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Love Scent - romance in a bottle

Posted on 02/12/2010

Human sex pheromones are chemically proven to entice and attract the opposite sex. If you need a little edge in your sex life or want to tap into the primal power of pheromones head over to Love Scent and find the alluring elixir that works for you. Shop now and all orders of $100 or more will receive free shipping. This offer is ongoing.

Love Scent - give your love life a boost

Posted on 01/12/2010

Ever wanted to try out human sex pheromones but didn't want to invest in a whole bottle? Luckily Love Scent understands your predicament - they have free samples on offer for men and women. Explore the power and intrigue of human sex pheromones at no cost. If they were all you'd hoped they'd be and more Love Scent has both scented and unscented options to choose from. Free samples are a one-time offer for all customers.