Bel Kai Designs Sylene Brooch

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Don't know about you, but our budget doesn't stretch to all those amazing designer accessories that look like they were passed down through generations of fashionistas. For a funky, reasonably priced twist on everyday jewelry, we love Bel Kai Designs handmade, unique pieces. Every ring, brooch, necklace, and earring are different, a little bit retro, a lot bit adorable. This Sylene Brooch, $42, is accented with antique Parisian buttons and would be cute on a purse or adorning a vintage cashmere cardigan for that 40’s-pinup-girl-meets-crafty-eco-diva twist. The site also mentions using it as home décor, i.e. attached to a pillow… Mmm, multipurpose jewelry. What will they think of next? Lipstick that doubles as window cleaner?