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Fannie May coupon - 20% off orders of $49+

Posted on 01/25/2013

Don't get caught empty-handed on Valentine's Day. Treat your sweetheart to the best chocolates Fannie May has to offer. Order now, and you can take 20% off your purchase when you spend $49 or more. Just use coupon code 41224 at checkout. Offer valid through 02/03/2013.

Fannie May coupon - 20% off sitewide

Posted on 10/25/2012

If the question is "Do you want some chocolate?", the answer should always be, "Yes, and make it Fannie May, please!" Treat yourself to some chocolate-covered sea salt caramels or decadent truffles, and save 20% on your order with coupon code 16204, now through 12/31/2012.

Fannie May coupons - Free shipping on $99+ & 30% off all orders

Posted on 09/27/2012

Halloween is a lot of work for parents - get the costumes all ready, fight with the kids when they want to wear their costumes around the house before the big day, walk them all over town gathering goodies, and then deal with too-much-candy tummy aches in the aftermath. Granted it is pretty awesome watching your little sea demon, fairy, or Ironman charm the neigborhood but at the end of it all you get a couple of mini candy bars for your trouble. This year treat yourself to some of the good stuff from Fannie May. Nothing like a dark chocolate truffle and a glass of wine to take the edge off. Use code 19002 to save 30% on your order or get free shipping on orders of $99 or more with coupon 31221. The end date of these offers is unknown.

Fannie May coupon - Free shipping on orders of $99+ & 40% off select items

Posted on 08/20/2012

Fannie May has been churning out chocolatey delicicousness for 100 years. Clearly when it comes to tasty confections they know what they're doing. If you’ve been hankering for a box of yummy treats or know someone who could go for a getting something edible and wonderful in the mail stop by Fannie May now and save up to 40% on select favorites plus get free shipping when you spend $99 or more with code 31221. This offer will last through 31221.

Fannie May - Up to 30% off candy

Posted on 07/23/2012

There really is something so undeniably enticing about the phrase idea of a chocolate sale. The thought of coco decadence at bargain prices draws us like sugar-happy moths to a confectionary flame. If you feel the same way than you'll probably enjoy picking up some tasty treats at Fannie May and save up to 30% on all your favorite chocolate goodies. This sale will last through 08/05/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 25% orders of $39 and up

Posted on 07/20/2012

There are few universal truths in life, but if we're sure of anything we're sure of this - there's never a bad time for chocolate. Treat your ever deserving self to some tuffles, dark and a decadent bites, or whatever makes your taste buds happiest. Use code 31217 to save 25% on orders of $39 or more at Fannie May. This code will last through 07/22/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 20% off orders of $39+

Posted on 05/23/2012

When is it a bad time for chocolate? In our books that concept doesn't even exist. Whose day isn't made better by a dark chocolate cherry truffle, a mint meltaway, or a caramel cluster? If you feel the same way then you'll be thrilled to save 20% on orders of $39 and more at Fannie May. You can treat yourself or a special buddy to some tasty summer treats with code 31185. This offer ends on 05/28/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 25% off your order, free shipping, or free gift

Posted on 05/04/2012

Chocolate and Mother's Day go together like spring showers and blooming flowers - both combinations are a winner every time. Get some classic delights this year from Fannie May or check out their Mother's Day special collections and surprise her with some adventerous. Choose from one of three ways to save. Save 25% on orders of $29 and up with code 31172, get a free box of chocolates with purchases of at least $39+ with coupon 31164, or use code 31180 to get free shipping on orders of $29 or more. These offers will last through 05/06/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Free shipping on $29+ or free 2-day on $40+

Posted on 03/26/2012

A tiskit, a tasket - what's in your Easter basket? We're hoping you took the tasty fork in the road and are planning to fill those little bundles with perfect candies from Fannie May. You can't go wrong with perfectly crafted chocolates - they're a winner everytime. Spend just $29 and get free shipping on your order with coupon 31152 or enjoy free 2-day shipping on purchases of $40+ with code 31170. These codes will expire on 04/01/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Spend $29, get free gift

Posted on 03/19/2012

We really just can't get enough of Fannie May. Their candy has that homey flavore we adore and popping a sweet treat from one of the assortments never fails to put a big smile on our face. Pick up a box of your favorites now and spend just $29 to get a little extra chocolate something for free with code 23307. This great offer will last through 03/25/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Free gift with $29 order

Posted on 03/11/2012

Fannie May has some of the tastiest candy you'll find anywhere. We're rather partial to the Mint Meltaways and the Colonial Assortment, but when it comes to chocolate of any kind we're really not ones to discriminate. In addition to their normal delicious assortment all their Easter treats are available as well. Spend just $29 on Fannie May classic or new holiday tasties and get a free gift with coupon 17359. This code 03/16/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 20% off purchases of $49+

Posted on 02/26/2012

What's better than candy? Pretty much nothing except scientific evidence that unicorns are real and candy you pick up at a discount. Pick up some tasty delights at Fannie May
and save 20% on orders of $49 or more with code 21007. Treat yourself to some decadent chocolate covered strawberries or go full hog and get some dark and decadent truffles. The end date of this code is unknown.

Fannie May coupon - 30% off sitewide

Posted on 02/24/2012

In a battle royale of choclate domination we're going to vote for Fannie May over Godiva any day. We can't deny that we love the fancy decadence of Godiva, but we really can't get enough of the homey and wonderful treats Fannie May has been dropping off to our loved ones for decades. Pick up some tasty Fannie May surprises for those you love best now and save 30% on your order with code 31127. This code will epxire on 02/26/2012.

Fannie May - Up to 40% off at the chocolate sale

Posted on 02/15/2012

What's better than decadent and delicious chocolates from Fannie May? In our book not a whole lot, unless of course those same tasty and scrumptious treats are on sale for up to 40% off. Pick up some wonderful discount treats online now! This sale will end on 03/03/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Free shipping on orders of $20+

Posted on 01/26/2012

We're going to let you in a fabulous little secret - at Fannie May you can create your own box of chocolates. Everyone loves getting into chocolates samplers but there are very few people in the world who love every single piece that comes in the big mixed boxes. So this Valentine's Day fill up a 1 or 2 pound box with exactly what your know your sweetheart loves best. It's extra thoughtful and extra tasty. Get free shipping when you shop now, spend at least $20 and use code 23303. This offer ends 01/28/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Free gift with $20 purchase

Posted on 01/25/2012

There's nothing quite so enthralling as opening up a brand new box of assorted chocolates. You pull of the lid and peer into a pastiche of white, milk, and dark delights, some familiar and some as yet unsampled, but all delicious. Treat your sweet to this divinely delicous discovery with a big box of Fannie May candies. Spend just $20 and use code 22401 to get a free gift with you purchase. This offer will end on 01/27/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 20% off your order

Posted on 01/20/2012

Sweets for you sweetheart are never a bad idea. Valentine's Day may be coming up, but you'd get even more bonus points for sending your honey a tasty little something from Fannie May for no other reason than that you adore them. Fannie May has been in the candy making business for almost a hundred years so they know what they're doing when it comes to delicious chocolates. Use code 22303to save 30% on your order. This code ends 01/23/2012.

Fannie May coupon - 20% off your order

Posted on 01/13/2012

For reals if you haven't watched the video for BowWowWow's one hit wonder "I Want Candy" you need to high tail it over to YouTube and check it out. Prepare to be knocked asunder by a tidal wave of 80's nostaligia. On a slightly related note you can also save 20% on your entire order of Fannie May Candies with code 22101. And there we have your double serving of Friday fun - 80's reverb and caramel chews. You're welcome. The coupon ends 01/17/2012.

Fannie May coupon - Up to 30% off your order

Posted on 12/30/2011

Most people resolve to work out more, be more green, or watch less reality TV in the New Year. We've been on board with those concepts in the past, but not this time around. This year we are dedicating ourselves to a chocolate discovery mission - extra dark, white, milky mint meltaways - we are going to eat them all. Our go-to spot for our chocolate supply will be Fannie May. And if you want to join us on our quest for cacao domination use code 19001 to save 30% on your order or take 25% off orders of $49 or more with coupon 21007 (some exclusions do apply). The end date of these offers is unknown.

Fannie May - 20% off & free shipping

Posted on 11/27/2011

Everyone likes to get fun mail - cards, invitations, and birth announcements - they're always fun little surprises tucked between circulars and catalogs. But perhaps the best thing to discover in your mailbox or on your front step is a delicious box of Fannie May chocolates. Send the very best kind of mail now and save 20% on your selection with code 40012, plus get free shipping. This offer expires 11/28/2011.

Fannie May coupon - 30% off + free shipping or 1 lb. fee candy

Posted on 10/19/2011

If you've got a craving for some really decadent and delicious chocolate or have a buddy in need of a velvety pick me up head over to Fannie May and revel in the yummy morsels. Spend just $20 and use code 17401 to get free shipping and save 30% on your order. Or if you're in the mood for a different kind of bonus get a free pound of assorted chocolates with orders of $49 or more when you use code 17149. Both these codes end 10/21/2011.

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