Posts about Dr. Leonards

Dr. Leonards is a popular online provider of discount health products. In addition to ordering online, Dr. Leonards provides a phone number as well as a physical catalog request option. While Dr. Leonards specializes in health products, they also offer a variety of apparel, home furnishings, shoes, personal care and houseware products to their customers. Dr. Leonards also offers many ‘As Seen on TV’ items such as the Snuggie, EZ Combs, Kymaro 2-Piece Body Shaper, Dual Action Cleanse and the Bell+Hewell Silver Sonic XL. Dr. Leonards health products range from breathing helpers to diabetic care. Other products that can be purchased from Dr. Leonards include: Vision Aids, Hearing Aids, Arthritis Gloves, Rugs and Mats, Lamps and Lights as well as a variety of Electronics. Dr. Leonard’s website offers a login screen, allowing customers to reorder products with ease. Some other well known products, focusing on nail care, include: Fungus-No-More, Nail Magic and Easy Hold 3-Piece Grooming Set.