Posts about Dell

Dell is a famous and well known computer company. They are one of the leading sellers of personal computers nation and worldwide. Dell sells laptops, mini notebooks, notebooks, desktops, printers, ink, desktop accessories, digital camcorders, digital cameras, GPS systems, audio & home theaters, wireless phones, PDAs, projectors, cell phone accessories, reader digital books, laptop and notebook accessories, memory cards, monitors, monitor accessories, MP3 players, software, televisions, stereo & television speakers, gaming laptops, gaming personal computers, blu-ray players, and DVRs. Besides their own, Dell sells products by other brand names like Panasonic, Sony, Phillips, Sharp, Samsung, Logitech and Yamaha. Refurbished products can be bought online at their website as well. To compete with other computer companies, Dell has created a new, thinner notebook called the Adamo. All Dell products and merchandise can be purchased online at, by phone order, or from an authorized dealer such as Best Buy or Walmart.