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Carbonite - 10% off a 1 year online backup plan

Posted on 07/23/2010

Avoid disaster with the online backup service from Carbonite. Instead of losing irreplaceable files, such as family photos and sensitive financial data, back up your files online. That way if your hard drive ever fails or there is a power surge, your data is stored safely. Be sure to sign up for the popular 1 year plan from Carbonite to save an extra 10% when you shop through this link. Offer ending unknown.

Carbonite - Survive a PC Crash

Posted on 06/07/2010

You never expect your computer to crash, but with a PC it is always possible. Never take the chance of losing your irreplaceable files with the help from Carbonite. Carbonite protects you from accidental deletion, drive failure, theft, power surges and any sort of other disaster. You can now try Carbonite for free. Follow the link to sign up today.

Carbonite - Secure your PC files for a small yearly fee

Posted on 06/05/2010

Discover how easy it is to securely protect your photos, tax returns, MP3 and other irreplaceable contents of your computer with the help from Carbonite. Carbonite automatically and securely backs up the irreplaceable contents of your computer for only $54.95 per year. Carbonite installs a small application on your computer that works quietly in the background looking for new and changed files that need to be backed up. It looks and feels just like part of your computer, and is integrated with your desktop—there’s no new interface for you to learn.