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Panda Security - savvy and affordable PC protection

Posted on 02/02/2010

Having your computer hacked can take weeks to fix completely. Having your identity stolen can take years to sort out. It's worth the time and money to purchase and install a reliable anti-virus program before either of those things happen. The 2010 versions of Panda Security computer protection software are well worth the price - $50-$90 depending on the coverage you need. The subscriptions are good for 12 months and will cover up to three computers.

Panda Security - Antivirus programs starting at $50

Posted on 02/02/2010

There are always all kinds of worms, trojans, viruses, and identity theives lurking in the shadier crannies of the internet. It's important to protect your computer from threats - both for convenient's sake and to keep your private information private. Check outu the cutting edge software at Panda Security. Their Antivirus program is only $50 and is licensed for up to 3 computers, so you can protect all the computers in the house for one, reasonable price.