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Medifast coupon - $66 off your $250 purchase

Posted on 03/24/2012

Now is as good a time as any to get yourself healthy and trim! Spring has officially spring which means summer is not far behind, so flaunt your new body with the help of Medifast meals and snacks. Offering tasty alternatives to the steamed veggie and juice diets, you'll feel satisfied and slim after trying out their meals. Order today to save $66 off your $250 purchase with code MAR31J. Offer ends 3/31/2012.

Medifast coupon - $25 off your $150 purchase

Posted on 12/21/2011

Prepare yourself for the New Year before you even resolve to get back in shape. Medifast offers great foods, drinks and supplements to help you shed those unwanted holiday pounds in a healthy, nutritious way. Plus, you can save $25 off your $150 purchase now using coupon code DEC31H25. Offer end 12/31/2011.

Medifast coupon - $50 off $275 purchase

Posted on 06/01/2011

There's still time to get that hot beach bod you've been dreaming about! Visit Medifast and this month you can save $50 on your $275 purchase with coupon code JUN30H at checkout. Stock on delicious yet healthy shakes, bars, snacks and more. This coupon expires 06/01/2011.

Medifast coupons - Up to $50 off purchase

Posted on 03/31/2011

Swimsuit season will be here before you know it, but don't still have plenty of time to shed those extra pounds. Head over to Medifast to save $50 on your order of $275 with coupon code MAR31H or $25 on your order of $150 with coupon code MAR31H25. Hurry because these coupons expires today 03/31/2011.

Medifast coupons - $25 off $150 or $50 off $275

Posted on 01/31/2011

Don't give up on reaching and maintaining a healthy weight! Medifast offers healthy, delicious, and filling food that won't leave you feeling like a scientific test subject. Through 2/28/11, enter code FEB28H25 to take $25 off orders of $150 or more, or FEB28H for $50 off orders of $275 or more!

Medifast Diet coupon - $25 off orders of $150 or more, or $50 off orders of $275

Posted on 12/23/2010

Get off that couch and lose that weight with Medifast Diet! Here, you can find a wide selection of weight products that will keep you in shape and healthy. Plus, until 1/31/11 you can save up to $50 on your purchases! Insert the coupon code JAN31H25 and save $25 on orders of $150 or more, or insert the coupon code JAN31H to save $50 on purchases of $275 or more!

Medifast Diet coupon - $50 off orders of $275 or more

Posted on 10/14/2010

Tired of trying different methods of losing weight? Want to find an easy means of losing those pounds you desperately want off? At Medifast Diet you can all the items you need for a faster and easier way to lose that extra weight. Also, for a limited time at the website if you make purchases of $275 or more you enter this coupon code (OCT31G) to get a $50 discount on your order. But, hurry! This deal will only last until 10/31/10/

Medifast coupons - Up to $50 off your order

Posted on 07/04/2010

Still think diet food is rabbit food? Think again! Medifast offers filling options like brownies, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs - and through 7/31/10, you can enter a code to receive a discount on your order: JULY31G25 for $25 off $150, or JULY31G for $50 off $275!

Medifast coupons - $25 off $150+ or $50 off $275+

Posted on 02/27/2010

Whether you're placing a big order or a smaller one at Medifast, we have a coupon that can help you out! Through 3/31/10, you can use code Mar31G25 to take $25 off orders over $150 or code Mar31G to take $50 off orders over $275. Hang in there!

Medifast coupon - $25 off orders over $150

Posted on 01/30/2010

The folks at Medifast seem to have taken people's preference for placing smaller orders to heart, because they're now offering $25 off orders over $150! Encourage this trend by using code Feb28G25 through 2/28/10!

Medifast coupon - $50 off $275

Posted on 11/07/2009

Don't let the hoidays get in the way of your weight loss goals! When you plan ahead with Medifast meals and snacks, you won't feel deprived or guilty. With all kinds of meal packages and snacks to help you meet your nutritional and weight goals, it will be that much easier to stay on track. Choose from plan packages, drinks, and snacks. You can even enjoy your favorite treats like cheese puffs and pudding! When you spend $275 or more, you'll get $50 off your order with coupon code NOV30C. Offer ends 11/30/2009.

Medifast - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 09/13/2009

The safe and easy way to lose weight is by eating healthy and exercising. Sometimes in our busy days, we don't eat as healthy as we should because we don't have the prep or cook time to spend. With Medifast, your meals are easy to prepare and a meal plan is provided for each day, so no more worries about what you should eat and what snacks to have because it's all ready for you. Get $50 off orders of $275 or more with code Sept30C. Kick start your weightloss today! Offer ends 9/30/2009.

Medifast - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 08/22/2009

The easy way to eat healthy, vitamin packed meals that help you lose weight is with Medifast. Their 5 & 1 plan is simple to follow. They provide the 5 and you make the 1 lean and green meal. It's a plan that can help you lose the extra pounds hanging around safely while keeping you healthy. All meal plans are provided so it's hassle-free, especially helpful for those of us on the go. Get $50 off orders over $275 with code Aug30C. This offer ends 8/30/2009.

Medifast coupon - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 07/04/2009

Need a new plan to get a few inches off your waist or need a new supply of easy to prepare meals? Medifast is offering their $50 discount yet again this month! Get $50 off your order of $275 or more with code July30C. So stock up on some more delicious, nutritious and healthy meals and shakes that will help you slim down and feel lighter on your feet! Offer expires 7/31/2009.

Medifast coupon - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 06/03/2009

With summer upon us, it's a good time to shave off that little extra by eating healthy, well-balanced meals provided by Medifast: the fast, simple, safe, and satisfying way to lose weight. You can get $50 off orders of $275 or more by using code June30C. All of the meal plans are laid out for you, so it makes it easy for you, hassle-free. This offer ends 06/30/09.

Medifast coupon - $50 off orders over $275

weightloss women.jpg
Posted on 05/09/2009

It's almost time for Summer and that means less clothing, more skin! Need to drop some of that Winter weight that was so easy to gain? Make it easy with a meal delivery plan from Medifast! They've helped tons of people lose weight and keep it off, and you can do it too. Save $50 on orders over $275 with coupon code MAY31C. Plus get 50% off shipping! Coupon expires 05/31/2009.

MediFast coupon - 2 weeks free

Posted on 05/01/2009

Counting carbs, calories, good fats, bad fats, trans fats, cholesterol, protein, fiber, sodium, sugars... Phew! It gets pretty daunting pretty quickly, but MediFast is here to help. Their pre-portioned meals & shakes make it easier to eat sensibly and achieve your health & fitness goals. For a limited time, coupon code GetTwo will get you your first two weeks free, a value of up to $150! Coupon expiry unknown.

Medifast coupon - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 04/06/2009

Reach your health & fitness goals with a meal delivery plan from Medifast! They've helped tons of people lose weight and keep it off, and you can do it too. Save $50 on orders over $275 with coupon code APR30C. Coupon expires 04/30/2009.

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Medifast - $50 off orders over $275

Posted on 03/10/2009

Did you make a New Year's Resolution to eat better and exercise, but are having a hard time keeping it? Get yourself back on track with a Medifast meal delivery plan. No counting calories, carbs, trans fats... Just eat and enjoy! Save $50 off a $275 order with coupon code Mar31C. Coupon expires 03/31/2009.

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Medifast is designed to help consumers lose weight through a specific program known as the Medifast program. At the Medifast website you can purchase various packages or specific meals to help you stick to the plan. They have programs designed for both men and women and have a special section for those with Diabetes. You can enjoy your selections being delivered directly to your door and they even offer an automatic order refill to help save you time.

Buying all of this food may make you wonder where you can find Medifast coupons. If you head over to you will be able to search for Medifast coupon codes. Write down or copy the Medi Fast coupon code that you are planning on using. You will use the Medi Fast promo code when you checkout and pay for your products.

You can create an account on the Medifast website which will make reordering your favorite foods simple and fast. The website also offers an extensive FAQ section to help you get started with Medifast and the plans they offer. You can also opt to sign up for special offers and tips via email.