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TradePub - FREE Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook

Posted on 09/20/2011

Everyone's always telling you to optimize your technology and your Windows 7 Media Center to get the most out of it and integrate all aspects of your online life into one place... Um, how, exactly? Well, if you're not sure (and who is, unless they're a tech genius!?), TradePub is here to help. They've teamed up with Windows Guides to offer you a FREE Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook. It'll give you easy-to-understand, unbiased advice on the best customization options around and how to implement them with a minimum of fuss. Claim your freebie today, as this offer's end date is unknown.

TradePub - FREE Essential Guide to Digital Photography

Posted on 07/29/2010

Digital cameras have pretty much completely replaced standard film cameras, and with good reason: With just a few buttons pushed, you can switch from black & white to color to sepia and do all kinds of nifty editing tricks on the fly. But... what if you had a hard time even with an old film-based PHD (Press Here, Dummy!) camera? No worries! The Bargainist and TradePub have teamed up to bring you a FREE copy of's "The Essential Guide to Digital Photography." This 59 page guide will show you the ins and outs of moving beyond basic point-and-shoot to more advanced techniques that will make your photos true masterpieces. Claim your free copy today, as the offer's expiry is unknown!

TradePub - FREE 'The Ultimate Guide to Gmail'

Posted on 06/28/2010

Gmail? What's that? Google e-mail, of course! What makes it better than your current email address? How to use it? Let show you the ropes with a free copy of "The Ultimate Guide to Gmail," courtesy of our friends at TradePub! You'll learn about Gchat, inbox filtering and flagging, storage space, collating multiple email accounts in 1 inbox, and much much more. Hurry, as this free offer's expiry date is unknown.

TradePub - FREE ebook download of Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Posted on 05/27/2010

So you just bought Microsoft Office Live Small Business, but you're floundering a little. Instead of hiring an expensive tech tutor, download a free ebook copy of "Microsoft Office Live Small Business" from TradePub! This step-by-step sequential guide will help you make the most of Office Live Small Business, designing a website & business model that works with browsers & different operating systems. Offer ending unknown, so grab your free download today!

TradePub - Free copy of The Mac Manual from

Posted on 01/26/2010

So, you did it: you finally made the switch from PC to Mac, but your brain is still stuck on Windows mode. We can help! The Bargainist and Tradepub have teamed up to bring you a free copy of "The Mac Manual" from This 60-page guide is based on the newest Mac OS, Snow Leopard, so you'll be up-to-date on the latest and greatest Mac tips and tricks. Hurry, offer ending is unknown.

TradePub - Free abridged copy of "Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job!"

Posted on 07/09/2009

"Can I tell them I got downsized from my last position?" "What if they ask me what I see myself doing in ten years? I have no clue!" "Should I ask them what the projected salary is in the first interview?" Job interviews are hard, no way around it... especially in a down economy like this one. How can you leap to the front of the interview pack? Learn the to-do's and do-not-do's of interviewing with this free book excerpt of Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job! from Tradepub. Grab your free abridged copy ASAP, as supplies are limited and offer expiry is unknown. Oh, and good luck, from your friends at the Bargainist!!

TradePub - Free eBook excerpt of "Twitter Means Business – How Microblogging Can Help or Hurt Your Company"

Posted on 05/27/2009

Twitter is big, big, BIG business these days. There's talk of a Twitter TV show and all sorts of great opportunities to build your business. But is it a friend or a foe? Depends on your company! Pick up this free eBook excerpt of "Twitter Means Business – How Microblogging Can Help or Hurt Your Company" from TradePub and see what Tweeting means for your business. Offer expiry unknown.

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TradePub - Free subscription to AV Technology

Posted on 05/19/2009

You've heard it a thousand times: tech jobs are the way of the future. Keep up with this ever-growing industry with a free subscription to AV Technology magazine, courtesy of TradePub. AV Technology provides instructional, problem solving content to AV/IT professionals in the education, corporate, hospitality, entertainment, medical, gaming, worship, and government markets. The magazine helps readers navigate their jobs better and generate more revenue for their employers, making them a more valuable employment resource. Supplies are limited, so get your free subscription today!

TradePub - Free abridged copy of "The Google Story"

Posted on 05/13/2009

Think about it; you probably use Google at least twice daily, if not many times a day. No one even says "I searched for it online," they say, "I Googled it." How did this happen in just a few short years? It's a fascinating story of modern business and the land of internet start-ups, which you can read about in your free abridged copy of David A. Vise's book, The Google Story, courtesy of TradePub. Learn about how Google got started, what they plan for the future, and why it's become such an integral part of our lives. Hurry and claim your free copy today, as the expiry for this offer is unknown.

TradePub - Free small business success kit

Posted on 04/28/2009

Get to the front of the small business pack! It's a tough economy, so anything you can do to promote your business is a good investment - especially when it's free! The Bargainist & TradePub have teamed up again to bring you a free small business success kit, which includes:
-Sales & Marketing Success Map: See every step from first contact to close and get best practices for capturing leads and building interest
-Marketing in the Google Era, a webinar from the pros to help you take advantage of search, email, web tracking and more
-Free 30-day trial of Salesforce for up to five users
-Special discounts on services
And much more! Hurry and claim yours today, as supplies are limited and offer expiry is unknown.

TradePub - Free abridged copy of "Personality Not Included"

Posted on 04/24/2009

Think about it: When you're buying a purse by Jessica Simpson, perfume by Paris Hilton, or even Suzanne Somers' Thighmaster, you're not just buying a product, you're buying a personality. There are loads of non-celebrity and non-name branded products out there that are identical, but don't have the instant name & personality recognition. If you own your own business, you understand the importance of getting a toehold on the market by making your product and brand unique and recognizable. That's why this free abridged copy of the bestseller "Personality Not Included" from the Bargainist & TradePub is so useful! Personality inspires trust, and trust can build customer loyalty. In this social media era where identities are shaped as much by perception as communication, marketing becomes more about building relationships with customers than about traditional selling. You'll find out how to put personality into action effectively to increase sales & brand loyalty.

TradePub - Free subscription to Best's Review magazine

Posted on 04/21/2009

I don't understand insurance at all. HMO's, PPO's, preexisting conditions, property insurance, casualty insurance, disability insurance, car insurance, PET insurance? It's enough to make my head spin after just a few paragraphs of reading one of my policies. To help us mere mortals out with all the acronyms and whatnot, the Bargainist and TradePub have teamed up to offer you a free subscription to Best's Review magazine. It's written for insurance industry professionals, and the magazine focuses on the business of insurance, with an emphasis on explaining the ins and outs of the industry. Sounds good to me! Hurry and claim your free subscription today, as offer ending is unknown.

TradePub - Free subscription to Wireless Guide

Posted on 04/16/2009

I remember when the mere idea of wireless technology had us all scratching our heads like cavemen, saying, "How is this mystic sorcery possible? Computers talking to one another without wires? Is it psychic ability?" And... well... I don't know about you, but I'm still perplexed, many years later. So this deal from the Bargainist & TradePub, you can imagine, will be very, very useful for me. If you build, operate or use wireless systems, The Wireless Guide is the one resource that helps you to find and compare all the latest wireless products, solutions and services so you can make the right buying choices. From ONE source you can search, select and buy all at once — saving time, saving effort, saving total costs! Hel-lo productivity, hel-lo knowledge!

TradePub - Free subscription to Document magazine

Posted on 04/13/2009

Stay ahead in today's cutthroat business world! Whether your company produces printed or electronic bills, statements, policies, etc., Document magazine helps you produce them more efficiently and effectively. Driving down operational costs is the goal of every business, and Document magazine provides you the best, most relevant and cutting-edge information that is out there in the industry! Receive a free six-issue subscription to this great periodical, courtesy of Bargainist & Tradepub. Offer expiry unkonwon.

TradePub - Free abridged copy of "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People"

Posted on 04/09/2009

As Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) used to say on SNL, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people LIKE me!" making fun of self-help books like The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. All joking aside, though, this famous book really does teach you a great deal about getting ahead and staying true to yourself while you do it. These days, we could all use a morale boost in work and life, right? So, the Bargainist & TradePub are teaming up to bring you a free abridged copy of this international bestseller, just by answering a few questions at the link provided. Offer ending unknown. And yes, you are good enough, smart enough, and we do like you!

TradePub - Free subscription to Food Arts magazine

Posted on 04/07/2009

Calling all restaurateurs, food industry folks, and, well, anyone who loves to cook & eat! Bargainist & TradePub have cooked up a free subscription to Food Arts magazine for you, chock full of delicious, cutting edge information from the food and beverage industry. Exceptional recipes and fresh ideas...innovative presentation tips and on tabletop, lighting, interior design...hints on where to find special products or openings and closings...chefs on the move and much more in every issue of Food Arts. We're salivating already! Hurry as this free offer's ending is unknown.

TradePub - Free eBook: "Vulnerability Management for Dummies"

Posted on 03/24/2009

Vulnerability Management. "What in the sam hill is that," you ask? Well, if you own your own business, you need to know. As a business owner, or someone responsible for network security within your organization, you need to understand how to prevent attacks and eliminate network weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk. To educate our faithful readers about vulnerability management, Bargainist and TradePub have teamed up to get you a free eBook, "Vulnerability Management for Dummies." Just click our link, answer a couple of questions, and snag your freebie. Offer ending unknown.