Posts about Boscovs

Boscov’s is a well known independent department store. In addition to a strong online presence, Boscov has 40 unique stores across the country. Boscov’s sells a wide variety of products including jewelry, shoes, socks, underwear, slippers, shorts, pants, kids, and cosmetics. Some popular brands that Boscov’s offers include: Adidas, Izod, Hanes, Gold Toe Socks, Nike, Nautica, Russell, Reunion, Perry Ellis, Woolrich, Timberland, Jockey and many others. Through their online site, consumers can browse through a variety of sections and categories. One unique section is Boscov’s “hot buys” section. In this section, customers can find excellent deals on a wide variety of products. In addition to these ‘hot buys’ there are even deeper discounts to be found in Boscov’s outlet center. Another unique section is their ‘famous brands’ section. Some of these brands are: Calvin Klein, Cuisinart, Levi’s, Nautica, Rlph Lauren, Nine West, Skechers. DKNY, Isotoner, Kenneth Cole, Josephine Chuas and many others.