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Posted on 12/29/2010

Make your license plate invisible to traffic cameras yet still legible to the naked eye with help from Plus, speed into some savings when you apply special coupon code NOTICKET at checkout. This fantastic coupon will save you an extra 10% off on PhotoBlocker Spray and PhotoShield Cover Products through 12/31/2010. Order now! - Satellite radar detection

Posted on 05/11/2010

If you live life in the fast land and don’t want to slow down, but also can’t afford another hefty speeding ticket head over to Satellite technology will allow you to detect speed traps of any kind, whether it’s cameras hidden on the site of the highway or police cars nestled around the bend – you’ll dodge the fine every time. - Never get another ticket

Posted on 05/11/2010

Life is a busy thing and we’re always in a rush, sometimes even a bit too much of a rush. If you have a bit of a lead foot and want to avoid another ticket fee check out With this state of the art satellite-based radar detecting system you’ll never have to worry about paying another ticket again, either from stationary cameras or police cruisers. See site for details.