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Vitalicious coupon - 10% off orders

Posted on 10/23/2011

Muffins never taste so good! Plus, with all the added nutrients you need, Vitalicous muffins will help you feel full longer to help you loose weight. Try a batch today and you can save 10% off your purchase. Just use coupon code ronisweigh to redeem this offer. Deal ends on 10/31/2011.

Vitalicious coupon - 10% off orders of $50 or more

Posted on 07/21/2011

If you thought muffin tops were a product of prime time 1990s sitcoms, think again. They're real! Vitalicious has lots of flavors of muffin tops that are supposed to fill you up and keep you more satisfied. If you order more than $50 at Vitalicious, get 10% off with coupon code WCJQ73YYY. Coupon expires 7/31/2011, so order soon!

Vitalicious - Free shipping on Monthly Memberships

Posted on 11/20/2010

Give someone the gift of healthy eating during the holiday season with Vitalicious! With the Monthly Subscriptions, they will receive monthly supplies of healthy, yet delicious food. Plus, make any of these purchases and it will automatically include free shipping! So, show someone how much you care with no extra charge on shipping. But this deal will end in 12/31/10, so hurry before it's too late.

Vitalicious coupon - Free Shipping on orders of $175

Posted on 10/06/2010

Buy more and save more at the Vitalicious website! Make purchases of $175 or more on any of their delicious products and use the coupon code VITAFREESHIP to receive free shipping on your entire order. So, get those delicious sweets from Vitalicious with, completely, free on shipping.

Vitalicious coupon - 5% off

Posted on 10/06/2010

There are treats and sweets galore for anyone at Vitalicious, and now you can get great deals on any item at the website. Use the coupon code WCJ2010 and get a 5% discount on any purchase you make. So, satisfy your sweet tooth with the great deals at Vitalicious.

Vitalicious coupon - 10% off Sugar Free VitaTops

Posted on 10/06/2010

At Vitalicious you can always find the greatest collection of delicious treats and other scrumptious items you will enjoy, and now the site features a new Sugar Free VitaTops! Use the coupon code WCJYQ3YYQ and automatically receive a 10% discount on all Sugar Free VitaTops purchases!

Vitalicious - 4 free Golden Corn VitaMuffins with orders of $99+

Posted on 08/22/2010

Vitamuffins can be consumed whenever you have the craving or for any meal of the day. Now at Vitalicious receive a free pack of Golden Corn Vitamuffins with your order of $99 or more. No coupon code needed. Follow the link to learn more. Offer ends 08/31/2010.

Vitalicious coupon - 10% off 100-Calorie Apple Crumb VitaTops

Posted on 07/02/2010

Looking for a yummy snack with only 100 calories? Try Vitalicious'100-Calorie Apple Crumb VitaTops (pictured here). These tasty muffin tops will definitely curb your craving while keeping your caloric intake low. Use coupon code WACJQ73YYQ at checkout to receive 10% off this product. Offer ends 07/31/2010.

Vitalicious - 4 free Golden Corn VitaMuffins with orders of $99+

Posted on 06/25/2010

Do you have a random craving for corn? Now you can curb that craving by having corn with breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a healthy snack. Now at Vitalicious you can enjoy a free Golden Corn VitaMuffin 4-pack with any order of $99 or more. Golden Corn VitaMuffins and VitaTops can be toasted for breakfast or eaten for lunch or dinner with salad, vegetables, fish or meat. Try them today. Offer ends 07/31/2010.

Vitalicious - Six free Deep Chocolate VitaTops when you buy a 24-pack of VitaTops

Posted on 11/05/2009

Celebrating the holidays doesn't have to mean giving up your waistline! Treat yourself to delicious VitaTops from Vitalicious instead of high-calorie party snacks and desserts and you'll never feel deprived. These delicious snacks are just 100 calories each, so you won't feel guilty, either. When you buy a 24-pack of VitaTops, you'll get a six-pack of Deep Chocolate VitaTops free with coupon code WCJYY3QQ9. Offer ends 11/30/09.

Vitalicious coupon - Six free Chocolate VitaTops when you buy a 24-pack of VitaTops

Posted on 10/03/2009

You don't have to break your calorie bank every time you indulge in a sweet treat! Vitalicious
snacks are low in calories and high in flavor, so you don't have to feel guilty for snacking.
Right now they're offering a great deal: purchase a 24-pack of their popular VitaTops
and you'll get six chocolate VitaTops free! Use coupon code WCJYQ3YQ9 at checkout. Offer ends 10/31/2009.

Vitalicious - 10% off 12-24 packs Banana Fudge Vitatops

Posted on 09/14/2009

We love the name of the company, the names of the sweets they create, and their fiber-rich cookies that satisfy any sweetooth without all the fat and calories. Vitalicious cookies are moist, soft and delicious! You won't feel guilty eating a muffin, brownie, or slice of cake anymore! Right now, get 10% off 12-24 packs of their limited-time-only Banana Fudge Vitatops. Also get 30% off their MultiBran VitaTops and vitaMuffins and get a free 4-pack of MultiBran VitaTops with all orders of $99 or more! These offers end 12/31/2009. So, feed 'em to your kids, your house guests, your neighbors, and your friends! They'll never know that those sweet muffins and brownies are healthy for them too!

VitaLicious - Buy 12 VitaTops, get 12 for $3

Posted on 08/05/2009

Get the vitamins and supplements you need the delicious way, with products from VitaLicious. Their VitaTops are a great treat! For a limited time only, when you buy a dozen Deep Chocolate VitaTops, you'll get a dozen VitaTops in another flavor for just $3! Choose from Golden Corn, Cran Bran or Banana Nut flavors, and you'll save up to $13 with this deal! There are other great deals going on, including 30% off MultiBran VitaTops and VitaMuffins, and a free four-pack of MultiBran VitaTops when your order reaches $99. Offer endings unknown.

VitaLicious coupon - Free shipping on $175+

Posted on 07/17/2009

Mmm! Eating healthy and losing weight never tasted so good. VitaLicious muffins, brownies and cookies are low calorie snacks packed with vitamins and minerals. Be sure to check out the sampler for a little bit of everything. All orders over $175 ship for free with coupon code VITAFREESHIP. Treats and savings...what a yummy combination! Offer ending unknown.

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VitaLicious coupon - 10% off VitaMixes

Posted on 03/30/2009

We hate trying to eat right... Who has time to count calories, fiber, grams of fat, cholesterol, vitamins, sodium... It's all too much! That's why we love VitaLicious, makers of VitaTops and VitaMixes. They're delicious low-fat muffin tops & mixes with tons of fiber & vitamins, but just 100 calories per serving! This makes it much easier to eat right when we're busy. Save 10% on VitaMixes with coupon code WCJS43009. Coupon expires 04/30/2009.

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VitaLicious coupon - Buy 24 VitaTops, get 6 free

Posted on 03/28/2009

VitaLicious VitaTops are a great healthy breakfast or snack when you're short on time, but don't want to sacrifice nutrition by grabbing fast food. Clocking in at about 100 calories, they come in delectable flavors like Banana Nut, Chocolate, and Apple Berry, and are packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Buy 24 VitaTops, and get 6 free with coupon code WCJ43009. Coupon expires 04/30/2009.

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VitaLicious - Buy a B.Y.O.B. VitaTops pack, get 6 VitaTops free

Posted on 03/13/2009

Have you heard the word about VitaTops? They're all-natural, preservative free muffin tops packed with fiber & nutrition, the perfect filling breakfast - and just 100 calories each! Plus, they come in flavors like blueberry, triple chocolate, and apple berry. What a great way to encourage you and your family to have a healthy breakfast or snack on the go! Right now, when you purchase a 24-count Bring Your Own Breakfast package (B.Y.O.B.), you can get 6 more VitaTops free with coupon code WJC33109. Coupon expires 03/31/2009. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to go order the fudgy peanut butter Vita Tops...

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