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OfficeMax is one of the nation’s leading providers of office supplies, office furniture, paper and printing ink. OfficeMax offers a huge array of products and solutions for business needs large and small. From pencils and paperclips, ink and toner, to complete office furniture options, OfficeMax has it. With next-day delivery in many areas and great discounts for bulk purchases, OfficeMax makes it easy to keep the office running smoothly. With over 1000 superstores nationwide, OfficeMax has a strong presence in the market as well as on the Internet. With great business-to-business support, OfficeMax can accommodate orders large and small with efficiency. OfficeMax offers popular brands such as HP, Lexmark, Microsoft, Brother, tul and Infuse as well as their own house brand. Discounts and special offers can be found by signing up for the OfficeMax mailing list in-store or at the website