Posts about Converse

Converse is a leading manufacture of sneakers for all ages. Established in the early 1900s, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company focused on rubber-soled footwear for men, women and children. In the 1920s, Chuck Taylor visited the company saying his feet were always sore during a basketball game. The company hired him and Converse’s popular Chuck Taylor line was born.

Today, Converse remains a leader in the design and manufacturing of athletic footwear that is comfortable, stylish and durable. They also sell clothing. Converse products are available in stores throughout the United States and at many online retailers. Converse is a classic apparel and shoe brand targeting young edgy men and women that value independence, comfort, and personal style. The Converse website is a great example of this with a cool design-your-own shoe feature that allows customers to design their own Converse shoes. Converse has been known for their sneakers, particularly the “Chuck Taylor” which is the best-selling shoe of all time. Named for basketball player Chuck Taylor who favored the design of the shoe, he became the top salesman for the shoe. Buyers began to want more variety in color and style in their Converse shoes so each season Converse offers a variety of colors in addition to the basics. Converse also offers clothing for men, women and children including t-shirts, tops, bags, hats, pants and shorts. Converse has done recent popular collaborations with John Varvatos bringing together vintage looks and a rock and roll sensibility.