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SunSetter Awning - insect netting

Posted on 11/12/2009

Enjoying a summer barbecue or evening happy hour is difficult if a swarm of biting flies won't leave your ankles alone. Dousing yourself in bug spray only seems to make them angry. Luckily we do have other options - SunSetter Awnings has custom fit insect netting that drapes perfectly over their retractable awnings providing you with a light and breezy but impenetrable barrier between your summer fun and the creepy crawlie

SunSetter Awning - Save $200 on your order

Posted on 11/10/2009

There's nothing worse than having a big beautiful deck and then not using it because it's just too hot in the summer sun. With a SunSetter retractable awning you can sit in the shade and enjoy a cup of sweet tea or lemonade without having to slather yourself in SPF 45 beforehand. Signup to receive their information packet and you'll get a savings certificate worth $200. This offer is ongoing

SunSetter Awnings - Free info kit w/$200 savings certificate

Posted on 02/17/2009

Increase your home's outdoor living by adding a highly functional SunSetter Awning. By requesting their free info kit you'll receive a DVD product demo, full product brochure, complete price list, and best of all, a $200 savings certificate. SunSetter Awnings offer protection from the sun, shelter from the rain, and can keep bugs away with an optional screen room add-on. Spring is on the way, request your kit today. Offer ending unknown.