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Legal Sea Foods coupon - 15% off your online order

Posted on 02/23/2013

Tuck into a delicious meal of fresh seafood from the most trusted name in the business! Shop Legal Sea Foods for a great selection of items, including shrimp, lobster, swordfish, and mussels, just to name a few. You'll even find convenient (and decadent) surf-and-turf packages, chowders, appetizers, desserts, and full meal packages. Shop now and you'll save 15% on your entire order when you use coupon code EB422R. Offer ends 03/06/2013.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 01/05/2013

When the temperatures drop, our favorite way to spend time with friends and loved ones is to share a hearty meal together at home! Create an unforgettable dining experience with minimal effort when you order delicious meals from Legal Sea Foods. Shop their site for a mouthwatering selection of chowders, fish, lobster, shrimp, and surf-and-turf packages, and round out your meal with appetizers and desserts. When you use coupon code AFLQ12R, you'll get 10% off your total. Offer ends 04/30/2013.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off

Posted on 04/10/2012

Want to enjoy a fresh-from-the-ocean dinner at home? Check out Legal Sea Foods for a delicious selection of high quality seafood you can have delivered right to your door. Shop for lobster, scallops, fish, and more. Through June, save 10% on your order when you use coupon code AFLQ42W. Offer ends 06/30/2012.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off

Posted on 10/12/2011

Keep warm this winter with delicious seafood from Legal Sea Foods. Fish, shellfish, and chowders are perfect for filling your belly and keeping you warm. If you're looking for a complete meal, you're in luck: you'll even find appetizers and desserts on the site! Save 10% on your order when you use coupon code AFLQ42E. Offer ends 12/31/2011.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off

Posted on 07/01/2011

Enjoy a spectacular seafood spread at home when you shop Legal Sea Foods online and have fresh items delivered directly to you. Treat the family to jumbo shrimp cocktail, a lobster package, fresh fish and more. Save 10% on your order when you use coupon code AFLQ32E. Offer ends 09/30/2011.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off

Posted on 03/30/2011

If you're anything like us, you especially enjoy light, delicious food in the warmer months. Now's a great time to shop Legal Sea Foods for great prices on high quality lobster, shrimp, fish and more. Get these delicious foods delivered right to your door! You can save 10% on your order when you use coupon code AFLQ22E. Offer ends 06/30/2011.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 03/09/2011

If the weather is making you crave seafood, order yourself up a fantastic feast from Legal Sea Foods! Through 3/31/11, you can save 10% on any order when you enter code AFLQ12E - your lobster awaits.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 07/20/2010

Wishing you had a clambake to go to right about now? Order one up - or any other seafood feast that your heart desires - from Legal Sea Foods! You'll be able to take 10% off your total order with code AFLQ32T through 9/30/10.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your purchase

Posted on 01/04/2010

It's been a chilly few days around here, and some clam chowder or lobster bisque sounds awfully good for lunch. What do you think? We know that whatever you order from Legal Sea Foods isn't going to show up that fast, but the next time this particular hunger strikes, you'll be ready. Use code AFLQ12T through 3/31/10, and you'll receive 10% off!

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 10/04/2009

Been craving cioppino, chowder, or surf-n-turf? Got a party to plan? Turn to Legal Sea Foods! Dive in and use code AFLQ429 to take 10% off your order through 12/31/09! We know the pun was terrible, but being hungry is making us distracted.

Legal Sea Foods coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 06/29/2009

Sitting here in the office, we're suddenly really wishing that there was somewhere nearby we could get lobster bisque for lunch. Why? Well, it might have to do with our getting this new code for Legal Sea Foods! You can use AFLQ329 to take 10% off orders large and small through 9/30/09. Oh, we're hungry.