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Musicians Friend is an online-based retailer, focusing primarily on the sale of musical instruments and equipment. Offering a wide variety of deals and discounts, Musicians Friend provides consumers with excellent rates on guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, and all of the musical accessories you need. Some popular brands that can be found at Musicians Friend include Martin, Zildjian, Gibson, Yamaha, Sabian, Epiphone, Ibanez, Korg, Roland, Dean and Fender. In addition to competitive rates, Musicians Friend offers free shipping on most orders over $99. Other unique services Musicians Friend offers include a clearance section on their website as well as a wish list that allows you to add any and all products that you are looking to get in the future. Make a list and allow friends, family and relatives get you the things you really want. In addition to popular rock band instruments, Musicians Friend offers a unique array of orchestra and band instruments, including woodwind and brass instruments.