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International Star Registry - Shining Stars Friends only $15

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Posted on 05/18/2010

Visit International Star Registry today and find unique treasures that add to the excitement of giving the gift of a star! Shining Stars Friends are only $15 each right now and come with a certificate to name your very own star. This collection of cute, cozy Shining Stars Friends includes plush dogs, cats, dragons, pandas, owls and many more! Hurry, offer ending unknown.

International Star Registry - a shining and unique gift

Posted on 01/01/2010

There are traditional gifts you can wrap in pretty paper - necklaces, first edition books, airline tickets. All lovely things to give and to receive, but often it is the intangible gifts, those that do not fit into boxes, which are the most special. While you cannot wrap a frilly bow around a star there is something eternal and romantic about giving someone a small piece of the cosmos. When you name a star after someone at the International Star Registry. Choose from three different presentation packages, with each one you will receive a certificate of authenticity and the registered coordinates to the star you choose.

International Star Registry - Give a singular gift

Posted on 01/01/2010

There's almost nothing more romantic than giving a loved one a piece of the night sky. Go to the International Star Registry and you can name and register a star after anyone you choose. You will receive a certificate with the star's name and a map of the night sky pointing out the star's location. The newly claimed star's telescopic coordinates will be recorded in the registry and that star will forever have the name you gave it. There are three different packages to choose from ranging in price from $54 to $155.