Posts about Fathead

Fathead is an online company, specializing in creating oversized wall design graphics. The graphics cover a wide variety of topics, including Sports, Entertainment, Obama, Cheerleaders, Military and many others. The graphics come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Some top sellers include, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Batman, Chicago Cubs, Ohio State Buckeyes and Lebron James. Fathead also offers their customers the opportunity to join ‘Fathead Nation’. Once signed up, users gain access to contests/sweepstakes, insider information, product updates, exclusive specials as well as member discounts. In addition to their large wall graphics, Fathead also offers smaller stickers (called Fathead tradeables), which are made from the same material as the Real. Big wall graphics, but are much better for people who lack the appropriate wall space. The “hotlist” is a section of the Fathead website, devoted to some of their hottest products and most popular images.