 2.5 LCD screen lets you fit more into your shots. ISO 800 keeps your subject defined and lets you take pictures even in low light. The Canon SD600 uses the DIGIC II Processor and iSAPS Technology to create beautiful pictures. You can even use the Canon SD600 to take photos underwater if you protect it with the manufacturer's waterproof case. Other accessories available for the Canon SD600 include carrying cases, neck and wrist straps, and mini tripods. You can but the Canon SD600 direct from the manufacturer; you can also find it for sale at and Amazon. offers deals and discounts on the Canon SD600 as well as other Canon cameras.