Posts about Cafe Press

Café Press is the online leader in user-generated commerce. User’s can sign in to become merchants and design their own shirts, mugs, hats and other items of interest. Café Press does not offer any name brand items or designer clothes. Instead, users generate content and offer it on an online market place. When a sale is made, the merchant makes money as well as Café Press. Some popular items Café Press offers include animal and Pets T -shirts, Geek T Shirts, March Basketball T- Shirts and Military T – Shirts. In addition, Café Press’s user- friendly sight allows new users to customize their own T Shirts right from the front page. In addition, approximately 45,000 new products are created each day for the Café Press website. Café Press also offers a blog, which discusses all realms of society, including politics, sports and other current topics. All blog posts are tied into designs found on the website.