Posts about Oneida

Oneida is a world famous consumer retailer that specializes in selling stainless steel flatware, silverware, and tabletop products. Merchandise can be purchased online at, by catalog, or from one of the many retail stores that carry Oneida products worldwide. Customers have many categories to shop from including flatware, dinnerware, kitchenware, baby, gifts, drinkware, sale, and foodservice. Other categories are deals of the week and open stock sale. Bridal registry is also available at Products sold here include wine glasses, corkscrews, wine bottle stopper, muffin pans, knives, griddles, sauté pans, measuring cups, graters, stockpots, plates, bowls, coffee cups, baby cups, and wine coolers, One cool feature on their website is that they have a virtual table setting where customers can see how different Oneida items will look when put together for a table setting. Be sure to sign up for their email list to receive special updates and offers.