Posts about Roomba

Roomba by iRobot is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that takes the human labor out of the house cleaning equation, at least when it comes to vacuuming. The Roomba works with the touch of a button. When started, the Roomba moves around the room and lifts dirt, suctions debris and leaves each room clean and freshly vacuumed, without the pushing and pulling of a regular vacuum cleaner. The Roomba automatically navigates to get every inch of carpet area covered. Slim and sleek in design, the Roomba goes under tables and sofas in areas that are normally tough to reach with a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. The Roomba automatically avoids stairs and other areas that it shouldn’t be in. It self-adjusts to go from hard wood floors to carpet and is incredibly simple to use. A press of the button and the Roomba is off and running, cleaning, suctioning and leaving each room debris free.