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TEFL - English education certification

Posted on 05/02/2010

If the confines of a cubicle and glare fluorescent lights doesn't appeal to you perhaps you should consider teaching English abroad. There are thousands of opportunities to teach English as foreign language in hundreds of countries, but it's far easier to get those jobs if you have taken an accredited TEFL course under your belt. Go to TeachEnglishAbroad and you can acquire your certification and network to find placement in any number of countries.

TEFL - Get paid to teach English abroad

Posted on 02/14/2010

Are you desperately looking for a job and love to travel? If so, check out TEFL. With millions of people worldwide desperate to learn the English language, the demand for TEFL teachers has never been so high. There are thousands of language schools worldwide looking for qualified TEFL tutors and competition for jobs is fierce. Which is why taking a respected and internationally recognized TEFL course is so important. Follow the link to learn more about TEFL courses and opportunities.