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Ediets is a well known website, specializing in nutrition, diet and exercise information. Ediets allows you to create personalized health and weight loss plans, based around your own personal weight loss goals. Ediets offers online support from licensed dieticians as well as recipes and personalized menus, all designed to help you lose weight and enjoy the process. Some popular diets which are included on the site are Atkins, Heart Smart and many others. In addition, Ediets offers a weight loss guarantee, specifying that if you do not meet your weight loss goal in six months, then you get the next six months free. Ediets also offers customized fitness plans and a unique animated virtual trainer that allows you to target the areas of your body that need the most work. You can track all of your progress with Ediets unique My Journal feature. Access to all of Ediets services are available to customers who pay the weekly membership fee.