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Since its debut in 2005, InvisibleSHIELD has offered gadget lovers a new way to protect their devices. While bulky cases have been covering electronic devices for years, Robert G. Pedersen II of InvisibleSHIELD wanted to find a better way to protect the devices. His solution was to use a thin film employed by the military to cover helicopter blades. He applied these thin films to consume electronic products and the result was a match made in heaven.

InvisibileSHIELD is able to cover electronic devices of all shapes and sizes, it easy to apply, incredibly thin, almost completely clear, and ensures that no scratches will appear on any device that is covered by the InvisibleShield. Over one million have been sold to protect, cell phones, digital cameras, GPSs, iPods, laptops, PDAs, watches, gaming devices and much more. Shieldzone.come offers InvisibileSHIELD films for over 2,500 handheld electronics.

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