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The Entertainment Book - 50% off + free shipping + each additional book for $10

Posted on 05/16/2009

The 2009 Entertainment Book is already on sale for $15 (50% off) plus free shipping, but now through 05/31/2009, you'll be able to get additional books for just $10 each! Get one for your family's summer fun, and a few for friends!

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The Entertainment Book - 50% off + free shipping

Posted on 05/01/2009

The 2009 Entertainment Book is our favorite answer to the perennial child question, "Mom, what are we going to do tonight?" For just $15 plus free shipping now through 05/31/2009 when you shop through this link, you'll get access to loads of amazing coupons and discounts for local attractions. Who knows, your family might discover their new favorite restaurant!

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The Entertainment Book - Just $15 + free shipping

Posted on 04/01/2009

The Entertainment Book is our family's standard go-to whenever the question "So, what do you want to do tonight?" comes up. And, through 04/30/2009, it's on sale for just $15, plus will ship for free! Just imagine it: never again hearing the whine, "Mo-oooom, there's nothing to do-oooooo!"

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The Entertainment Book - 50% off the 2009 book

Posted on 03/01/2009

Economizing is the word on the street these days, which usually means staying at home. But you can only do so many movie nights, game nights, craft nights, etc, before your eyes start to cross. Never fear, though, The 2009 Entertainment Book is here to save the day - and the evening! It's simple: buy the book for your local area and reap the rewards in the form of coupons for lots of great restaurants & attractions. Right now, shop through this link and save an extra 50% on your order of The 2009 Entertainment Book. Savings on top of savings... Could it get any sweeter? Sale ends 03/31/2009.

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