Travelzoo deals

You can trust your friends at the Bargainist to find the best information on Travelzoo deals every day. Check out our most recent hand-picked Travelzoo deals here. offers the best flights, hotels, car rentals, cruise deals, and vacation packages and serves as the number one publisher of travel bargains on the web. Thousands of companies choose to list their best offers at a Travelzoo sale and each offer listed on the site is checked for value and legitimacy by trusted travel experts.

Travelzoo deals are constantly being updated to ensure that you the consumer receive the latest travel bargains. Every week the Travelzoo Booking Center researches hundreds of deals and tests every offer put up on the website to confirm that they each deal is accurate and available. The Travelzoo Top 20 list is an example of the best bargains on offer each week for airfare, cruises, car rentals, accommodation and trips, and users can sign up to receive this list every week to their e-mail inbox for no charge.

Travelzoo has been mentioned on ABC News, MSNBC and in The Wall Street Journal as a top publisher of travel deals on the Internet. Companies and websites that have deals listed on Travelzoo include United Airlines, Alaska Cruises, Sheraton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, American Express Travel, Qantas, and American Airlines, to name only a few. Special shows and events are also featured on Travelzoo deals, so once you get to your destination you can find great bargains on Broadway plays, musicals, performances and concerts.

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