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Good Sam Club - $100s in RV savings

Posted on 06/14/2010

Having an RV is like keeping a vacation in your driveway - it's a gateway to rest, relaxation, and adventure. Sign up for Good Sam Club and you can save $100's in discounts at stores, campgrounds, and more. You'll also be joining an community of fellow RV fans that will keep you connected on the road and maybe even broaden your vacation horizons. Sign up for a 3-year membership now for just $45 - that's half off the regular price!

Good Sam Club - new member special

Posted on 06/14/2010

If you like travelin' in the RV style you should sign right up for Good Sam Club. Enjoy discounts at over 1000 campgrounds and parks, network with fellow RV enthusiasts, and take advantage of easy access to helpful technical information. For a limited time new members can sign up at an incredible rate - just $19 for an entire year!