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Startec - call the Philippines for less

Posted on 05/23/2010

Keeping in contact with loved ones far away shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, but it certainly can if your long distance provider doesn't offer special rates for calls abroad. If you call the Philippines often and are tired of bloated bills and hidden fees check out Startec. Calls to both land lines and cell phones are inexpensive and with Startec you don't have to worry about complicated contracts and off peak call times.

Startec - great call rates to the Philippines

Posted on 05/23/2010

There's no reason to run up massive phone bills to the Philippines when other options are available. If you have family and friends in the Philippines and are looking to save money on phone calls check out Startec. The service is clear, reliable, and affordable. Make calls to Filipino cell phones for just 10 cents a minute and to land lines for only 11 cents a minute.

Startec - Affordable long distance

Posted on 03/28/2010

Startec provides innovative, affordable, convenient and easy-to-use telephone, Internet and communications services. Startec has been a leading provider of telephone services to ethnic businesses and consumers in the United States. Startec also works with international long-distance carriers and Internet service providers transacting with the world's emerging economies. They offer high levels of satisfaction to every customer by understanding their needs and cultures, providing exceptional value and delivering reliable communication service.