Posts about HP

HP (Hewlett Packard) is most known for manufacturing printers. But today their product line includes a wide range of desktop and office equipment. Newly popular items for HP-lovers are all-in one printers and scanners, GPS tools and organizing devices. Other admired products include laptop, tablet, notebook PCs, and the HP Pavilion series of computers. You’ll find items such as HP Photosmart, HP scanners, ink and toner, digital cameras, and iPAQ devices. Signature product names under the HP umbrella are Compaq Presario and the HP Vectra 500 series of computers. Products are available at retail stores and online, such as HP LaserJet printers, computer and printer accessories, and iPAQ Enterprise handheld organizers. Similarly, HP makes widescreen, flat-panel, diagonal and standard monitors. The company also has a series of handy calculators great for students and executives. Currently, HP operates facilities in more than 170 countries and continues to diversify its product line.