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Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 03/09/2011

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by greening up your surroundings! Through 3/17/11, Dr. Leonard's Healthcare is offering code DLLCLV, which will take 10% off any order - including plants and gardening supplies!

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 10% off your order

Posted on 02/18/2011

A Bargainist Product Pick!
Don't spend hundreds of dollars for one of those elaborate pavilions! If you already have a patio table with an umbrella, you can turn it into its own outdoor room with this outdoor table screen! (Yes, it has a door. Just saying.) It's normally $25, but it's currently on sale at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare for $20 - and since code DLPRSD will take 10% off any order through 2/24/11, you can get one for just $18!

P.S. Got a product you love, or are trying to find at a good price? Send us a message!

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 15% off your order

Posted on 12/01/2010

Looking to provide some really unusual, useful, or amusing stocking stuffers this year? Turn to Dr. Leonard's Healthcare! Through 12/9/10, everything in their inventory is 15% off with code DLSHOP!

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - $5 off orders of $50 or more

Posted on 10/27/2010

Don't just secretly envy the household knickknacks of your friends and relatives. Get your own, at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare! Through 12/2/10, code DLTKSG will take $5 off your orders of $50 or more.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare - Free shipping

dr leonards.jpg
Posted on 10/11/2010

Maintain your health with the items you can find at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare. Right now, make any purchases on the website and automatically receive free shipping on your order. There is no minimum purchase necessary!

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 15% off your order

Posted on 08/16/2010

We all have our embarrassing little interests: novelty home decor, pet sweaters, cheesy movies. And of course, As Seen on TV products! Dr. Leonard's Healthcare is a hotbed of these, and you can take 15% off any order there through 8/26/10 when you use code DLHSDY. Don't worry. No one will know.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - $5 off orders over $40

Posted on 05/03/2010

You've been sitting up late with the television on, and you know what that means: those goofy As Seen on TV products are starting to look seriously tempting. Indulge yourself at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare and use code 1MAY40 to take $5 off orders over $40 through 5/9/10.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 15% off $45

Posted on 10/30/2009

Find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend on your list when you shop Dr. Leonard's Healthcare! You'll find everything you've seen on TV and a whole lot more - all at great prices. Choose from products like the Jupiter Jack, the Perfect Brownie pan, the Deluxe Gopher, the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron and more! When you spend $45, you'll enjoy a 15% discount with coupon code DLTNKS. Offer ends 12/03/2009.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - $8 off orders of $40 or more

Posted on 08/20/2009

You have a secret mental list of As Seen on TV products that you want to buy but never seem to get around to, right? Liberate yourself from the list by placing an order at Dr. Leonard's Healthcare! They do have healthcare products, but those are only part of a fascinating collection of gadgetry. You should at least have a look - and using code DLFL09, you should take $8 off your purchases of $40 or more through 10/5/09!

Dr. Leonards Healthcare coupon - 15% off $35 or more plus free shipping

Posted on 07/23/2009

For all your healthcare and Seen on TV products (like this Flies Away product), go to Dr. Leonards Healthcare where they've got a great selection of Dr. Scholls shoes, health products, diabetic footcare items, diet supplements and canes and wheelchairs among a ton of other stuff. And it's all discounted! On top of their fantastic deals, get 15% off orders of $35 or more with code SCHOOL and get free shipping! Offer ends 9/2/2009.

Dr. Leonards Healthcare coupon - $10 off $50 order

Posted on 06/28/2009

From compression socks to the Bell+Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Dr. Leonards is the place to find anything and everything to help you. We like these Kiyome Kinoki detox foot pads! Right now, get $10 off your order of $50 or more with coupon code DLSUMM. This offer expires 8/5/2009 so don't miss out on this great coupon deal!

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 20% off orders over $40

Posted on 05/27/2009

Sure, we all laugh at friends who collect every gizmo ever made. But have you seen a household widget that you secretly want to try out? If so, Dr. Leonard's Healthcare probably has it. Code DLDADS will take 20% off orders over $40 through 7/3/09, and mail order is nice and discreet if your friends are the type to tease you.

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Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - $10 off an order of $50 or more

Posted on 04/22/2009

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare isn't just about healthcare - though you can certainly find some useful things there that are. It's also a great place to find those doodads you've heard about but haven't tried yet, like the upside-down planters that are popping up lately. Save $10 on an order of $50 or more with code DLMOMS - through 6/2/09 - and start yourselves a vegetable garden. (But we're sorry. The Bargainist doesn't have a front porch for you to leave bags of tomatoes on.)

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Dr. Leonard's Healthcare coupon - 15% off orders of $40 or more

Posted on 03/24/2009

They may not be glamorous, but if you've ever needed some obscure drugstore-type item and not been able to find one, then you should appreciate the goods at Dr. Leonard's. Snag a pill splitter, a humidifier, and anything else you need - and get 15% off orders of $40 or more through 5/5/09 using code DLSHOW! The item in the picture is a laminating machine, which you honestly probably don't need, but is fun to think about.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare - $9 off $45 order coupon

Posted on 02/21/2009

Stay healthy & strong this winter with the help of Dr. Leonard's Healthcare, where you'll find everything from home health products to all those fun "As Seen on TV" gadgets like the Snuggie. Take $9 off an order over $45 with coupon code DLSPRG. Coupon expires 04/02/2009.

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare - 20% off orders over $40 coupon

Posted on 01/25/2009

Love your body with the gift of good health this Valentines Day with quality home-health products from Dr. Leonard's Healthcare. They have items to help keep the whole family in tune. Take 20% off your order over $40 with coupon code DLLOVE. Coupon expires 03/03/2009.

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Dr. Leonard's Healthcare - 15% off orders over $35 coupon

Dr Leonards - 15% off $35 coupon.jpeg
Posted on 01/03/2009

Head over to Dr. Leonard's Healthcare for great products for the whole family, even pets! We found the as seen on TV Pedi-Paws Nail Trimmer, great for making sure Fido and Fluffy don't scratch the floors and furniture. Receive a 15% discount on orders over $35 with coupon code DLSAVE. Offer expires 2/3/2009.

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