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Vermont Teddy Bear - Show You Care, Send a Bear

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Posted on 05/03/2009

So guess where Vermont Teddy Bears are made? If you guessed Vermont, you are right on! You can even visit the Vermont Teddy Bear factory where these cute, cuddly, customized bears are made. If you can't get to Vermont, well, you'll have to settle for ordering online. They have bears for every occasion like: Get Well, New Baby, Fourth of July, and even Secretary's Day! Customize, accessorize, and send them to that special someone. They will love you for it!

Vermont Teddy Bear - Gifts for Mother's Day

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Posted on 05/03/2009

Want to give your Mom something special for Mother's Day but don't know what? Well, Vermont Teddy Bear has the perfect gift ideas that your special Mom will love. They offer customized teddy bears so you can personalize the paws, the color fur, the eyes, and more. And every beargram comes with a lifetime guarantee, personalized gift card, gourmet caramels, and a fun & colorful gift box with air hole. How cute! If you order by this Friday, you will have guaranteed delivery by May 10th. Better hurry!

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